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The association between owning a videogame console and the gender gap in STEM: an instrumental variable approach

This study was to estimate the effect of owning a video game console on academic performance in STEM areas. We used an Instrumental Variable (IV) estimation strategy to establish the impact that these variables have on the academic performance of …


Understanding primary students’ self-regulated vocabulary learning behaviours on a mobile app via learning analytics and their associated outcomes: a case study

In this study, we investigated primary school students’ self-regulated vocabulary learning (SRVL) behaviours on a mobile app using learning analytics (LA) and their associated English vocabulary learning outcomes. Participants were 44 students in …


Unifying EFL learners’ online self-regulation and online motivational self-system in MOOCs: A structural equation modeling approach

Being renowned as the state-of-the-art of open educational movement, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have been expanded noticeably in online schooling. This study aims to unify learners’ online motivational self-system and online …


Digitalizing skills development using simulation-based mobile (SiM) learning application

In a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world, education and training providers need to explore other pedagogical approaches in conducting technical and vocational courses. This study introduced a new approach to conducting …


Assessing academic staff’s ICT integration in higher education: instrument development and validation

The increasing utilization of educational technologies advances the information communication technology (ICT) integration process in higher education. The demand and standard of ICT integration are changing with the development of digital …

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