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Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics 2/2015

Ausgabe 2/2015

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 15 Artikel )

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

How Ethical Leadership Shapes Employees’ Job Performance: The Mediating Roles of Goal Congruence and Psychological Capital

Dave Bouckenooghe, Asma Zafar, Usman Raja

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Women on the Board and Managers’ Pay: Evidence from Spain

Maria Encarnación Lucas-Pérez, Antonio Mínguez-Vera, Juan Samuel Baixauli-Soler, Juan Francisco Martín-Ugedo, Gregorio Sánchez-Marín

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Disentangling the Effects of Perceived Deception and Anticipated Harm on Consumer Responses to Deceptive Advertising

Guang-Xin Xie, Robert Madrigal, David M. Boush

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Managers’ Unethical Fraudulent Financial Reporting: The Effect of Control Strength and Control Framing

Xiaotao Kelvin Liu, Arnold M. Wright, Yi-Jing Wu

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Stakeholders’ Influence on French Unions’ CSR Strategies

André Sobczak, Christelle Havard

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Mutually Enhancing Responsibility: A Theoretical Exploration of the Interaction Mechanisms Between Individual and Corporate Moral Responsibility

Mihaela Constantinescu, Muel Kaptein

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Is Corporate Philanthropy Used as Environmental Misconduct Dressing? Evidence from Chinese Family-Owned Firms

Xingqiang Du

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Board Openness During an Economic Crisis

Sunny Li Sun, Jigao Zhu, Kangtao Ye

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Determinants of Social Disclosure Quality in Taiwan: An Application of Stakeholder Theory

Tzu-Kuan Chiu, Yi-Hsin Wang

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Political Connection, Ownership Structure, and Corporate Philanthropy in China: A Strategic-Political Perspective

Sihai Li, Xianzhong Song, Huiying Wu

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Contextualist Inquiry into Organizational Citizenship: Promoting Recycling Across Heterogeneous Organizational Actors

S. Todd Weaver, Pam Scholder Ellen, Lars Mathiassen

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Appointing Women to Boards: Is There a Cultural Bias?

Amalia Carrasco, Claude Francoeur, Réal Labelle, Joaquina Laffarga, Emiliano Ruiz-Barbadillo

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

The Uptake of Sustainability Reporting in Australia

Colin Higgins, Markus J. Milne, Bernadine van Gramberg

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Assessing the Effects of Leadership Styles on Employees’ Outcomes in International Luxury Hotels

Teresa Aguiar Quintana, Sangwon Park, Yasmina Araujo Cabrera

01.06.2015 | Ausgabe 2/2015

Tunneling or Not? The Change of Legal Environment on the Effect of Post-Privatization Performance

Guoqian Tu, Frank Yu

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