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08.05.2018 Open Access

Electrophysical properties of the multicomponent PBZT-type ceramics doped by Sn4+

In the work, the multicomponent Pb0.75Ba0.25(Zr0.65Ti0.35)1-aSn a O3 (PBZT/Sn) ceramics were obtained with various tin amounts (a from the range of 0.0 to 0.1). The densification of the PBZT/Sn ceramic samples was performed using pressureless …


Sintering and optical properties of transparent ZnS ceramics by pre-heating treatment temperature

The main objective of our work is to increase transmittance in the mid infrared region by removing impurities through the pre-heating treatment of zinc sulfide (ZnS) produced by hydrothermal synthesis. The pre-heating treatment proceeded at 450 to …


Phase compositions and microwave dielectric properties of MgTiO3-based ceramics obtained by reaction-sintering method

MgTiO3-based microwave dielectric ceramics were prepared successfully by reaction sintering method. The X-ray diffraction patterns of the sintered samples revealed a major phase of MgTiO3-based and CaTiO3 phases, accompanied with Mg2TiO4 or …


High dielectric response of cobalt aluminate mullite (CAM) nanocomposite over cobalt aluminate mullite polymer (CAMP) nanocomposite in PVDF matrix

In this communication we have compared the dielectric behavior of cobalt aluminate mullite (CAM) nanocomposite and cobalt aluminate mullite polymer (CAMP) nanocomposite with different molar concentration of Co +2 ions. The study of dielectric …


NOx conversion in La0.85Sr0.15Co0.03Mn0.97O3+d-Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 porous cell stacks infiltrated with Pt

Porous cell stacks with composite electrodes of La0.85Sr0.15Co0.03Mn0.97O3+d and Ce0.9Gd0.1O1.95 were characterized for the electrochemical reduction of NO in net oxidizing atmosphere in absence or presence of propene in the feed gas. No NOx was …

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The Journal of Electroceramics provides a forum for discussion cutting across issues in electrical, optical, and magnetic ceramics. Driven by the need for miniaturization, cost, and enhanced functionality, the field of electroceramics is poised for rapid growth in many new directions. The Journal encourages discussion of resultant trends concerning silicon-electroceramic integration, nanotechnology, ceramic-polymer composites, grain boundary and defect engineering and more.
The Journal of Electroceramics publishes original research papers on both scientific and technical aspects of electroceramics. From time to time invited papers cover significant progress and analyze future trends in the various subfields.
The journal presents papers dealing with processing, characterization, structure, properties, modeling, and performance of electroceramics. This includes such topic areas as ionic and mixed conductors; actuators and sensors; boundary controlled devices; wireless communications; electronic packaging; dielectrics; ferroelectric memory devices; photonics; magnetic recording; oxide electronics and superconductivity, among others.

The journal has achieved top rankings in ISI’s citation list.

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Die Auswirkungen der Elektromobilität auf den Strommarkt und die CO2-Bilanz

In der aktuellen energiepolitischen Debatte werden dem Ausbau der Elektromobilität hohe Prioritäten eingeräumt, da mit der Umstellung von konventionellen Fahrzeugen auf elektrische Antriebe große CO2-Einsparpotenziale verbunden werden. So strebt die Bundesregierung bis 2030 6 Mio. zugelassene Elektroautos an. Lesen Sie hier, ob die mit dem Ausbau der Elektromobilität verbundenen Ziele tatsächlich erreicht werden können.
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