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Journal of Business Ethics 4/2022
Journal of Business Ethics

Ausgabe 4/2022

Special Issue on Impact Investing – Critical Examinations of Motivations, Processes and Results


Inhaltsverzeichnis (9 Artikel)

26.07.2022 | Original Paper

Defining and Conceptualizing Impact Investing: Attractive Nuisance or Catalyst?
Kai Hockerts, Lisa Hehenberger, Stefan Schaltegger, Vanina Farber

Open Access 11.06.2022 | Original Paper

Who Has a Seat at the Table in Impact Investing? Addressing Inequality by Giving Voice
Guillermo Casasnovas, Jessica Jones

Open Access 03.06.2022 | Original Paper

Arenas of Contestation: A Senian Social Justice Perspective on the Nature of Materiality in Impact Measurement
Othmar Manfred Lehner, Alex Nicholls, Sarah Beatrice Kapplmüller

31.05.2022 | Original Paper

From Fiduciary Duty to Impact Fidelity: Managerial Compensation in Impact Investing
Isaline Thirion, Patrick Reichert, Virginie Xhauflair, Jonathan De Jonck

Open Access 04.06.2022 | Original Paper

Blended Social Impact Investment Transactions: Why Are They So Complex?
Michael Moran, Libby Ward-Christie

25.07.2022 | Original Paper

Value, Values, and Valuation: The Marketization of Charitable Foundation Impact Investing
Kirsten Andersen, Rebecca Tekula

Open Access 03.06.2022 | Original Paper

Trying to Serve Two Masters is Easy, Compared to Three: Identity Multiplicity Work by Christian Impact Investors
Brett R. Smith, Amanda Lawson, Jessica Jones, Tim Holcomb, Aimee Minnich

Open Access 10.06.2022 | Original Paper

On the Discursive Construction of Social Entrepreneurship in Pitch Situations: The Intertextual Reproduction of Business and Social Discourse by Presenters and Their Audience
Karin Kreutzer

Open Access 15.06.2022 | Original Paper

Ethical Sensemaking in Impact Investing: Reasons and Motives in the Chinese Renewable Energy Sector
Tongyu Meng, Jamie Newth, Christine Woods

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