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Journal of Business and Psychology

Journal of Business and Psychology 2/2015

Ausgabe 2/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 14 Artikel )

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

RWA Web: A Free, Comprehensive, Web-Based, and User-Friendly Tool for Relative Weight Analyses

Scott Tonidandel, James M. LeBreton

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Political Skill Dimensionality and Impression Management Choice and Effective Use

Robyn L. Brouer, Rebecca L. Badaway, Vickie Coleman Gallagher, Julita A. Haber

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Transformational Leadership and Employee Creativity: The Mediating Role of Promotion Focus and Creative Process Engagement

Nils Henker, Sabine Sonnentag, Dana Unger

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

The “New” Dad: Navigating Fathering Identity Within Organizational Contexts

Beth Humberd, Jamie J. Ladge, Brad Harrington

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Does Emphasizing Different Types of Person–Environment Fit in Online Job Ads Influence Application Behavior and Applicant Quality? Evidence from a Field Experiment

Joseph A. Schmidt, Derek S. Chapman, David A. Jones

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Perceptions of Nepotism Beneficiaries: The Hidden Price of Using a Family Connection to Obtain a Job

Margaret Y. Padgett, Robert J. Padgett, Kathryn A. Morris

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Detecting Insufficient Effort Responding with an Infrequency Scale: Evaluating Validity and Participant Reactions

Jason L. Huang, Nathan A. Bowling, Mengqiao Liu, Yuhui Li

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

A Within-Person Examination of the Effects of Telework

Ronald P. Vega, Amanda J. Anderson, Seth A. Kaplan

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Internet-Based, Unproctored Assessments on Mobile and Non-Mobile Devices: Usage, Measurement Equivalence, and Outcomes

A. James Illingworth, Neil A. Morelli, John C. Scott, Scott L. Boyd

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

The Interplay Between Follower Core Self-Evaluation and Transformational Leadership: Effects on Employee Outcomes

Tae-Yeol Kim, Robert C. Liden, Sang-Pyo Kim, Deog-Ro Lee

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Exploring the Use of Credit Scores in Selection Processes: Beware of Adverse Impact

Sabrina D. Volpone, Scott Tonidandel, Derek R. Avery, Safiya Castel

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Employee Attachment: Implications for Supervisor Trustworthiness and Trust

M. Lance Frazier, Janaki Gooty, Laura M. Little, Debra L. Nelson

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Why do Situational Interviews Predict Job Performance? The Role of Interviewees’ Ability to Identify Criteria

Pia V. Ingold, Martin Kleinmann, Cornelius J. König, Klaus G. Melchers, Chad H. Van Iddekinge

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

The Associations between Ethical Organizational Culture, Burnout, and Engagement: A Multilevel Study

Mari Huhtala, Asko Tolvanen, Saija Mauno, Taru Feldt

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