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Journal of Iron and Steel Research International OnlineFirst articles

02.12.2021 | Original Paper

A promising method to recover spent V2O5–WO3/TiO2 catalyst: treatment by vanadium–titanium magnetite sintering process

A large number of spent selective catalytic reduction (SCR) denitration catalysts are produced after the ultra-low emission transformation of coal-fired power plants in China. According to the China’s “Directory of National Hazardous Wastes …

Hong-ming Long, Yu-dong Zhang, Tao Yang, Li-xin Qian, Zheng-wei Yu

02.12.2021 | Original Paper

Effect of vertical electromagnetic stirring on solute distribution in billet continuous casting process

A volume averaged columnar solidification model, which couples the flow, temperature and solute concentration fields, is applied to simulate experimental continuous casting cases with and without vertical electromagnetic stirring (V-EMS). The …

Tao Wang, En-gang Wang, Yves Delannoy, Yves Fautrelle, Olga Budenkova

02.12.2021 | Original Paper

Evolution of MnS and MgO·Al2O3 inclusions in AISI M35 steel during electroslag remelting

Thermodynamics and kinetics of dissociation and precipitation of MnS inclusions, as well as the effect of reoxidation in liquid steel on MgO·Al2O3 inclusions in AISI M35 steel during electroslag remelting (ESR) process were investigated. The …

Ding-li Zheng, Guo-jun Ma, Xiang Zhang, Meng-ke Liu, Zhi Li

27.11.2021 | Original Paper

Elastodynamic analysis of synergistic oscillation system driven by double servomotors for continuous casting mold

Based on the principle of speed superposition, the oscillation system for continuous casting mold synchronously driven by double servomotors can adjust all parameters online with high reliability and high bearing capacity. The elastodynamic model …

Da-wei Liu, Chen Lv, Jin-ming Zhang, Xin Jin

27.11.2021 | Original Paper

Microstructure evolution and mechanical properties of PESR 55Cr17Mo1VN plastic die steel during quenching and tempering treatment

55Cr17Mo1VN high nitrogen martensitic stainless steel is usually applied to the high-quality mold, which is largely produced by the pressurized electro slag remelting process. The microstructure evolution of quenching and tempering heat treatment …

Cong-peng Kang, Fu-bin Liu, Huai-bei Zheng, Hua-bing Li, Zhou-hua Jiang, Kui Chen, Hao-yang Suo, Xin-hao Yu

27.11.2021 | Original Paper

Wetting and corrosion behavior between magnesia–carbon refractory and converter slags with different MgO contents

The influence of MgO content in slag on wetting and corrosion behavior between slag and MgO–C refractory was investigated. It can be known from the high-temperature wetting experiment that as the MgO content in the slag increases, the final …

Rui-qiang Bai, Si-yang Liu, Fei-xiong Mao, Yuan-yuan Zhang, Xin Yang, Zhi-jun He

26.11.2021 | Original Paper

Numerical simulation of macrosegregation in billet continuous casting influenced by electromagnetic stirring

A three-dimensional numerical model coupling the macrosegregation and magnetohydrodynamic simulations was developed to investigate the effects of electromagnetic stirring (EMS) on the macrosegregation. The results show that a significant swirling …

Qi-peng Dong, Jiong-ming Zhang, Yan-bin Yin, Hiromi Nagaumi

25.11.2021 | Original Paper

Evolution of grain size and grain shape during thermomechanical processing in a powder metallurgical nickel-based superalloy

With a strain rate range of 0.01–10 s−1 and a deformation temperature range of 1110–1200 °C, the isothermal compression test was performed on one powder metallurgy superalloy which is macroscopic segregation free. Using electron backscatter …

Yan-hui Liu, Zhao-zhao Liu, Miao Wang

25.11.2021 | Review

Physicochemical properties and structure of titania-containing metallurgical slags: a review

The titanium industry can hardly bypass the titania-containing slags, and the slag physicochemical properties are essential in the metallurgical reactor design and process control. The TiO2–FeO-based slags and TiO2–SiO2–CaO-based slags are the …

Zhi-ming Yan, Xue-wei Lv, Zu-shu Li

24.11.2021 | Original Paper

Effects of current path on structure and segregation during electroslag remelting process of Inconel 718 alloy with same power input

Current-conductive mold was recently developed to extend electroslag remelting (ESR) functions to overcome some solidification defects by changing the current path. The macrostructures, microstructures, macrosegregation, and microsegregation of …

Fu-bin Liu, Hai-bo Cao, Hua-bing Li, Zhou-hua Jiang, Xin Geng

18.11.2021 | Original Paper

Feature selection of BOF steelmaking process data by using an improved grey wolf optimizer

Basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steelmaking end-point control using soft measurement models has essential value for economy and environment. However, the high-dimensional and redundant data of the BOF collected by the sensors will hinder the …

Zong-xin Chen, Hui Liu, Long Qi

14.11.2021 | Original Paper

Influence of carbon addition on mechanical properties of Fe–Mn–C twinning-induced plasticity steels

Mechanical properties and microstructural evolution of Fe–22Mn–0.6C and Fe–22Mn–1.0C (wt.%) twinning-induced plasticity (TWIP) steels were investigated by monotonic, stress-relaxation and unloading–reloading tensile tests. The dynamic strain aging …

Peng Fu, Zhi-bing Zheng, Wei-ping Yang, Hao-kun Yang

12.11.2021 | Original Paper

Effect of CaF2 and CaO/Al2O3 on viscosity and structure of TiO2-bearing slag for electroslag remelting

The relationship between the viscosity and structure of CaF2–CaO–Al2O3–MgO–TiO2 slag with different CaF2 contents and CaO/Al2O3 ratios was studied using the rotating cylinder method, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, and Raman spectrometry.

Jian-tao Ju, Kang-shuai Yang, Zhi-hong Zhu, Yue Gu, Li-zhong Chang

10.11.2021 | Preface


Wan-ming Li, Qiang Wang, Cheng-bin Shi

08.11.2021 | Original Paper

Influence of desulfurization slag containing oxides of vanadium and titanium on semi-steel pre-desulfurization

The desulfurization and resulfurization of slag containing oxides of vanadium and titanium (CaO–SiO2–MgO–Al2O3–V2O3–TiO2–FeO) in the pretreatment of semi-steel desulfurization at 1623 K were investigated. Based on the ionic structure theory of …

Bi-wen Yang, Yi-hang Hu, San-ping Liu, Xue-dong Zhang, Chao-zhen Zheng, Hai-bei Wang

08.11.2021 | ORIGINAL PAPER

Effects of slag composition and additive type on desulfurization of rejected electrolytic manganese metal scrap by Na2O-containing electroslag

The recycling rate of rejected electrolytic manganese metal (EMM) scrap can be increased by inhibiting the manganese metal (MM) vaporization during the remelting process with electroslag. However, if the latter is achieved by reducing the …

Ru Lu, Guang-qiang Li, Chang Liu, Yun-ming Gao, Yu-fei Chen, Qiang Wang

01.11.2021 | Original Paper

Effect of modifying matrix microstructures and nanosized precipitates on strengthening mechanisms and ductile-to-brittle-transition-temperature in a 1000 MPa Ni–Cr–Mo–Cu steel

A superior combination of yield strength (1001 MPa) and − 20 °C impact toughness (166 J) was obtained in Nb–V–Ti-microalloyed Ni–Cr–Mo–Cu steel treated by direct quenching and tempering route (DQT). The tested steels treated by DQT route and …

Fei Zhu, Li Yang, Feng Chai, Xiao-bing Luo, Cai-fu Yang, Zheng-yan Zhang

30.10.2021 | Original Paper

Influence of Cr2O3 content on viscosity and rheological behavior of Cr2O3-containing slags

The rheological behavior of Cr2O3-containing slags was investigated using a rotating cylinder viscometer and the solid fraction and phases of Cr2O3 in molten slags were also calculated and observed at different temperatures. Furthermore, the …

Fang Yuan, Zheng Zhao, Yan-ling Zhang, Tuo Wu

28.10.2021 | Original Paper

Control of nitrogen oxides emission by selective non-catalytic reduction in preheating section during iron ore pellets production

Reducing the NOx emission from pelletizing process is of great importance to the green development of iron and steel industry. The flue gas temperature of preheating (PH) section during grate-kiln iron ore pelletizing process typically ranges …

Min Gan, Wang Shu, Zhi-yun Ji, Zhi-an Zhou, Xiao-hui Fan, Bing Hu, Guo-jing Wang, Yuan Zhu, Ya-fei Sun

26.10.2021 | Review

Recent progress in porous Mg-based foam preparation approaches: effect of processing parameters on structure and mechanical property

Porous metals are a class of cellular materials with lightweight and unique mechanical, electrical, thermal, physical and acoustic characteristics. Magnesium and magnesium alloy foams have exhibited excellent advantages. In particular, open-cell …

Solomon-Oshioke Agbedor, Dong-hui Yang, Jing Cao, Jian-qing Chen, Bassiouny Saleh, Chao Qiu, Lei Wang, Jing-hua Jiang, Ai-bin Ma