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Journal of Electronic Materials

Journal of Electronic Materials 5/2019

Ausgabe 5/2019

Special Section: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018. Guest Editors: Joshua Caldwell, Nadeemullah Mahadik, Jamie Phillips, Adrienne Stiff-Roberts, Ganesh Balakrishnan, Parsian Mohseni, Patrick Shea, Shadi Shahedipour-Sandvik

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 89 Artikel )

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Applications of Microwave Materials: A Review

Athira Raveendran, Mailadil Thomas Sebastian, Sujith Raman

08.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Metal–Insulator–Metal Diodes: A Potential High Frequency Rectifier for Rectenna Application

Shilpi Shriwastava, C. C. Tripathi

13.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Highly Effective Disinfection of E. coli Using the Nanohybrids Ti1−xNixO2/CNTs

Diep Thi Bich Dao, Hong Ngoc Phan, Dung Duc Dang, Hung Manh Nguyen, Thang Viet Dao, Minh Van Nguyen, Minh Ngoc Phan, Khang Cao Nguyen

19.12.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Effects of Cu and In Trace Elements on Microstructure and Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Sn-Zn Eutectic Alloy

P. Pandey, C. S. Tiwary, K. Chattopadhyay

19.12.2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Attapulgite-Cardo Poly(Aryl Ether Ketone) Bearing Pendent Sulfoalkyl Groups Composite for Proton Exchange Membranes

Limei Wang, Guoying Guan, Bin Han

07.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Thermal Fluctuations in the Phase Structure of the Excitonic Insulator Charge Density Wave State in the Extended Falicov–Kimball Model

Thi-Hong-Hai Do, Huu-Nha Nguyen, Van-Nham Phan

08.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Effect of Rare Earth Metals on the Properties of Zn-20Sn High-Temperature Lead-Free Solder

Jun Tian, Chunfu Hong, Lihua Hong, Xiaohui Yan, Pinqiang Dai

18.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Influence of Doping and Splitting of Source in a Group IV Material Based Tunnel Field Effect Transistor

Rikmantra Basu, Preeti Giri, Harshvardhan Kumar

18.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Aqueous Chemical Synthesis and Consolidation of Size-Controlled Bi2Te3 Nanoparticles for Low-Cost and High-Performance Thermoelectric Materials

Tatsuichiro Nakamoto, Shun Yokoyama, Tomohisa Takamatsu, Koichi Harata, Kenichi Motomiya, Hideyuki Takahashi, Yuzuru Miyazaki, Kazuyuki Tohji

23.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Sintering Characteristics and Microwave Dielectric Properties of Li2Mg3Ti0.95(Mg1/3Sb2/3)0.05O6 Ceramic Doped with LiF for LTCC Applications

Y. K. Yang, H. L. Pan, H. T. Wu

23.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Studies on Multifunctional Properties of SILAR Synthesized CuO Thin Films for Enhanced Supercapacitor, Photocatalytic and Ethanol Sensing Applications

Mahima Ranjan Das, Ayan Mukherjee, Payel Maiti, Sachindranath Das, Partha Mitra

23.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019 Open Access

Influence of Zn Concentration on Interfacial Intermetallics During Liquid and Solid State Reaction of Hypo and Hypereutectic Sn-Zn Solder Alloys

H. R. Kotadia, S. H. Mannan, A. Das

23.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Experimental Research of Electrical Output Characteristics of Stacked PZT-5H Under High-Overload Conditions

Ruizhi Wang, Enling Tang, Guolai Yang, Yafei Han, Xiaochu Lin, Yue Li

24.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis of Silver Flakes and Their Application as Conductive Filler for Low-Curing-Temperature Silver Pastes

Haijiao Zhan, Jiayu Guo, Jiali Shen, Xiaorong Wang, Zhonghua Fan, Bing Guo, Wei Liu, Hangyan Shen

25.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Amorphous Cobalt Carbon Nanofibers Decorated with Conductive Ag as Free-Standing Flexible Electrode Material for High-Performance Supercapacitors

