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Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination

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06.04.2020 | Regular Article

Productivity and unemployment: an ABM approach

We investigate the relationship between productivity and unemployment with an ABM approach. In particular, we use the framework of Riccetti et al. (J Econ Interact Coord 10(2):305–332, 2015) to run computer simulations considering different levels …

23.03.2020 | Regular Article Open Access

Quantifying the importance of different contagion channels as sources of systemic risk

A framework that allows computing contagion effects from both direct exposure contagion and overlapping portfolios is presented. The effects of the latter are broken down into loss correlation, effects from fire sales and mark-to-market …

07.03.2020 | Regular Article

Firms in financial distress: evidence from inter-firm payment networks with volatility driven by ‘animal spirits’

This paper elaborates an agent-based model of a pure market economy to provide theoretical evidence on how volatility-induced changes in inter-firm payment networks affect the financial distress of firms. This volatility is driven by ‘animal …

04.03.2020 | Regular Article Open Access

An artificial Wicksell–Keynes economy integrating short-run business cycle and long-term cumulative trend

Economists have investigated how price–wage rigidity influences macroeconomic stability. A widely accepted view asserts that increased rigidity destabilizes an economy by requiring a larger quantity adjustment. In contrast, the Old Keynesian view …

25.02.2020 | Regular Article

Predator–prey model for stock market fluctuations

We present a dynamical model for the price evolution of financial assets. The model is based on a two-level approach: In the first stage, one finds an agent-based model that describes the current state of investors’ beliefs, perspectives or …

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The Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination is the official journal of the Association of Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents. It is dedicated to the vibrant and interdisciplinary field of agent-based approaches to economics and social sciences.

The journal focuses on simulating and synthesizing emergent phenomena and collective behavior in order to understand economic and social systems. A sample of topics addressed in the journal includes artificial markets with heterogeneous agents, multi-agents in economics, experimental economics, econophysics, financial markets with heterogeneous agents, non-linear economic dynamics, interacting particle systems in economics, markets as complex adaptive systems, theory and simulation of agent-based models, etc.

Contributions come primarily from economics, physics, computer science, and related fields and are typically based on sound theoretical models and supported by experimental validation.

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J Econ Interact Coord

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