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04.12.2023 | Research Article

A novel non-intrusive load monitoring technique using semi-supervised deep learning framework for smart grid

Non-intrusive load monitoring (NILM) is a technique which extracts individual appliance consumption and operation state change information from the aggregate power consumption made by a single residential or commercial unit. NILM plays a pivotal …

verfasst von:
Mohammad Kaosain Akbar, Manar Amayri, Nizar Bouguila

04.12.2023 | Research Article

Numerical simulation of formaldehyde distribution characteristics in the high-speed train cabin

The global concern over indoor air pollution in public vehicles has grown significantly. With a focus on enhancing passengers’ comfort and health, this study endeavors to investigate the distribution characteristics of formaldehyde within a …

verfasst von:
Fan Wu, Hang Dong, Chao Yu, Hengkui Li, Qingmin Cui, Renze Xu

Open Access 04.12.2023 | Research Article

CBE Clima Tool: A free and open-source web application for climate analysis tailored to sustainable building design

Climate-responsive building design holds immense potential for enhancing comfort, energy efficiency, and environmental sustainability. However, many social, cultural, and economic obstacles might prevent the wide adoption of designing …

verfasst von:
Giovanni Betti, Federico Tartarini, Christine Nguyen, Stefano Schiavon

23.11.2023 | Research Article

Assessing the energy saving potential of using adaptive setpoint temperatures: The case study of a regional adaptive comfort model for Brazil in both the present and the future

It has been found in recent years that using setpoint temperatures based on adaptive thermal comfort models is a successful method of energy conservation. Recent studies using adaptive setpoint temperatures incorporate international models from …

verfasst von:
Daniel Sánchez-García, David Bienvenido-Huertas, Carlos Rubio-Bellido, Ricardo Forgiarini Rupp

22.11.2023 | Research Article

Optimization study of spherical tuyere based on BP neural network and new evaluation index

The energy consumption of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems holds a significant position in building energy usage, accounting for about 65% of the total energy consumption. Moreover, with the advancement of building …

verfasst von:
Mengchao Liu, Ran Gao, Yi Wang, Angui Li

20.11.2023 | Research Article

Numerical study of the influence of the atmospheric pressure on the thermal environment in the passenger cabin

The cabin air pressure remains lower than the horizontal atmospheric pressure when the airplane is in flight. Air pressure is one of the parameters that must be taken into consideration while studying the thermal environment of an airplane cabin.

verfasst von:
Xin Su, Yu Guo, Zhengwei Long, Yi Cao

11.11.2023 | Research Article

Numerical simulation study on the hygrothermal performance of building exterior walls under dynamic wind-driven rain condition

Wind-driven rain (WDR) has a significant influence on the hygrothermal performance, durability, and energy consumption of building components. The calculation of WDR loads using semi-empirical models has been incorporated into the boundary …

verfasst von:
Xing Hu, Huibo Zhang, Hui Yu

09.11.2023 | Research Article

An improved transfer learning strategy for short-term cross-building energy prediction using data incremental

The available modelling data shortage issue makes it difficult to guarantee the performance of data-driven building energy prediction (BEP) models for both the newly built buildings and existing information-poor buildings. Both knowledge transfer …

verfasst von:
Guannan Li, Yubei Wu, Chengchu Yan, Xi Fang, Tao Li, Jiajia Gao, Chengliang Xu, Zixi Wang

08.11.2023 | Research Article

The noise spectral characteristics and noise reduction schemes of screw air-source heat pump: A case study

The screw air-source heat pump can cause incessant high noise levels during operation, which might hinder adoption of this energy-efficient heat pump. First, acoustic measurements and comparison testing were performed in this research. The …

verfasst von:
Dongsheng Liu, Yaohan Feng, Jikang Jia, Pengfei Si, Ya Feng

21.10.2023 | Research Article

A Wells-Riley based COVID-19 infectious risk assessment model combining both short range and room scale effects

There is growing evidence of the high transmission potential of COVID-19 through virus-laden aerosols. Because aerosols are inhaled in various concentrations, an overall assessment of transmission risks at different indoor scales is crucial.

verfasst von:
Yinshuai Feng, Yifan Fan, Xiaoyu Luo, Jian Ge

21.10.2023 | Research Article

Pedestrian wind flow prediction using spatial-frequency generative adversarial network