Xingwei Sun, Chunping Li, Jie Bai

28.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Investigation of Effects of Diameter, Doping and Vacancy Defects on the Band Structure and Transport Properties of Silicon Nanowires for Potential Applications in Field-Effect Transistors

Muhammad Irfan, Abdul Sattar, Azmat Iqbal, Muhammad Fiaz Khan, Raja Junaid Amjad, Hasan Mahmood, Hamid Latif, Nosheen Akbar, Farah Alvi, Ishrat Sultana

31.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

The Evolution of IMCs in Single Crystal Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu and Sn3.0Ag3.0Bi3.0In BGA Solder Joints with Au/Ni/Cu Pads Under Current Stressing

Yu Tian, Yishu Wang, Fu Guo, Limin Ma, Jing Han

31.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Performance and Durability of Pt-Ni Catalysts Supported on Polypyrrole-Carbon for Fuel Cells

Pengcheng Zhang, Anwen Tao, Yongxin Tan, Jiang Jin, Hua Zhang

31.01.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Formation, Charge Transfer, Structural and Morphological Characteristics of ZnO Fractal-Percolation Nanosystems

Vyacheslav Perekrestov, Vitalii Latyshev, Anna Kornyushchenko, Yulia Kosminska

06.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Role of Electron Blocking Layer in Performance Improvement of Organic Diodes

E. Hleli, M. Radaoui, Z. Ben Hamed, S. Romdhane, D. A. M. Egbe, H. Bouchriha

06.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Experimental Study of the Solder Paste Jet Printing Process Using High Speed Photography and Rheological Methods

Saipeng Li, Jian Hao, Jian Zhou, Feng Xue

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

A Predictive Model for Thermal Conductivity of Nano-Ag Sintered Interconnect for a SiC Die

Zhenyu Zhao, Hongqiang Zhang, Guisheng Zou, Hui Ren, Weidong Zhuang, Lei Liu, Y. Norman Zhou

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Relationship of Mechanical and Micromechanical Properties with Microstructural Evolution of Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu (SAC305) Solder Wire Under Varied Tensile Strain Rates and Temperatures

Izhan Abdullah, Muhammad Nubli Zulkifli, Azman Jalar, Roslina Ismail, Mohd Arrifin Ambak

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Predicting Crack Initiation of Solder Joints with Varying Sizes Under Bending

Sadegh Mirmehdi, Gholam Hossein Farrahi, Amir Nourani, Farid Soroosh

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Polydimethylsiloxane-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposites as Dielectric Materials: Frequency, Concentration, and Temperature-Dependence Studies

Subhadra Panda, Sudipta Goswami, Bibhudendra Acharya

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis of High-Refractive-Index Epoxy-Modified Vinyl Methyl Phenyl Silicone Resins for Encapsulation of LEDs

Zhaoqun Pan, Shuangli Zhu, Bingsheng Huang, Yingzi Kang, Liqiang Zhu

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Theoretical and Experimental Study on a Thermoelectric Generator Using Concentrated Solar Thermal Energy

G. Muthu, S. Shanmugam, AR. Veerappan

08.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Piezoelectric Nanogenerators Based on Self-Poled Two-Dimensional Li-Doped ZnO Microdisks

Sibo He, Yiping Guo, Runjiang Guo, Xiuwu Fu, Lin Guan, Hezhou Liu

12.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Photocatalytic Performance of Cubic and Hexagonal Phase CdS Synthesized via Different Cd Sources

Xiande Yang, Boyou Wang, Yu Mu, Mingyan Zheng, Yongqian Wang

12.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Strain-Tunable Electronic and Optical Properties of Monolayer Germanium Monosulfide: Ab-Initio Study

P. T. T. Le, Chuong V. Nguyen, Doan V. Thuan, Tuan V. Vu, V. V. Ilyasov, N. A. Poklonski, Huynh V. Phuc, I. V. Ershov, G. A. Geguzina, Nguyen V. Hieu, Bui D. Hoi, Ngo X. Cuong, Nguyen N. Hieu

