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Journal of Combinatorial Optimization

Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 2/2013

Ausgabe 2/2013

Special Issue: Approximation Algorithms for Geometric and Combinatorial Problems, a special issue of AAIM 2011

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 13 Artikel )

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013 Open Access

Online algorithms for 1-space bounded multi dimensional bin packing and hypercube packing

Yong Zhang, Francis Y. L. Chin, Hing-Fung Ting, Xin Han

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

Online algorithms for maximizing weighted throughput of unit jobs with temperature constraints

Martin Birks, Daniel Cole, Stanley P. Y. Fung, Huichao Xue

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

The k-Canadian Travelers Problem with communication

Huili Zhang, Yinfeng Xu, Lan Qin

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

On some geometric problems of color-spanning sets

Wenqi Ju, Chenglin Fan, Jun Luo, Binhai Zhu, Ovidiu Daescu

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

Approximation algorithm for uniform bounded facility location problem

Weng Kerui

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

Tight approximation bounds for combinatorial frugal coverage algorithms

Ioannis Caragiannis, Christos Kaklamanis, Maria Kyropoulou

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

The nearest neighbor Spearman footrule distance for bucket, interval, and partial orders

Franz J. Brandenburg, Andreas Gleißner, Andreas Hofmeier

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013 Open Access

A tight analysis of Brown-Baker-Katseff sequences for online strip packing

W. Kern, J. J. Paulus

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

Optimal job insertion in the no-wait job shop

Reinhard Bürgy, Heinz Gröflin

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

Objective functions with redundant domains

Fatima Affif Chaouche, Carrie Rutherford, Robin Whitty

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

L(2,1)-labelings of the edge-path-replacement of a graph

Lü Damei

01.08.2013 | Ausgabe 2/2013

Super-cyclically edge-connected regular graphs

Jin-Xin Zhou, Yan-Quan Feng

01.08.2013 | Erratum | Ausgabe 2/2013

Erratum to: Tight bound for matching

Yijie Han

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