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Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination

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22.09.2018 | Regular Article

The economics of netting in financial networks

Can the netting of on-balance-sheet interbank assets and liabilities be useful in thwarting financial contagion during a systemic crisis episode? In order to answer this question, in this paper we use mean-field approximation techniques and …

15.09.2018 | Regular Article

Modeling the impulse response complex network for studying the fluctuation transmission of price indices

We provide a method for analyzing the transmission of fluctuation among price indices, which combines the complex network method and the impulse response function (IRF). The transmission relationships of price fluctuation among numerous price …

11.09.2018 | Regular Article

Interbank credit and the money manufacturing process: a systemic perspective on financial stability

Interbank lending and borrowing occur when financial institutions seek to settle and refinance their mutual positions over time and circumstances. This interactive process involves money creation at the aggregate level. Coordination mismatch on …

01.09.2018 | Regular Article

Interbank rules during economic declines: Can banks safeguard capital base?

This paper studies the role of interbank credit within an agent-based model of the financial sector. Our main contribution consists in a behavioral foundation of banks demand and supply in the interbank market. We connect 100 heterogeneous banks …

25.08.2018 | Regular Article

Order book modeling and financial stability

This paper presents an agent-based model of the financial order book, and investigates whether the volatility of market prices can be reduced by means of specific policy interventions. The model is able to replicate the salient stylized facts of …

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The Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination is the official journal of the Association of Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents. It is dedicated to the vibrant and interdisciplinary field of agent-based approaches to economics and social sciences.

The journal focuses on simulating and synthesizing emergent phenomena and collective behavior in order to understand economic and social systems. A sample of topics addressed in the journal includes artificial markets with heterogeneous agents, multi-agents in economics, experimental economics, econophysics, financial markets with heterogeneous agents, non-linear economic dynamics, interacting particle systems in economics, markets as complex adaptive systems, theory and simulation of agent-based models, etc.

Contributions come primarily from economics, physics, computer science, and related fields and are typically based on sound theoretical models and supported by experimental validation.

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J Econ Interact Coord

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Blockchain-Effekte im Banking und im Wealth Management

Es steht fest, dass Blockchain-Technologie die Welt verändern wird. Weit weniger klar ist, wie genau dies passiert. Ein englischsprachiges Whitepaper des Fintech-Unternehmens Avaloq untersucht, welche Einsatzszenarien es im Banking und in der Vermögensverwaltung geben könnte – „Blockchain: Plausibility within Banking and Wealth Management“. Einige dieser plausiblen Einsatzszenarien haben sogar das Potenzial für eine massive Disruption. Ein bereits existierendes Beispiel liefert der Initial Coin Offering-Markt: ICO statt IPO.
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