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Historical state and its legacy: another perspective on Dai Viet–Khmer economic division in Vietnam

This article revisits the paper “The Historical State, Local Collective Action, and Economic Development in Vietnam” written by Dell, Lane, and Querubin in 2018. The 2018 paper investigates the role of historical state on long-run economic …

verfasst von:
Lam Ho Bao

Open Access 21.06.2024

Gender segregation: analysis across sectoral dominance in the UK labour market

This paper aims to evaluate how changing patterns of sectoral gender segregation play a role in accounting for women’s employment contracts and wages in the UK between 2005 and 2020. We then study wage differentials in gender-specific dominated …

verfasst von:
Riccardo Leoncini, Mariele Macaluso, Annalivia Polselli


Measuring market power: macro- and micro-evidence from Italy

In this paper, we provide an assessment of the evolution of markups in Italy in the last twenty years. To this aim, we resort to both macro- and micro-data and estimation techniques, namely reduced forms accounting measures (price–cost margins) …

verfasst von:
Emanuela Ciapanna, Sara Formai, Andrea Linarello, Gabriele Rovigatti


Rebuttal to “Historical state and its legacy: another perspective on Dai Viet-Khmer economic division in Vietnam”

verfasst von:
Melissa Dell, Nathaniel Lane, Pablo Querubin


Cross-border spillovers in G20 sovereign CDS markets: cluster analysis based on K-means machine learning algorithm and TVP–VAR models

This paper investigates cross-border spillovers between G20 sovereign credit default swap (CDS) markets over the period 2009–2023. First, using the unsupervised K-means machine learning algorithm, we cluster G20 countries into four groups based on …

verfasst von:
Zhizhen Chen, Guifen Shi, Boyang Sun


Educational hypogamy and female employment in rural India

Educational hypogamy—the practice of men marrying women who are more educated than themselves—has been increasing in rural India over the last two decades. Can this explain rural India’s declining female labor force participation rate (FLFPR)? We …

verfasst von:
Punarjit Roychowdhury, Gaurav Dhamija

Open Access 12.06.2024

Measuring economic country-specific uncertainty in Türkiye

In this paper, a new measure for uncertainty that affects the economy is proposed, constructed, and applied to an emerging economy, Türkiye. We have constructed an index of economic country-specific uncertainty (ECSU) that is in line with the …

verfasst von:
Ilhan Kilic, Faruk Balli

Open Access 12.06.2024

The stability of government bond markets’ equilibrium and the interdependence of lending rates

In this paper, we introduce test procedures for no fractional cointegration against possible breaks to a fractional cointegrating relationship in a segment of the data. We base the proposed tests on the supremum of the Hassler and Breitung (Econom …

verfasst von:
Paulo M. M. Rodrigues, Philipp Sibbertsen, Michelle Voges


Uncertainty and financial asset return spillovers: are they related? Empirical evidence from three continents

This paper focuses on financial asset return spillovers and economic policy uncertainty spillovers in three continents (Europe, America, and Asia) in the last few decades. We examine three financial asset markets (stock, bond, and foreign …

verfasst von:
Stilianos Fountas, Dimitra Kontana, Paraskevi Tzika


Global liquidity effect of quantitative easing on emerging markets

Using a panel quantile vector autoregression model, we investigate the global liquidity effect of quantitative easing (QE) in the US on emerging markets (EMs) over the period 2010:Q1 to 2019:Q3. Our empirical result suggests that tapering of QE in …

verfasst von:
Mehmet Balcilar, Ojonugwa Usman, Mark Wohar, David Roubaud, Hasan Gungor


Combining cluster analysis with synthetic control for evaluating economic impacts of the dam breach in Mariana, Brazil

The Fundão dam breach, located in Mariana-Minas Gerais, Brazil, took place in November 2015 and caused social, economic and environmental impacts in the affected region. Here we use synthetic control to assess its economic impact on the …

verfasst von:
Leonardo Biazoli, Ednilson Sebastião de Ávila, Izabela Regina Cardoso de Oliveira

Open Access 05.06.2024

Unconditional cash transfer programs and women’s empowerment: evidence from Pakistan

This study explores the impact of unconditional cash transfers on the multiple dimensions of women’s empowerment in Pakistan. Emphasizing the importance of cultural and religious norms, empowerment is considered as a latent construct manifested …

verfasst von:
Chris Heaton, Asma Kashif, Pundarik Mukhopadhaya

Open Access 04.06.2024

The impact of diversification on the profitability and risk of Chinese banks: evidence from a semiparametric approach

This paper analyzes the effects of banking diversification and focus strategies on the profitability and risk of Chinese banks in the post-crisis years (2008–2019). For this purpose, semiparametric estimates are used. The main results indicate …

verfasst von:
Minzhi Wu, Emili Tortosa-Ausina, Paula Cruz-García

Open Access 02.06.2024

From bits to emissions: how FinTech benefits climate resilience?

With financial technology (FinTech) emerging as a pivotal force driving business model innovation and reshaping market competitiveness, its potential contribution to sustainability has garnered widespread attention. Drawing on carbon emissions …

verfasst von:
Qingyang Wu

Open Access 01.06.2024

Work from home arrangements and organizational performance in Italian SMEs: evidence from the COVID-19 pandemic

We use survey data on Italian small- and medium-sized enterprises collected during the COVID-19 pandemic to explore the relationship between the adoption of work from home (WFH) practices and organizational performance. In so doing, we investigate …

verfasst von:
Laura Abrardi, Elena Grinza, Alessandro Manello, Flavio Porta

Open Access 29.05.2024

Contesting the public works domain: examining the factors affecting presence and success of SMES in public procurement

This study investigates the effects of procurement tools to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in public contracts by analysing contract awards for public works published on Tenders Electronic Daily in 2018–2022. Focusing on …

verfasst von:
Peter Nemec


Systemic risk in Chinese interbank lending networks: insights from short-term and long-term lending data

Since the financial crisis, financial networks, such as interbank lending networks, have been highly concerned by regulators in terms of their vulnerability. To study the risk contagion power of financial networks deeply, this paper integrates …

verfasst von:
Shuyue Jin, Lei Song, Lei Shu, Qifeng Gao, Yu Chen


Exchange rate misalignments, growth, and institutions

This article revisits the relationship between economic growth and exchange rate misalignments. We aim to test whether undervaluation's impact on growth depends on institutional quality, as suggested in the previous literature. In our analysis, we …

verfasst von:
Jaromír Baxa, Michal Paulus


‘Bargain your share’: the role of workers’ bargaining power for labor share, with reference to transition economies

The objective of the paper is to understand the role of workers’ bargaining for the labor share in transition economies. We rely on a share-capital schedule, whereby workers’ bargaining power is represented as a move off the schedule. Quantitative …

verfasst von:
Marjan Petreski, Stefan Tanevski

Open Access 23.05.2024

Testing for Granger causality in heterogeneous panels with cross-sectional dependence

This paper proposes a panel Granger causality approach for heterogeneous panels with cross-sectional dependence. We define a panel VAR model with unobserved common factors and apply the PANIC procedure to obtain the de-factored data. We then …

verfasst von:
Saban Nazlioglu, Cagin Karul