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24.07.2021 | Research Article

Design, analysis, and neural control of a bionic parallel mechanism

Although the torso plays an important role in the movement coordination and versatile locomotion of mammals, the structural design and neuromechanical control of a bionic torso have not been fully addressed. In this paper, a parallel mechanism is …

Yaguang Zhu, Shuangjie Zhou, Manoonpong Poramate, Ruyue Li

19.07.2021 | Research Article

Iteration framework for solving mixed lubrication computation problems

The general discrete scheme of time-varying Reynolds equation loses the information of the previous step, which makes it unreasonable. A discretization formula of the Reynolds equation, which is based on the Crank-Nicolson method, is proposed …

Shi Chen, Nian Yin, Xiaojiang Cai, Zhinan Zhang

19.07.2021 | Research Article

Atomistic understanding of interfacial processing mechanism of silicon in water environment: A ReaxFF molecular dynamics simulation

The interfacial wear between silicon and amorphous silica in water environment is critical in numerous applications. However, the understanding regarding the micro dynamic process is still unclear due to the limitations of apparatus. Herein …

Song Yuan, Xiaoguang Guo, Penghui Li, Shuohua Zhang, Ming Li, Zhuji Jin, Renke Kang, Dongming Guo, Fumin Liu, Lemin Zhang

15.06.2021 | Research Article Open Access

Precise semi-analytical inverse kinematic solution for 7-DOF offset manipulator with arm angle optimization

Seven-degree-of-freedom redundant manipulators with link offset have many advantages, including obvious geometric significance and suitability for configuration control. Their configuration is similar to that of the experimental module manipulator …

Boyu Ma, Zongwu Xie, Zainan Jiang, Hong Liu

28.05.2021 | Research Article Open Access

Orientation effect of electropolishing characteristics of 316L stainless steel fabricated by laser powder bed fusion

3D metal printing process has attracted increasing attention in recent years due to advantages, such as flexibility and rapid prototyping. This study aims to investigate the orientation effect of electropolishing characteristics on different …

Wei Han, Fengzhou Fang

25.05.2021 | Research Article

High-precision gyro-stabilized control of a gear-driven platform with a floating gear tension device

This study presents an improved compound control algorithm that substantially enhances the anti-disturbance performance of a gear-drive gyro-stabilized platform with a floating gear tension device. The tension device can provide a self-adjustable …

Xianliang Jiang, Dapeng Fan, Shixun Fan, Xin Xie, Ning Chen

29.04.2021 | Research Article

Motion planning and tracking control of a four-wheel independently driven steered mobile robot with multiple maneuvering modes

Safe and effective autonomous navigation in dynamic environments is challenging for four-wheel independently driven steered mobile robots (FWIDSMRs) due to the flexible allocation of multiple maneuver modes. To address this problem, this study …

Xiaolong Zhang, Yu Huang, Shuting Wang, Wei Meng, Gen Li, Yuanlong Xie

19.04.2021 | Research Article

Effects of taping on grinding quality of silicon wafers in backgrinding

Taping is often used to protect patterned wafers and reduce fragmentation during backgrinding of silicon wafers. Grinding experiments using coarse and fine resinbond diamond grinding wheels were performed on silicon wafers with tapes of different …

Zhigang Dong, Qian Zhang, Haijun Liu, Renke Kang, Shang Gao