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08.10.2021 | Regular Paper

Sycon: a new milestone in designing ASCON-like permutations

ASCON is one of the elegant designs of authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD) that was selected as the first choice for lightweight applications in the CAESAR competition, which also has been submitted to NIST lightweight …

15.09.2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Breaking TrustZone memory isolation and secure boot through malicious hardware on a modern FPGA-SoC

FPGA-SoCs are heterogeneous embedded computing platforms consisting of reconfigurable hardware and high-performance processing units. This combination offers flexibility and good performance for the design of embedded systems. However, allowing …

31.08.2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

The SQALE of CSIDH: sublinear Vélu quantum-resistant isogeny action with low exponents

Recent independent analyses by Bonnetain–Schrottenloher and Peikert in Eurocrypt 2020 significantly reduced the estimated quantum security of the isogeny-based commutative group action key-exchange protocol CSIDH. This paper refines the estimates …

04.08.2021 | Regular Paper

Rank estimation with bounded error via exponential sampling

Efficient rank estimation algorithms are of prime interest in security evaluation against side channel attacks (SCA) and recently also for password strength estimators. In a side channel setting it allows estimating the remaining security after an …

01.07.2021 | Regular Paper Open Access

Modelling cryptographic distinguishers using machine learning

Cryptanalysis is the development and study of attacks against cryptographic primitives and protocols. Many cryptographic properties rely on the difficulty of generating an adversary who, given an object sampled from one of two classes, correctly …

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The Journal of Cryptographic Engineering (JCEN) offers high-quality scientific articles presenting methods, techniques, tools, implementations, and applications of research in cryptographic engineering, including cryptographic hardware, cryptographic embedded systems, and embedded security. JCEN aims to serve the academic and corporate R&D community interested in cryptographic hardware and embedded security by offering a focused journal drawing together archival papers that are presently scattered across various journals.

JCEN’s broad and varied coverage includes Cryptographic Hardware for both pubic-key and secret-key cryptography; Cryptographic Software for embedded systems, including implementation, libraries and cryptographic algorithms targeting embedded devices; Attacks and Countermeasures; Tools and Methodologies; Applications and Implementation Environments and more.

JCEN benefits the academic and corporate R&D community interested in cryptographic hardware and embedded security.

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