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Journal of Business Ethics 3/2022
Journal of Business Ethics

Ausgabe 3/2022


Inhaltsverzeichnis (12 Artikel)

18.02.2021 | Original Paper

Is Femvertising the New Greenwashing? Examining Corporate Commitment to Gender Equality
Yvette Sterbenk, Sara Champlin, Kasey Windels, Summer Shelton

07.01.2021 | Original Paper

The Radical Behavioral Challenge and Wide-Scope Obligations in Business
Hasko von Kriegstein

17.01.2021 | Original Paper

Stakeholder Friction
Kirsten Martin, Robert Phillips

07.08.2020 | Original Paper

Does the Narcissist (and Those Around Him/Her) Pay a Price for Being Narcissistic? An Empirical Study of Leaders’ Narcissism and Well-Being
Jeremy B. Bernerth

Open Access 04.02.2021 | Original Paper

Nudges in SRI: The Power of the Default Option
Jean-Francois Gajewski, Marco Heimann, Luc Meunier

09.02.2021 | Original Paper

Emotional Intelligence and Deception: A Theoretical Model and Propositions
Joseph P. Gaspar, Redona Methasani, Maurice E. Schweitzer

Open Access 17.02.2021 | Original Paper

Adversity Tries Friends: A Multilevel Analysis of Corporate Philanthropic Response to the Local Spread of COVID-19 in China
Hanwen Chen, Siyi Liu, Xin Liu, Daoguang Yang

Open Access 07.02.2021 | Original Paper

Pathways to Lasting Cross-Sector Social Collaboration: A Configurational Study
Christiana Weber, Helen Haugh, Markus Göbel, Hannes Leonardy

Open Access 04.02.2021 | Original Paper

Ruthless Exploiters or Ethical Guardians of the Workforce? Powerful CEOs and their Impact on Workplace Safety and Health
Jesper Haga, Fredrik Huhtamäki, Dennis Sundvik

11.02.2021 | Original Paper

When Discrimination is Worse, Autonomy is Key: How Women Entrepreneurs Leverage Job Autonomy Resources to Find Work–Life Balance
Dirk De Clercq, Steven A. Brieger

09.02.2021 | Original Paper

Angry but not Deviant: Employees’ Prior-Day Deviant Behavior Toward the Family Buffers Their Reactions to Abusive Supervisory Behavior
Andrew Li, Chenwei Liao, Ping Shao, Jason Huang

04.02.2021 | Original Paper

The Effects of Top Management Team National Diversity and Institutional Uncertainty on Subsidiary CSR Focus
Sven Dahms, Suthikorn Kingkaew, Eddy S. Ng

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