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Journal of Business Ethics 1/2022
Journal of Business Ethics

Ausgabe 1/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (22 Artikel)

Open Access 21.05.2021 | Original Paper

Human–Animal Relations in Business and Society: Advancing the Feminist Interpretation of Stakeholder Theory
Linda Tallberg, José-Carlos García-Rosell, Minni Haanpää

Open Access 03.06.2021 | Original Paper

Social Accountability, Ethics, and the Occupy Wall Street Protests
Dean Neu, Gregory D. Saxton, Abu S. Rahaman

Open Access 03.08.2022 | Correction

Correction: Social Accountability, Ethics, and the Occupy Wall Street Protests
Dean Neu, Gregory D. Saxton, Abu S. Rahaman

11.06.2021 | Original Paper

Accounting for Animal Welfare: Addressing Epistemic Vices During Live Sheep Export Voyages
Mark Christensen, Geoffrey Lamberton

27.06.2021 | Original Paper

Seeing Through and Breaking Through: The Role of Perspective Taking in the Relationship Between Creativity and Moral Reasoning
Pamsy P. Hui, Warren C. K. Chiu, Elvy Pang, John Coombes, Doreen Y. P. Tse

23.06.2021 | Original Paper

Immoral Entrenchment: How Crisis Reverses the Ethical Effects of Moral Intensity
Miranda J. Welbourne Eleazar

30.06.2021 | Original Paper

Forgiving the Unforgivable: The Possibility of the ‘Unconditional’ Forgiveness in the Workplace
Guglielmo Faldetta

Open Access 15.07.2021 | Original Paper

The Wealth Effect of Corporate Water Actions: How Past Corporate Responsibility and Irresponsibility Influence Stock Market Reactions
Rafia Afrin, Ni Peng, Frances Bowen

08.07.2021 | Original Paper

Low-Carbon City Construction and Corporate Carbon Reduction Performance: Evidence From a Quasi-Natural Experiment in China
Shaojian Chen, Hui Mao, Junqin Sun

26.07.2021 | Original Paper

Alignment Versus Monitoring: An Examination of the Effect of the CSR Committee and CSR-Linked Executive Compensation on CSR Performance
Camélia Radu, Nadia Smaili

29.07.2021 | Original Paper

Female Representation on Corporate Boards in Europe: The Interplay of Organizational Social Consciousness and Institutions
Cynthia E. Clark, Punit Arora, Patricia Gabaldon

12.08.2021 | Original Paper

Do the Right Thing: The Imprinting of Deonance at the Upper Echelons
Curtis L. Wesley II, Gregory W. Martin, Darryl B. Rice, Connor J. Lubojacky

Open Access 28.06.2021 | Original Paper

Harmful Leader Behaviors: Toward an Increased Understanding of How Different Forms of Unethical Leader Behavior Can Harm Subordinates
Juliana Guedes Almeida, Deanne N. Den Hartog, Annebel H. B. De Hoogh, Vithor Rosa Franco, Juliana Barreiros Porto

Open Access 12.05.2021 | Original Paper

The Nature of the Self, Self-regulation and Moral Action: Implications from the Confucian Relational Self and Buddhist Non-self
Irene Chu, Mai Chi Vu

Open Access 28.06.2021 | Original Paper

Drivers of Philanthropic Foundations in Emerging Markets: Family, Values and Spirituality
Valeria Giacomin, Geoffrey Jones

20.08.2021 | Original Paper

Examining Impact of Islamic Work Ethic on Task Performance: Mediating Effect of Psychological Capital and a Moderating Role of Ethical Leadership
Muhammad Qasim, Muhammad Irshad, Mehwish Majeed, Syed Tahir Hussain Rizvi

14.06.2021 | Original Paper

Prohibitive Voice as a Moral Act: The Role of Moral Identity, Leaders, and Workgroups
Salar Mesdaghinia, Debra L. Shapiro, Robert Eisenberger

Open Access 23.06.2021 | Original Paper

Responsible Leadership and the Reflective CEO: Resolving Stakeholder Conflict by Imagining What Could be done
Nicola M. Pless, Atri Sengupta, Melissa A. Wheeler, Thomas Maak

28.06.2021 | Original Paper

When Moral Tension Begets Cognitive Dissonance: An Investigation of Responses to Unethical Pro-Organizational Behavior and the Contingent Effect of Construal Level
Na Yang, Congcong Lin, Zhenyu Liao, Mei Xue

30.06.2021 | Original Paper

Discrimination in Services: How Service Recovery Efforts Change with Customer Accent
Carol Azab, Jonas Holmqvist

06.07.2021 | Original Paper

Cultural Differences in Consumer Responses to Celebrities Acting Immorally: A Comparison of the United States and South Korea
In-Hye Kang, Taehoon Park

Open Access 22.08.2022 | Correction

Correction: Speaking Truth to Power: Twitter Reactions to the Panama Papers
Dean Neu, Gregory Saxton, Jeffery Everett, Abu Rahaman Shiraz

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