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Financing constraints and exports: evidence from India

This paper investigates the effect of financing constraints on the extensive and intensive margins of exports using a rich firm-level data on Indian manufacturing firms. Following the literature, we adopt liquidity ratio and leverage ratio as the …


Dynamic linkages between US and Eurodollar interest rates: new evidence from causality in quantiles

Global markets have become more integrated, making co-movements of international interest rates possible. In this paper, we investigate the causal linkage between US and Eurodollar (London) interest rate using the Granger causality test in …


Keeping what you like: grandfathering and health insurance coverage take-up rates under the ACA

According to various reports, between 1.8 million and 4.7 million health insurance plans were replaced shortly after passage of the Affordable Care Act of 2010 with new ACA-compliant plans. In order to limit this occurrence, provisions in the ACA …


Stock performance subsequent to combinations in quarterly revenue surprise, earnings surprise, guidance, valuation, and report time

Finance literature highlights various reasons for stock performance subsequent to earnings announcements. However, other moving parts in these scenarios must also be simultaneously specified. While both revenue and earnings surprises are important …


Currency risk exposure and the presidential effect in stock returns

AbstractWe explore how the US presidential effect in stock returns is connected to the US presidential effect in foreign exchange returns to the US dollar. Our results for the 1973–2016 period show that the existence of a presidential effect in …

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