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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing

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18.10.2021 | Original Research

A new family of expanded mixed finite element methods for reaction–diffusion equations

A new family of expanded mixed finite element methods is constructed for solving the reaction–diffusion equations. Compared with the traditional expanded mixed element methods, the new methods result into splitting systems and the coefficient …

13.10.2021 | Original Research

Effective numerical technique for solving variable order integro-differential equations

In this article, an effective numerical technique for solving the variable order Fredholm–Volterra integro-differential equations (VO-FV-IDEs), systems of VO-FV-IDEs and variable order Volterra partial integro-differential equations (VO-V-PIDEs) …

10.10.2021 | Original Research

Weak and strong convergence results for solving inclusion problems and its applications

In this work, we study splitting methods for inclusion problems in real Hilbert space. The algorithms are inspired by forward-backward splitting method, projection and contraction method, inertial method and a self-adaptive step size. Under …

09.10.2021 | Original Research

An adaptation of the modified decomposition method in solving nonlinear initial-boundary value problems for ODEs

This paper considers an interesting variation of the modified decomposition method, which permits determination of the solution of nonlinear initial-boundary value problems for second-order ODEs appearing in physics such as the Thomas–Fermi, Bratu …

07.10.2021 | Original Research

A stochastic turbidostat model coupled with distributed delay and degenerate diffusion: dynamics analysis

Time delay, where it depends on the current state and on the past situation, is often occurred in biological activities, for example, the process by which microorganism consume nutrients into their available biomass is not instantaneous. This …

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JAMC features research papers in all branches of mathematics which have some bearing on the application to scientific problems, including areas of actuarial science, mathematical biology, mathematical economics and finance.

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