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Journal of Computational Electronics

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Optimization of anti-reflective coatings using a graded index based on silicon oxynitride

The present work deals with a comparative study of three anti-reflective coatings (ARCs) based on oxynitride using a gradient refractive index (graded index) following three proposed profiles such as the linear, sub-linear and super-linear …


A 3-D potential model to assess DC characteristics of Si FinFETs

The potential distribution inside the channel of a Si FinFET is usually determined by a 2-D Poisson equation which does not truly describe its variation. Due to the 3-D structure of a FinFET, the geometry of the channel plays an important role in …


FLANN-SM analysis of a unit cell

A new technique for the calculation of the permeability of an Omega unit cell is presented. In the proposed method, neuro-space mapping is used to transform the Omega unit cell structure to a split-ring resonator (SRR) structure using a functional …


Electrostatically doped drain junctionless transistor for low-power applications

Junctionless transistors (JLT) are a promising alternative to address the stringent junction requirements in conventional transistors. However, JLTs are plagued by high OFF-state leakage current attributed to the band-to-band tunneling at the …


Spatial-frequency coding metasurfaces to regulate energy radiation of terahertz waves

Conventional coding metasurfaces only consider the different phase responses and encode the spatial-domain parameter, whereas the phase sensitivity of the frequency-domain parameter is not considered. When traditional digital metasurfaces are used …

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The Journal of Computational Electronics brings together research on the full spectrum of modeling and simulation of modern electronics. It addresses optical, electronic, mechanical, and quantum mechanical aspects of the field. Research into the underlying mathematical algorithms and computational details is also highlighted. In addition, the journal examines the related areas of molecular and biological systems in which the thrust is on transport, mechanical, and optical properties. Lastly, the journal draws special attention to the advances and challenges arising from applications in multiscale problems.

Specific areas explored include semiconductor devices, optical devices, process simulation, nano-electro-mechanical systems, mathematical approaches, correlated areas, and open quantum systems.

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