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23.01.2021 Open Access

Exogenous shocks and citizens’ satisfaction with governmental policies: can empirical evidence from the 2008 financial crisis help us understand better the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic?

I examine to what extend the financial crisis of 2008 affected levels of individual satisfaction with governments in general and three policy areas in particular; the economy, health services and education. I use data from the European Social …

Takis Venetoklis


Big data for corporate social responsibility: blockchain use in Gioia del Colle DOP

The traceability of the supply chain with strict compliance with the specification to demonstrate in "transparency" the production processes in compliance with legislation and from a corporate social responsibility perspective, represents a …

Massimiliano Giacalone, Vito Santarcangelo, Vincenzo Donvito, Oriana Schiavone, Emilio Massa


Mechanisms of perceived accountability in Korean NPOs: activating the dynamics of NPM-driven and confucian-driven cultures

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) have been recognized as critical performers not only in the enhancement of social values and civic integration but also in the construction of a global civil society, which can impact shareholders’ policies and …

Min Young Kim, Hyo Joo Lee, Kyoung Ryoul Min


How to combine and analyze all the data from diverse sources: a multilevel analysis of institutional trust in the world

Scholars who want to perform cross-national comparative research rely on data provided by International survey projects, which study the same concepts in varying countries and periods using different question wordings and scales. In this article …

Claire Durand, Luis Patricio Peña Ibarra, Nadia Rezgui, David Wutchiett


Applying information integration theory to the study of boycott–spillover to linked regions

The aim of the study is twofold. Firstly, to examine the influence of forced labelling regulations on consumers’ intention to boycott products sourced from undesirable sources (the Israeli settlements—ISt). Secondly, to investigate the extent to …

Hayiel Hino, Israel D. Nebenzahl


Life before COVID-19: how was the World actually performing?

The COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and deeply changed our lives in a way comparable with the most traumatic events in history, such as a World war. With millions of people infected around the World and already thousands of deaths, there is still a …

Salvatore F. Pileggi


Identifying price bubble periods in the Bitcoin market-based on GSADF model

The advert of cryptocurrency era is signified by the luanch of Bitcoin, which has been considered as a milestone event. Ever since its emergence, Bitcoin has experienced rapid price increase along with great price fluctuations. This paper aims to …

Yan Li, Zhicheng Wang, Hongchuan Wang, Meiyu Wu, Lingling Xie


Bibliometric maps and co-word analysis of the literature on international cooperation on migration

This paper uses bibliometrics to analyze the articles published in scholarly journals, indexed in Science Citation Index through Web of Science, issued on the topic of international cooperation on migration. The analysis of the 178 identified …

Hanen Khaldi, Vicente Prado-Gascó


Evaluating intra-project knowledge growth and its effect on co-located software team output

Knowledge of the team members of a co-located software project grows with increasing interaction with the business client. It also grows with the subsequent intra-project knowledge transfer among the team members. The challenge lies in forming a …

Supriya Kumar Ghatak, Biswajit Mahanty


Investigation of information sharing via multiple social media platforms: a comparison of Facebook and WeChat adoption

This study evaluates different antecedents affecting information sharing via multiple social media platforms on a large scale. In doing so, this research compares the effects of information sharing behavior factors via Facebook and WeChat …

Muhammad Riaz, Sherani


Using a choice experiment to explore the public willingness to pay for the impacts of improving energy efficiency of an apartment

It is quite important to improve energy efficiency of an apartment in South Korea since it is the most common residential space. The government needs information about the public willingness to pay (WTP) for the impacts of the improvement. This …

Ju-Hee Kim, Younggew Kim, Seung-Hoon Yoo


Is internet penetration narrowing the rural–urban income inequality? A cross-regional study of China

Internet penetration (NET) brings new opportunities as well as challenges to countries all over the world. It can narrow the rural–urban income inequality (RUI), because it increases the connections of rural areas to the urban areas from both the …

Lei-Ju Qiu, Shun-Bin Zhong, Bao-Wen Sun, Yu Song, Xiao-Hua Chen


Political segmentation based on pictorial preferences on social media

Social media platforms, which are accepted as a channel for selling, listening and receiving continuous feedback from customers, have the opportunity to expand beyond the limits of traditional mass media channels. Social media mechanisms work well …

Mehmet Özer Demir, Biagio Simonetti, Zuhal Gök Demir


Income differentials in the police and taxation departments’ employees in Peshawar

The study examines wage-risk relationship among the employees of police and Excise and Taxation Departments in Peshawar, Pakistan. The city paid the highest price in the countries’ war-on-terror with the largest death toll and miseries of …

Sanam Khan, Faisal Jamil


Investigating financial statements in hospitality: a quantitative approach

The aim of this paper is to investigate, through financial-statement analyzes, the economic-financial performance of Italian hotels, after the international economic crisis, also considering the possible macro-regional differences. The study …

Pietro Pavone, Guido Migliaccio, Biagio Simonetti

24.12.2020 Open Access

AnnuityRIR: an R-package to approximate the value of an annuity according to the non-central moments of the capitalization factor

The aim of this paper is to design the package of the R statistical software called “Annuity Random Interest Rate”, referred hereinafter as AnnuityRIR, in order to calculate the value of an n-annuity with payments of one unit each when the …

Salvador Cruz Rambaud, Fabrizio Maturo, Ana Maria Sánchez Pérez, Massimo Squillante

08.12.2020 Open Access

The potential of working hypotheses for deductive exploratory research

While hypotheses frame explanatory studies and provide guidance for measurement and statistical tests, deductive, exploratory research does not have a framing device like the hypothesis. To this purpose, this article examines the landscape of …

Mattia Casula, Nandhini Rangarajan, Patricia Shields

05.12.2020 Open Access

Not just the facts: an index for measuring the information density of political communication

Misinformation and biased opinion-formation plague contemporary politics. Fact-checking, the process of verifying accuracy of political claims, is now an expanding reseach area, but the methodology is underdeveloped. While the journalistic …

Lauri Rapeli, Sakari Nieminen, Marko Mäkelä


Reconceptualizing the interventions of open innovation systems between the nexus of quadruple organization cultural dynamics and performance

Although open innovation systems have drastically improved manufacturing performance, still many organizations are not able to leverage on the open innovation systems due to cultural barriers. This research aimed to investigate the interventions …

Muhammad Imran Qureshi, Shazia Parveen, Iqra Abdullah, Léo-Paul Dana


The way of visionaries: foresight and imagination, computed

Do foresight and imagination change in the words of power elites? We first extract information present in stories with a text mining tool equipped with text-analytical filters, the ‘Foresight’ and ‘Imagination’ lexicons. We also convert Kermode’s …

Robert Hogenraad