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Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination

Ausgabe 2/2024

Special Issue on Applications of Complexity for Resilient Organizations, Management and Innovation Systems

Inhalt (7 Artikel)

Open Access Editorial

Editorial to the special issue on applications of complexity for resilient organizations, management and innovation systems

Silvano Cincotti, Ilaria Giannoccaro, Cristina Ponsiglione, Linda Ponta, Andreas Pyka

Open Access Regular Article

Innovative search and imitation heuristics: an agent-based simulation study

Vittorio Guida, Luigi Mittone, Azzurra Morreale

Open Access Regular Article

A configurative analysis investigating how new technology-based firms gain the first financing round

Carmine Passavanti, Simonetta Primario, Pierluigi Rippa

Regular Article

Modelling organisational resilience of public sector organisations to navigate complexity: empirical insights from Lithuania

Mindaugas Butkus, Giovanni Schiuma, Ilona Bartuseviciene, Lina Volodzkiene, Ona Grazina Rakauskiene, Laura Dargenyte-Kacileviciene