Pedestrian wind flow is a critical factor in designing livable residential environments under growing complex urban conditions. Predicting pedestrian wind flow during the early design stages is essential but currently suffers from inefficiencies …

verfasst von:
Pengyue Wang, Maozu Guo, Yingeng Cao, Shimeng Hao, Xiaoping Zhou, Lingling Zhao

17.10.2023 | Research Article

A study on carbon emission calculation in operation stage of residential buildings based on micro electricity usage behavior: Three case studies in China

Along with the improvement of social productivity and living standard, residential buildings generate a growing portion of carbon emissions, especially during the operation stage. However, energy use behaviors are usually ignored in carbon …

verfasst von:
Menghan Niu, Ying Ji, Miao Zhao, Jiefan Gu, Aonan Li

17.10.2023 | Research Article

Economic analysis of rooftop photovoltaics system under different shadowing conditions for 20 cities in China

Installing photovoltaic (PV) systems is an essential step for low-carbon development. The economics of PV systems are strongly impacted by the electricity price and the shadowing effect from neighboring buildings. This study evaluates the PV …

verfasst von:
Zhiyi Ren, Yixing Chen, Chengcheng Song, Mengyue Liu, Anni Xu, Qilin Zhang

14.10.2023 | Research Article

In search of optimal building behavior models for model predictive control in the context of flexibility

Model predictive control (MPC) is an advanced control technique. It has been deployed to harness the energy flexibility of a building. MPC requires a dynamic model of the building to achieve such an objective. However, developing a suitable …

verfasst von:
Arash Erfani, Tohid Jafarinejad, Staf Roels, Dirk Saelens

12.10.2023 | Research Article

Optimising multi-vent module-based adaptive ventilation using a novel parameter for improved indoor air quality and health protection

As infectious respiratory diseases are highly transmissible through the air, researchers have improved traditional total volume air distribution systems to reduce infection risk. Multi-vent module-based adaptive ventilation (MAV) is a novel …

verfasst von:
Haotian Zhang, Xiaoxiao Ding, Weirong Zhang, Weijia Zhang, Yingli Xuan

31.08.2023 | Research Article

Potential of contemporary earth-sheltered buildings to achieve Plus Energy status in various European climates during the heating season

This study investigates the potential of contemporary Earth-Sheltered Buildings to contribute to sustainable societies by achieving Plus Energy Building status during the heating season. The buildings analyzed are intended to house a four-member …

verfasst von:
Aleksandar Nešović, Nebojša Jurišević, Robert Kowalik, Ivana Terzić

24.08.2023 | Review Article

Exhaust hood performance and its improvement technologies in industrial buildings: A literature review

The pollutant control performance of exhaust hoods plays a crucial role in the indoor air quality and energy consumption of ventilation systems in industrial buildings. To better understand the impact of local ventilation on the industrial indoor …

verfasst von:
Jing Zhang, Jian Wang, Jun Gao, Weimin Zhang

22.08.2023 | Research Article

CFD simulation of pumping ventilation in a three-story isolated building with internal partitioning: Effects of partition widths, heights and locations

Pumping ventilation (PV), a special single-sided ventilation (SSV), has been certified as an effective strategy to improve the air exchange rate of SSV. However, most studies targeted on the single space, and few studies have been focused on the …

verfasst von:
Huai-Yu Zhong, Jie Sun, Chao Lin, Song-Heng Wu, Jin Shang, Hideki Kikumoto, Fu-Ping Qian, Carlos Jimenez-Bescos, Fu-Yun Zhao

19.08.2023 | Research Article

Investigation on occupant presence and appliance operation schedules for university campus in south China sub-tropical area

Building occupant presence during varying periods is crucial to the performance studies of buildings and city regions. However, the understanding of the building occupancies on the university campus remains limited. To address this gap, our study …

verfasst von:
Siwei Lou, Zhongyuan Lin, Yukai Zou, Dawei Xia, Yu Huang, Zhuohong Li, Zhaowen Gu

14.08.2023 | Research Article

Modeling urban scale human mobility through big data analysis and machine learning

In the United States, the buildings sector consumes about 76% of electricity use and 40% of all primary energy use and associated greenhouse gas emissions. Occupant behavior has drawn increasing research interests due to its impacts on the …

verfasst von:
Yapan Liu, Bing Dong