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Journal of Business Ethics 2/2022
Journal of Business Ethics

Ausgabe 2/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (21 Artikel)

06.08.2021 | Original Paper

Managerial Control of Employees’ Intercorporeality and the Production of Unethical Relations
Géraldine Paring, Stéphan Pezé

16.07.2021 | Original Paper

Towards Normative Theories of Social Entrepreneurship. A Review of the Top Publications of the Field
Adélie Ranville, Marcos Barros

Open Access 05.07.2021 | Original Paper

Frugal Innovation Hijacked: The Co-optive Power of Co-creation
Linda Annala Tesfaye, Martin Fougère

Open Access 06.07.2021 | Original Paper

Modern Slavery Disclosure Regulation and Global Supply Chains: Insights from Stakeholder Narratives on the UK Modern Slavery Act
Muhammad Azizul Islam, Chris J. Van Staden

19.07.2021 | Original Paper

The Entrepreneurial Quest for Emancipation: Trade-Offs, Practices, and Outcomes in an Indigenous Context
Albena Pergelova, Fernando Angulo-Ruiz, Leo-Paul Dana

31.07.2021 | Original Paper

Abuse and Exploitation of Doctoral Students: A Conceptual Model for Traversing a Long and Winding Road to Academia
Aaron Cohen, Yehuda Baruch

Open Access 11.08.2021 | Original Paper

Labour Practice, Decent Work and Human Rights Performance and Reporting: The Impact of Women Managers
Albertina Paula Monteiro, Isabel-María García-Sánchez, Beatriz Aibar-Guzmán

Open Access 04.08.2021 | Original Paper

The Influence of Spiritual Traditions on the Interplay of Subjective and Normative Interpretations of Meaningful Work
Mai Chi Vu, Nicholas Burton

08.07.2021 | Original Paper

Ethical Foundations of the Islamic Financial Industry
Saad Azmat, Maryam Subhan

09.07.2021 | Original Paper

E-Commerce and Consumer Protection in India: The Emerging Trend
Neelam Chawla, Basanta Kumar

Open Access 12.07.2021 | Original Paper

Accounting Frauds and Main-Bank Monitoring in Japanese Corporations
Hideaki Sakawa, Naoki Watanabel

Open Access 01.03.2022 | Correction

Correction to: Accounting Frauds and Main-Bank Monitoring in Japanese Corporations
Hideaki Sakawa, Naoki Watanabel

19.07.2021 | Original Paper

Time Orientation in Languages and Tax Avoidance
C. S. Agnes Cheng, Jaehyeon Kim, Mooweon Rhee, Jian Zhou

Open Access 08.03.2021 | Original Paper

Ethical Decision-Making in Family Firms: The Role of Employee Identification
Friederike Sophie Reck, Denise Fischer, Malte Brettel

17.03.2021 | Original Paper

A Moral Disengagement Investigation of How and When Supervisor Psychological Entitlement Instigates Abusive Supervision
Gabi Eissa, Scott W. Lester

22.03.2021 | Original Paper

Are Relationally Transparent Leaders More Receptive to the Relational Transparency of Others? An Authentic Dialog Perspective
Arménio Rego, Miguel Pina e Cunha, Luca Giustiniano

30.07.2021 | Original Paper

Understanding the Change and Development of Trust and the Implications for New Leaders
Kurt T. Dirks, Patrick J. Sweeney, Nikolaos Dimotakis, Todd Woodruff

09.08.2021 | Original Paper

Fostering Constructive Deviance by Leader Moral Humility: The Mediating Role of Employee Moral Identity and Moderating Role of Normative Conflict
Lianying Zhang, Xiaocan Li, Ziqing Liu

23.07.2021 | Original Paper

CEOs’ Poverty Experience and Corporate Social Responsibility: Are CEOs Who Have Experienced Poverty More Generous?
Shan Xu, Panyi Ma

Open Access 20.07.2021 | Original Paper

Shareholder Engagement on Environmental, Social, and Governance Performance
Tamas Barko, Martijn Cremers, Luc Renneboog

Open Access 20.07.2021 | Original Paper

The Moral Duty to Love One’s Stakeholders
Muel Kaptein

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