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Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems

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05.12.2018 Open Access

The Stokes Phenomenon for Some Moment Partial Differential Equations

We study the Stokes phenomenon for the solutions of general homogeneous linear moment partial differential equations with constant coefficients in two complex variables under condition that the Cauchy data are holomorphic on the complex plane but …


Approximate Controllability of Non-autonomous Evolution System with Nonlocal Conditions

In this article, we are concerned with the existence of mild solutions as well as approximate controllability for a class of non-autonomous evolution system of parabolic type with nonlocal conditions in Banach spaces. Sufficient conditions of …


General and Optimal Decay Result for a Viscoelastic Problem with Nonlinear Boundary Feedback

In this paper, we consider a viscoleastic equation with a nonlinear feedback localized on a part of the boundary and a relaxation function satisfying g′(t) ≤−ξ(t)G(g(t)). We establish an explicit and general decay rate results, using the …

20.11.2018 Open Access

On the Adjoint of the Eulerian Idempotent in an Analytic Context

We generalize Gehrig-Kawski theorem connecting the adjoint of the Eulerian idempotent with the logarithm of identity operator in the convolution product algebra . This has application in dynamical systems, control theory, coordinates of the first …


A Remark on the Invertibility of Semi-invertible Cocycles

We observe that under certain conditions on the Lyapunov exponents, a semi-invertible cocycle is, indeed, invertible. As a consequence, if a semi-invertible cocycle generated by a Hölder continuous map A : ℳ → M ( d , ℝ ) $A:\mathcal {M}\to M(d …

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Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems examines the entire spectrum of issues related to dynamical systems, focusing on the theory of smooth dynamical systems with analyses of measure-theoretical, topological, and bifurcational aspects. It covers all essential branches of the theory--local, semilocal, and global--including the theory of foliations.

The journal also features in-depth papers devoted to control systems research that spotlight the geometric control theory, which unifies Lie-algebraic and differential-geometric methods of investigation in control and optimization, and ultimately relates to the general theory of dynamical systems.

Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems presents peer-reviewed survey and original research articles. Accessible to a broad range of scholars, each survey paper contains all necessary definitions and explanations, a complete over-view of the problem discussed, and a description of its importance and relationship to basic research on the subject.

This publication also features authoritative contributions describing ongoing investigations and innovative solutions to unsolved problems as well as detailed reviews of newly published books relevant to future studies in the field.

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