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21.09.2020 | Research Article

The Final Frontier: China, Taiwan, and the United States in Strategic Competition for Central America

China’s rise as a global power corresponded with a diminution of Taiwanese diplomacy, which has left Central America as the last region to host a continuous bloc of countries that recognize the ROC. In this article, we argue that China’s success …

Robert A. Portada III, Steve B. Lem, Uttam Paudel

17.09.2020 | Research Article

How Large-Scale Land Protests Succeed in China: the Role of Domestic Media

Land protests account for a large proportion of all protests in China, but existing scholarship on the topic does not explain the conditions under which large-scale land protests succeed or fail. Focusing on the role of domestic media in four of …

Yongfeng Tang, Isabelle Côté

16.09.2020 | Research Article

Globalism or Nationalism? The Paradox of Chinese Official Discourse in the Context of the COVID-19 Outbreak

By employing discourse-historical approach and corpus linguistics, this paper examines media reports to analyze the Chinese official discourse in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak. The results demonstrate that a paradox of globalism and …

Yifan Yang, Xuechen Chen

12.09.2020 | Research Article

Is Nationalism Rising in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic? Individual-Level Evidence from the United States

Following the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, analysts have noted a global rise of nationalism as countries have engaged in a number of nationalist moves in response to the pandemic. However, the implication of policy changes at the …

Ruolin Su, Wensong Shen

08.09.2020 | Research Article

A Discourse Analysis of Quotidian Expressions of Nationalism during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chinese Cyberspace

By conducting discourse analysis on quotidian expressions of nationalism of Chinese netizens and analyzing their “Liking” behavior, this article tries to inductively explore during the COVID-19 pandemic what and how Chinese netizens say about …

Xiaoyu Zhao

08.09.2020 | Book Review

Hu Bo, (Trans. Zhang Yanpei; Ed. Geoffrey Till) Chinese Maritime Power in the 21st Century; Strategic Planning, Policy and Predictions (Routledge: London and New York, 2019) 274 p. $124.00 hardcover; $46.36 e-book

Tristan Kenderdine

08.09.2020 | Book Review

J. Michael Cole, Cross-Strait Relations since 2016: the End of the Illusion (Routledge: London and New York, 2020) 202p. $35.96 Paperback; $124 Hardback; $35.96 Ebook

Tristan Kenderdine

04.09.2020 | Research Article

Public Trust as a Driver of State-Grassroots NGO Collaboration in China

While the moniker non-governmental organization (NGO) connotes distance from the state, it is widely recognized that civil society in a range of political contexts is in fact characterized by close ties across the public-private divide. Scholars …

May Farid, Chengcheng Song

01.09.2020 | Research Article

The Politics of Blaming: the Narrative Battle between China and the US over COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are witnessing a surge of nationalism throughout an ostensibly globalized world. In this article, we focus on the “narrative battle” over COVID-19 that has escalated between two competing major powers – China and …

Bernadette Nadya Jaworsky, Runya Qiaoan

27.08.2020 | Book Review

John James Kennedy and Yaojiang Shi. Lost and Found: The “Missing Girls” in Rural China

(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019), 227p. Hardcover $99.00, Paperback $.29.95, e-Book $16.49
Rachel Murphy

27.08.2020 | Research Article

A Community of Practice for Chinese NGOs

A community of practice represents an important resource for the sharing of sector-specific knowledge. Embracing a mature community of practice allows Chinese NGOs to forge networks to share best/worst practices, and foster common norms of …

Reza Hasmath, Jennifer Y. J. Hsu

20.08.2020 | Book Review

Oriana Skylar Mastro, The Costs of Conversation: Obstacles to Peace Talks in Wartime

(Cornell University Press, 2019), 216 p., $39.95 (Hardback)
Kai He

19.08.2020 | Research Article

A Rural-Urban Divide? Reassessing Voting in Chinese Villagers’ Committee and Residents’ Committee Elections

While Chinese scholars, media, and writers have long reported a noteworthy rural-urban difference in political participation, the meaning of this divergence to China’s local democracy remains underexplored. This paper explores the different …

Wei-Feng Tzeng

18.08.2020 | Book Review

Arunabh Ghosh, Making It Count: Statistics and Statecraft in the Early People’s Republic of China

(Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2020), 340p. $45.00 hardback
Mark W. Frazier

12.08.2020 | Book Review

Yue Hou, The Private Sector in Public Office: Selective Property Rights in China

(New York, N.Y., Cambridge University Press, 2019), 184p. $99.99 hardcover; $34.99 paperback
Xiang Gao

10.08.2020 | Research Article

People’s Mediation Committees: Bargaining Between Hospitals and Patients

The Chinese government is cautious when it comes to managing bottom-up compensation claims as many collective actions are triggered by failing to address such monetary requests. Thus, the government has delegated the responsibility of dispute …

Jie Wu

28.07.2020 | Research Article

The Effect of Political Participation and Village Support on Farmers Happiness

This paper explores the internal transmission mechanism and influence of political participation and village support on farmers’ happiness based on an analysis of data from a micro survey of farmers. The research uses the big surname identity as a …

Lin Tang, Xiaofeng Luo, Weizheng Yu, Yanzhong Huang

17.07.2020 | Book Review

Jennifer Pan, Welfare for Autocrats: How Social Assistance in China Cares for its Rulers

(New York: Oxford University Press, 2020), 225p. $99.00 hardback; $29.95 paperback
Dorothy J. Solinger

17.07.2020 | Research Article

Budget Structure Discontinuity: Unveiling Mechanism and Connecting Logic in China’s Context

While budget structure discontinuity signals decisional shifts, it has not been studied in depth in China’s context. We identify and explain budget structure discontinuity in 31 Chinese provinces between 1996 and 2018. We identify that fiscal …

Dongmin Yao, Wenhong Yan, Yongyi Zhu

18.06.2020 | Book Review

Jude Blanchette, China’s New Red Guards: The Return of Radicalism and the Rebirth of Mao Zedong

(Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019), 206 p. $27.95 hardback
Jon R. Taylor