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International Journal on Interactive Design and Manufacturing (IJIDeM) OnlineFirst articles

29.01.2018 | Original Paper

3D interactive environment for the design of medical devices

The effectiveness of custom-made prostheses or orthoses heavily depends on the experience and skills of the personnel involved in their production. For complex devices, such as lower limb prosthesis, a conventional manual approach affects the …

Giorgio Colombo, Caterina Rizzi, Daniele Regazzoni, Andrea Vitali

18.12.2017 | Correction

Correction to: Information exchange standards for design, tolerancing and Additive Manufacturing: a research review

The erratum aims at clarifying and updating some errors and wrong assumptions of authors of the above-mentioned paper.

Jinhua Xiao, Nabil Anwer, Alexandre Durupt, Julien Le Duigou, Benoît Eynard

16.08.2017 | Original Paper

Design and development of a novel body scanning system for healthcare applications

This paper presents a novel instant 3D whole body scanner for healthcare applications. It is based on photogrammetry, a digital technology which allows to reconstruct the surface of objects starting from multiple pictures. The motivation behind …

Stanislao Grazioso, Mario Selvaggio, Giuseppe Di Gironimo

17.07.2017 | Original Paper

Interaction Design and Metaphor through a Physical and Digital Taxonomy

This research aims to formalize the fundamental relationship between user experience, interaction, and metaphors. By doing so, we provide a tool and a methodology to enable the classification of interactive products and consequently propose some …

Theo Mahut, Carole Bouchard, Jean-François Omhover, Carole Favart, Daniel Esquivel

14.07.2017 | Original Paper

Methods and tools for identifying and leveraging additive manufacturing design potentials

Additive manufacturing (AM) allows the fabrication of complex design solutions and opens up new opportunities for improved products. To identify and optimally leverage these potentials, they must be considered as early as possible in new product …

Martin Kumke, Hagen Watschke, Peter Hartogh, Ann-Kathrin Bavendiek, Thomas Vietor

04.07.2017 | Original Paper

Interactive design and manufacturing of a Voronoi-based biomimetic bone scaffold for morphological characterization

The purpose of this work is the morphological.11 characterization of a Voronoi-based biomimetic bone scaffold, developed through an interactive generative design process and obtained by an additive manufacturing system. In particular, the …

M. Fantini, M. Curto

17.06.2017 | Original Paper

A bi-directional interface for improved interaction with engineering models in virtual reality design reviews

Leveraging virtual reality (VR) technology to enhance engineering design reviews has been an area of significant interest for researchers since the advent of modern VR. The ability to interact meaningfully with 3D computer-aided engineering models …

Ian Freeman, John Salmon, Joshua Coburn

02.06.2017 | Short Original Paper

Multi-objective structure dynamic optimization based on equivalent static loads

Aiming at the problems such as low computational efficiency and long process in dynamic topology optimization, combined with bi-directional evolutional structure optimization, the dynamic optimization problem is transformed into the static …

Hui Ma, Dongyan Shi, Hae Chang Gea, Xiaoyan Teng

30.05.2017 | Original Paper

Simulation and design of active control systems for acoustic pulse noise

Active noise control (ANC) techniques have been successfully investigated and implemented for the attenuation of stationary acoustic noise. Furthermore, adaptive methods for impulsive noise have been also presented in the literature, even though …

Alessandro Lapini, Francesco Borchi, Monica Carfagni, Fabrizio Argenti

25.05.2017 | Original Paper

Inference of vehicular traffic in smart cities using machine learning with the internet of things

A rapidly increasing world population is not only directly related with increased urban mobility but also traffic delays, losses in fuel, air and noise pollution as well as physiological and psychological problems in the population. Traffic …

Allan Roger Reid, César Raúl Cárdenas Pérez, David Muñoz Rodríguez

19.05.2017 | Original Paper

Information exchange standards for design, tolerancing and Additive Manufacturing: a research review

Nowadays, the implementation of digital thread for Additive Manufacturing (AM) and product data management system strongly depends on specified file formats and used interoperability standards in order to integrate geometric dimensioning and …

Jinhua Xiao, Nabil Anwer, Alexandre Durupt, Julien Le Duigou, Benoît Eynard

16.05.2017 | Original Paper

Redesign and multibody simulation of a motorcycle rear suspension with eccentric mechanism

In the present work a novel rear suspension for motorcycles, able to achieve the required progressiveness in terms of rigidity by using a constant-stiffness spring and an innovative compact mechanism, is studied. The key component is an eccentric …

R. Barbagallo, G. Sequenzia, A. Cammarata, S. M. Oliveri, G. Fatuzzo

25.04.2017 | Original Paper

Extracting features for manufacture of parts from existing components based on combining additive and subtractive technologies

The development of additive manufacturing (AM) technology provides the possibility of producing complex parts (including internal complex features) that are difficult to manufacture by machining. However, AM technologies also have some …

Van Thao Le, Henri Paris, Guillaume Mandil

22.04.2017 | Original Paper

Numerical prediction of ventilated planing flat plates for the design of Air Cavity Ships

In recent years, a great world issue is the respect for the environment. Each researcher, in his competence field, proposes new technologies and new approaches in order to reduce the environmental impact of a product or of an industrial process.

Filippo Cucinotta, Vincenzo Nigrelli, Felice Sfravara

21.04.2017 | Original Paper

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and numerical aerodynamic investigations of automotive disc brake rotor

Braking system is one of the important control systems of an automotive. For many years, the disc brakes have been used in automobiles for the safe retarding of the vehicles. During the braking enormous amount of heat will be generated and for …

Ali Belhocine, Wan Zaidi Wan Omar

13.04.2017 | Original Paper

Framework for evaluating usability problems: a case study low-cost interfaces for thermostats

When an evaluation for detecting usability problems is conducted in low-cost thermostat interfaces, several usability problems can show up in one evaluation, and sometimes results are difficult to interpret to correct those problems. If an expert …

Pedro Ponce, Therese Peffer, Arturo Molina

13.04.2017 | Original Paper

Research on UX evaluation method of design concept under multi-modal experience scenario in the earlier design stages

User experience evaluation of design concept is of great significance to ensure predetermined design goals and to obtain feedback. Due to the fuzzy and dispersed design information in existing concept design views, complete experience information …

Yuanfa Dong, Wenrong Liu

28.02.2017 | Original Paper

Modeling and optimization of a cracked pipeline under pressure by an interactive method: design of experiments

This work is a contribution to the field of gas transport as well as the safety of pipelines and stations under pressure, to better understand this study, we will use experimental results of two tensile tests of two pipelines (APIX52, APIX60), her …

Bahram Kaddour, Benattou Bouchouicha, Mohamed Benguediab, Abdelkader Slimane