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Review of Managerial Science OnlineFirst articles

13.07.2024 | Correction

Correction to: Antecedents, processes and outcomes of collaboration between corporates and start-ups

verfasst von:
Vincenzo Corvello, Annika Steiber, Sverker Alänge

Open Access 12.07.2024 | Original Paper

Board gender diversity and cash holding: the effect of family ties

Using a sample of 630 firm-year observations of non-financial Spanish listed companies for the period 2004–2020, this study examines linkages of family and non-family female directors and cash holding. We show that family and non-family female …

verfasst von:
Gema del C. Fleitas-Castillo, Jerónimo Pérez-Alemán, Domingo Javier Santana-Martín

Open Access 09.07.2024 | Original Paper

Dynamic capabilities as a moderator: enhancing the international performance of SMEs with international entrepreneurial orientation

This paper explores the impact of International Entrepreneurial Orientation (IEO) on the international performance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), with a focus on the post-COVID-19 era. IEO, treated as a subdimension of …

verfasst von:
Cristina I. Fernandes, João J. M. Ferreira, Pedro Mota Veiga, Qilin Hu, Mathew Hughes

Open Access 08.07.2024 | Original Paper

Godfather Marketing: offering favors before products

Disruptive shifts in the current environment are engendering uncertainty, radically changing market relationships and consumers’ priorities. This challenging-the-boundaries article introduces a new marketing paradigm, Godfather Marketing …

verfasst von:
Gianluigi Guido

Open Access 08.07.2024 | Original Paper

Exploring impact of entrepreneurial orientation on firm performance – moderators’ variability under changing market conditions

Previous research has indicated that the impact of entrepreneurial orientation (EO) on performance is ambiguous. This relationship can be affected by numerous factors – both internal and external. This study aims to examine the moderating impact …

verfasst von:
Marcin Suder, Rafał Kusa, Joanna Duda, Jarosław Karpacz

Open Access 08.07.2024 | Original Paper

Coworking spaces for remote workers: an inclusive solution? Advantages and challenges from affiliated workers’ perspectives

Some companies are considering offering their affiliated workers external coworking spaces as an option to achieve both flexibility and inclusion, giving remote workers the chance to maintain a sense of community and have access to on-site …

verfasst von:
Giuseppina Dell’Aversana, Massimo Miglioretti

Open Access 06.07.2024 | Original Paper

Enhancing organizational citizenship behavior towards the environment

Organizational citizenship behavior towards the environment (OCBTE) represents an influential tool for environmental policy implementation in local governments. The present study examines this behavior among the immediate managers of local …

verfasst von:
Nadežda Jankelová, Ildikó Némethová, Marina Dabić, Andreas Kallmuenzer

Open Access 19.06.2024 | Original Paper

Beyond digital transformation: a multi-mixed methods study on big data analytics capabilities and innovation in enhancing organizational performance

Digital transformation (DT) and Big Data Analytics Capabilities (BDAC) enable SMEs to adapt to rapidly changing markets, innovate, and maintain relevance in the digital age. This research explores the impact of DT on SME performance through the …

verfasst von:
Maria Orero-Blat, Daniel Palacios-Marqués, Antonio Luis Leal-Rodríguez, Alberto Ferraris

Open Access 07.06.2024 | Original Paper

Constraints and barriers on industrial customer performance in an omnichannel ecosystem

One of the business models in the digital field that has proliferated the most lately is the omnichannel model. Its objective is to provide services adapted to the specific demand of each particular client, regardless of the channel at any given …

verfasst von:
Pedro Cuesta-Valiño, Javier Alonso-García, Federico Pablo-Martí, Estela Núnez-Barriopedro

Open Access 06.06.2024 | Original Paper

Exploring strategic corporate sustainability management in family businesses: A systematic literature review

The escalating demands from legislative authorities and stakeholders for companies to adopt corporate sustainability measures underscore the growing importance of strategic sustainability management. Despite the efforts made by companies in this …

verfasst von:
Simone Häußler, Patrick Ulrich

Open Access 05.06.2024 | Review Paper

Wine waste valorisation: crushing the research domain

In the past few years, the wine industry has shown an increasing interest in sustainability issues. There is growing agreement that circular economy solutions are essential for achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

verfasst von:
Stefano Abbate, Piera Centobelli, Maria Di Gregorio

Open Access 01.06.2024 | Correction

Correction: Interactions between dynamic team composition and coordination: an agent‑based modeling approach

verfasst von:
Darío Blanco-Fernández, Stephan Leitner, Alexandra Rausch

Open Access 01.06.2024 | Original Paper

Navigating paradoxical tension: the influence of big corporations on startup sustainability performance in asymmetric collaborations

In today's competitive landscape, startups and large corporations increasingly acknowledge the mutual benefits of collaboration. Despite the apparent benefits, collaborations come with their own set of challenges that may affect their success.

verfasst von:
Salvatore Ammirato, Alberto Michele Felicetti, Serena Filippelli, Thomas Maran

Open Access 01.06.2024 | Original Paper

The role of multiple board directorships in sustainability strategies: symbol or substance?

Multiple board directorships are a global phenomenon in the business environment and have come under intense debate from regulators, professionals, and academics alike. At the same time, sustainability has become a major challenge for firms in the …

verfasst von:
Francisco Bravo-Urquiza, Nuria Reguera-Alvarado

29.05.2024 | Original Paper

Digital platforms and business ecosystems: a multidisciplinary approach for new and sustainable business models

The development of digital platforms and business ecosystems has led to the emergence of new business models and has transformed the competitive landscape. The exponential growth of digital technologies has created new challenges for managers and …

verfasst von:
María-Luz Martín-Peña, Pablo Cabanelas Lorenzo, Natanya Meyer

Open Access 24.05.2024 | Original Paper

Monetary rewards and hierarchy level as drivers of employees’ self-evaluations

We explore the relation between job characteristics and employees’ self-evaluations of performance in comparison to their colleagues’ performance. Using unique individual panel data from ten large firms in Germany’s chemical industry, we focus on …

verfasst von:
Christian Grund, Alexandra Soboll

22.05.2024 | Review Paper

Interdependence between supply chains and sustainable development: global insights from a systematic review

Economic growth combined with industrialization brought negative repercussions, notably the depletion of resources and environmental challenges. In light of new global consumption patterns, unprecedented challenges arise for Supply Chain …

verfasst von:
Allan Dênisson Soares da Silva, Wesley Vieira da Silva, Luciana Santos Costa Vieira da Silva, Nicholas Joseph Tavares da Cruz, Zhaohui Su, Claudimar Pereira da Veiga

21.05.2024 | Correction

Correction: Family firm ownership and its impact on performance: evidence from an emerging market

verfasst von:
Avinash Ghalke, Arunima Haldar, Satish Kumar

Open Access 21.05.2024 | Original Paper

Employee turnover in multinational corporations: a supervised machine learning approach

This research explores the potential of supervised machine learning techniques in transforming raw data into strategic knowledge in the context of human resource management. By analyzing a database with over 205 variables and 2,932 observations …

verfasst von:
Valerio Veglio, Rubina Romanello, Torben Pedersen

17.05.2024 | Original Paper

Governing professional microfinance associations: the Tanzanian case through the prism of institutional design

Given recent criticisms, orienting the practices of microfinance institutions towards the achievement of their social missions is critical. Going beyond the dichotomous “government-or-market” view, we investigate a fundamental but barely studied …

verfasst von:
Tristan Caballero-Montes, Cécile Godfroid