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Journal of Electroceramics

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Determination of polaronic conductivity in disordered double perovskite La2CrMnO6

Double perovskite La2CrMnO6 ceramics was sintered using standard high temperature route in ambient air. The orthorhombic Pbnm cell characterized by a total disorder between Cr and Mn ions was determined using an XRD powder test. The grain …


Crystallization kinetics and the dielectric properties of SrO-BaO-Nb2O5-B2O3 glass-ceramics

Glass-ceramics materials of SrO-BaO-Nb2O5-B2O3 system have been prepared by conventional melt-casting followed by controlled crystallization. The crystallization kinetics, phase evolution, microstructure, breakdown strength and dielectric …


Effects of size on the phase stability and conductivity of double-doped δ-Bi2O3

Nano and micro (Bi2O3)1-x-y(Eu2O3)x(Er2O3)y (x = 0.1, 0.15, y = 0.05, 0.2) double-doped system materials are synthesized by exploiting solid-state synthesis techniques. When we use nano sized powders to synthesize the samples we call them nano; …


Preparation of Al-TiO2 nanotubes and their photocatalytic activities

Al-TiO2 nanotubes having an Al/Ti molar ratio of 0.38 were prepared using a sol-gel derived electrospinning and subsequent calcination at intervals of 50 °C from 500 to 650 °C to investigate the effect of calcination temperature on the crystal …


Facile synthesis of Li2ZrO3-modified LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 cathode material from a mechanical milling route for lithium-ion batteries

Li2ZrO3-modified LiNi0.5Mn0.5O2 materials with improved electrochemical performance were directly synthesized by a simple mechanical milling route with ZrO2, Li2CO3 and Ni0.5Mn0.5(OH)2 precursors and a high temperature calcination in air …

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The Journal of Electroceramics provides a forum for discussion cutting across issues in electrical, optical, and magnetic ceramics. Driven by the need for miniaturization, cost, and enhanced functionality, the field of electroceramics is poised for rapid growth in many new directions. The Journal encourages discussion of resultant trends concerning silicon-electroceramic integration, nanotechnology, ceramic-polymer composites, grain boundary and defect engineering and more.
The Journal of Electroceramics publishes original research papers on both scientific and technical aspects of electroceramics. From time to time invited papers cover significant progress and analyze future trends in the various subfields.
The journal presents papers dealing with processing, characterization, structure, properties, modeling, and performance of electroceramics. This includes such topic areas as ionic and mixed conductors; actuators and sensors; boundary controlled devices; wireless communications; electronic packaging; dielectrics; ferroelectric memory devices; photonics; magnetic recording; oxide electronics and superconductivity, among others.

The journal has achieved top rankings in ISI’s citation list.

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