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Journal of Business and Psychology 3/2022
Journal of Business and Psychology

Ausgabe 3/2022


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The Open Science Challenge: Adopt One Practice that Enacts Widely Shared Values
Christopher M. Castille, Liana M. Kreamer, Betsy H. Albritton, George C. Banks, Steven G. Rogelberg

24.07.2021 | Original Paper

The Interactive Effects of Coworker and Supervisor Support on Prenatal Stress and Postpartum Health: a Time-Lagged Investigation
Kristen P. Jones, Jacquelyn M. Brady, Alex P. Lindsey, Lilia M. Cortina, C. Kendall Major

09.06.2021 | Original Paper

Switching Gears: A Self-Regulatory Approach and Measure of Nonwork Role Re-Engagement Following After-Hours Work Intrusions
Angela R. Grotto, Maura J. Mills, Erin M. Eatough

Open Access 12.08.2021 | Original Paper

Yesterday’s Work–Home Conflict and Actigraphically Recorded Sleep-Onset Latency as Predictors of Today’s Cognitive Failure
Maria Undine Kottwitz, Wilken Wehrt, Christin Gerhardt, Diana Augusto Coelho, Damian Schmutz, Achim Elfering

06.10.2021 | Original Paper

Organizational Benefits of Onboarding Contingent Workers: an Anchoring Model Approach
Claire E. Smith, Russell A. Matthews, Maura J. Mills, Yeong-Hyun Hong, Stacy Sim

09.07.2021 | Original Paper

Transformational Leadership and Voice: When Does Felt Obligation to the Leader Matter?
Jinyun Duan, Xiao-Hua (Frank) Wang, Onne Janssen, Jiing-Lih Farh

15.07.2021 | Original Paper

Does Leader Same-sex Sexual Orientation Matter to Leadership Effectiveness? A Four-study Model-testing Investigation
Gang Wang, David S. Steffensen Jr, Pamela L. Perrewé, Gerald R. Ferris, Samantha L. Jordan

15.07.2021 | Original Paper

Measuring Guanxi Quality in the Workplace
MiaoHua Chen, Olwen Bedford

22.07.2021 | Original Paper

The Impacts of Distinct Motives on Promotive and Prohibitive Voice: The Differential Moderating Role of Perceived Voice Level
Qiwei Zhou, Jih-Yu Mao, Xin Liu, Xianhui Ning

22.07.2021 | Original Paper

Leading When Overweight: the Influence of Supervisor Body Weight on Subordinates’ Perceptions and Citizenship Behaviors
Alexandra A. Henderson, Russell A. Matthews, Sara J. McKersie, Marilyn V. Whitman

26.07.2021 | Correction

Correction to: Thinking About Thinking About Work: A Meta-Analysis of Off-Job Positive and Negative Work-Related Thoughts
William P. Jimenez, Xiaoxiao Hu, Xiaohong Violet Xu

05.08.2021 | Publisher Correction

Correction to: Measuring Guanxi quality in the workplace
MiaoHua Chen, Olwen Bedford

20.08.2021 | Publisher Correction

Correction to: Does Leader Same‑sex Sexual Orientation Matter to Leadership Effectiveness? A Four‑study Model‑testing Investigation
Gang Wang, David S. Steffensen Jr, Pamela L. Perrewé, Gerald R. Ferris, Samantha L. Jordan

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