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13.06.2017 | Regular Article

Zero-intelligence agents looking for a job

We study a simple agent-based model of a decentralized matching market game in which agents (workers or job seekers) make proposals to other agents (firms) in order to be matched to a position within the firm. The aggregate result of agents …

09.06.2017 | Book Review

Realistic simulation of financial markets: analyzing market behaviors by the third mode of science

Editors: Kita, Hajime, Taniguchi, Kazuhisa, Nakajima, Yoshihiro, Springer 2016

09.04.2017 | Regular Article

The economics analysis of a Q-learning model of cooperation with punishment and risk taking preferences

The aim of this paper is to better understand how cooperation mechanisms work in the context of a Q-learning model. We apply a learning reinforcement model to analyse the conditions needed to have a stable cooperative equilibrium when people take …

08.04.2017 | Regular Article

The creative response and the endogenous dynamics of pecuniary knowledge externalities: an agent based simulation model

The paper elaborates an agent based simulation model (ABM) to explore the endogenous long-term dynamics of knowledge externalities. ABMs, as a form of artificial cliometrics, allow the analysis of the effects of the reactivity of firms caught in …

18.03.2017 | Regular Article

On the robustness of the fat-tailed distribution of firm growth rates: a global sensitivity analysis

Firms grow and decline by relatively lumpy jumps which cannot be accounted by the cumulation of small, “atom-less”, independent shocks. Rather “big” episodes of expansion and contraction are relatively frequent. More technically, this is revealed …

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The Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination is the official journal of the Association of Economic Science with Heterogeneous Interacting Agents. It is dedicated to the vibrant and interdisciplinary field of agent-based approaches to economics and social sciences.

The journal focuses on simulating and synthesizing emergent phenomena and collective behavior in order to understand economic and social systems. A sample of topics addressed in the journal includes artificial markets with heterogeneous agents, multi-agents in economics, experimental economics, econophysics, financial markets with heterogeneous agents, non-linear economic dynamics, interacting particle systems in economics, markets as complex adaptive systems, theory and simulation of agent-based models, etc.

Contributions come primarily from economics, physics, computer science, and related fields and are typically based on sound theoretical models and supported by experimental validation.

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