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Journal of Computers in Education

Journal of Computers in Education 4/2019

Ausgabe 4/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 6 Artikel )

28.08.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Using immersive and modelling environments to build scientific capacity in primary preservice teacher education

Reem Mohammed, Shannon Kennedy-Clark, Peter Reimann

23.09.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

The effects of learner factors on higher-order thinking in the smart classroom environment

Wu Di, Xing Danxia, Lu Chun

25.09.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Coding as another language: a pedagogical approach for teaching computer science in early childhood

Marina Umaschi Bers

26.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

A literature review of features and trends of technology-supported collaborative learning in informal learning settings from 2007 to 2018

Lanqin Zheng, Xuan Zhang, Juliana Fosua Gyasi

26.10.2019 | Ausgabe 4/2019

Research topics, author profiles, and collaboration networks in the top-ranked journal on educational technology over the past 40 years: a bibliometric analysis

Xieling Chen, Guoxing Yu, Gary Cheng, Tianyong Hao

18.09.2018 | Ausgabe 4/2019 Open Access

A model of heritage content to support the design and analysis of video games for history education

Laurence Hanes, Robert Stone

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