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Journal of Cryptographic Engineering

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01.07.2020 | Regular Paper Open Access

Error control scheme for malicious and natural faults in cryptographic modules

Today’s electronic systems must simultaneously fulfill strict requirements on security and reliability. In particular, their cryptographic modules are exposed to faults, which can be due to natural failures (e.g., radiation or electromagnetic …

25.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Residue arithmetic systems in cryptography: a survey on modern security applications

In the last few years, the ancient residue number system has gained renewed scientific interest and has emerged as an interesting alternative in the field of secure hardware implementations. In this survey, however, we investigate some modern and …

22.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Improving accuracy of HPC-based malware classification for embedded platforms using gradient descent optimization

Malware detection is still one of the difficult problems in computer security because of the daily occurrences of newer varieties of malware programs. There have been enormous efforts in developing a generalized solution to this critical security …

22.06.2020 | Regular Paper

Towards efficient and automated side-channel evaluations at design time

Models and tools developed by the semiconductor community have matured over decades of use. As a result, hardware simulations can yield highly accurate and easily automated pre-silicon estimates for, e.g., timing and area figures. In this work, we …

19.06.2020 | Regular Paper Open Access

IPM-RED: combining higher-order masking with robust error detection

Cryptographic hardware becomes increasingly vulnerable to physical attacks—both passive side-channel analysis and active fault injections—performed by skillful and well-equipped adversaries. In this paper, we introduce a technique that provides …

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The Journal of Cryptographic Engineering (JCEN) offers high-quality scientific articles presenting methods, techniques, tools, implementations, and applications of research in cryptographic engineering, including cryptographic hardware, cryptographic embedded systems, and embedded security. JCEN aims to serve the academic and corporate R&D community interested in cryptographic hardware and embedded security by offering a focused journal drawing together archival papers that are presently scattered across various journals.

JCEN’s broad and varied coverage includes Cryptographic Hardware for both pubic-key and secret-key cryptography; Cryptographic Software for embedded systems, including implementation, libraries and cryptographic algorithms targeting embedded devices; Attacks and Countermeasures; Tools and Methodologies; Applications and Implementation Environments and more.

JCEN benefits the academic and corporate R&D community interested in cryptographic hardware and embedded security.

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