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Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics 1/2006

Ausgabe 1/2006

Proceedings of the 18th EBEN Annual Conference in Bonn

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 12 Artikel )

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

State – Business – Stakeholders: Ethical Perspectives on Balancing Business and Public Interests

Martin Büscher, Frank Simon

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Balancing State, Market and Social Justice: Russian Experiences and Lessons to Learn

Vladimir Avtonomov

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Corporate Integrity and Public Interest: A Relational Approach to Business Ethics and Leadership

Marvin T. Brown

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Cooperation and Competition in the Context of Organic and Mechanic Worldviews – A Theoretical and Case based Discussion

Knut J. Ims, Ove D. Jakobsen

01.06.2006 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 1/2006

The Nature of the Firm, Agency Theory and Shareholder Theory: A Critique from Philosophical Anthropology

Joan Fontrodona, Alejo José G. Sison

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

An Economic Rationale for a Work and Savings Ethic? J. Buchanan’s Late Works and Business Ethics

Christoph Luetge

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Business Dilemmas and Religious Belief: An Explorative Study among Dutch Executives

Johan Graafland, Muel Kaptein, Corrie Mazereeuw-van der Duijn Schouten

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Corporate Legitimacy as Deliberation: A Communicative Framework

Guido Palazzo, Andreas Georg Scherer

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Redefining Accountability As Relational Responsiveness

Mollie Painter-Morland

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Responsible Leadership in a Stakeholder Society – A Relational Perspective

Thomas Maak, Nicola M. Pless

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Business Ethics Training: Face-to-face and at a Distance

Warren French

01.06.2006 | Ausgabe 1/2006

Ethical Theory and Business Practices: The Case of Discourse Ethics

Thomas Beschorner

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