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Blending asynchronous and synchronous digital technologies and instructional approaches to facilitate remote learning

This two-stage qualitative-dominant sequential mixed-method study, using an online survey of elementary and secondary school English language teachers (N = 73) and follow-up interviews (N = 10), collectively explores how teachers in Hong Kong …


How higher education students in Egypt perceived online learning engagement and satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic

This study aims to examine the influence of academic self-efficacy, perceived usefulness of online learning systems, and teaching presence on student engagement (behavioural, emotional, and cognitive engagement) and student satisfaction with …


Effect of Scratch on computational thinking skills of Chinese primary school students

This study aimed to analyze the effects of Scratch language learning on the computational thinking skills (creativity, algorithmic thinking, cooperativity, critical thinking, and problem solving) of primary school students. We conducted an …


Incorporating active learning activities to the design and development of an undergraduate software and web security course

Data breaches and cybersecurity incidents have been a major concern for companies in various sectors, including healthcare, financial, entertainment, business, education, and government. Maintaining and protecting these systems requires a …


Profiling the research landscape on electronic feedback in educational context from 1991 to 2021: a bibliometric analysis

The technological evolution brings about integration of technology in feedback practice which attempts to extend and refine learners’ understanding. A wide range of studies on electronic feedback have been conducted in the past. This study sought …

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JCE is an interdisciplinary forum for communication of perspectives among researchers, practitioner, and policy makers on theories and practices in technology enhanced learning. The journal aims at making an impact on educational practices and thus to transform learning. The journal publishes up-to-date research and experiences in information communication technologies (ICT) in learning and education.

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