12.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Influence of Gd3+ on the Optical Properties of Dy3+-Activated CaF2 Single Crystal for White LED Application

Hao Yu, Liangbi Su, Xiaobo Qian, Dapeng Jiang, Qinghui Wu, Fei Tang, Jingya Wang, Jun Xu

12.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

PZT Based Piezoelectric Sensor for Structural Monitoring

Bo Chen, Huimin Li, Wei Tian, Chonggang Zhou

12.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Changes of the Physical Properties of Sputtered InGaN Thin Films Under Small Nitrogen Gas Flow Variations

Erman Erdoğan, Mutlu Kundakçı

14.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Preparation of Flexible Substrate for Patch Antenna Based on Nickel Aluminate (NiAl2O4) Synthesized by Sol–Gel Method

Md Atiqur Rahman, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque, Mohammad Tariqul Islam

15.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Enhancement of Tunability Properties of (Ba0.95Ca0.05)TiO3 Lead Free Ceramic by BaWO4 for Microwave Applications

Anwar Farag Ali, Abd El-razek Mahmoud, F. Gami, M. M. Nassary, S. K. S. Parashar

19.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Pressure Dependence of Sb Level in Dilute Nitride and Antimony GaNxSbyAs1−x−y

Chuan-Zhen Zhao, Si-Yu Sun, Xiao-Dong Sun, Sha-Sha Wang, Jun Wang

20.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Dispersion Relation and General Charge-Transport Model for Organic Semiconductors

Hao Jiang, Jiu-Xun Sun, Hong-Chun Yang

20.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Predictive Simulations for Tuning Electronic and Optical Properties of SubPc Derivatives

Michael J. Waters, Daniel Hashemi, Guangsha Shi, Emmanouil Kioupakis, John Kieffer

20.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst of Pt Electrodeposited on Modified Carbon Substrate with Ni/ZnO for Methanol Oxidation Reaction

Rasol Abdullah Mirzaie, Azam Anaraki Firooz, Maliheh Bakhtiari

21.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue (MB) over α-Fe2O3 Nanospindles Prepared by a Hydrothermal Route

Xuan Hoa Vu, Luong Huu Phuoc, Nguyen Dac Dien, Thi Thu Ha Pham, Luong Duy Thanh

21.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Demonstration of InAlSb MWIR Detector for High Operation Temperature Application

Mo Li, Yanqiu Lyu, Yingjie He, Xubo Zhu, Xiancun Cao

21.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

The Resistive Switching Characteristics of TiN/HfO2/Ag RRAM Devices with Bidirectional Current Compliance

C. Sun, S. M. Lu, F. Jin, W. Q. Mo, J. L. Song, K. F. Dong

23.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Comparative Study on Morphological and Electrochemical Properties of Nickel–Cobalt Double Hydroxide, Cobalt Hydroxide, and Nickel Hydroxide

Kyung Ho Kim, Sena Motoyama, Yoshio Abe, Midori Kawamura, Takayuki Kiba

23.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Optical, Dielectric and Ferroelectric Characteristics of Gel Grown Erbium Tartrate Hexahydrate Crystals

Nazir Ahmad, G. M. Bhat, P. N. Kotru

23.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Increased Degradation Capacity of Methylene Blue Dye Using Mg-doped ZnO Nanoparticles Decorated by Ag0 Nanoparticles

C. H. R. Paula, N. F. Andrade Neto, L. M. P. Garcia, R. M. Nascimento, C. A. Paskocimas, M. R. D. Bomio, F. V. Motta

24.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis of Ultrathin MnO2 Nanosheets/Bagasse Derived Porous Carbon Composite for Supercapacitor with High Performance

Botong Zhou, Yanwei Sui, Jiqiu Qi, Yezeng He, Qingkun Meng, Fuxiang Wei, Yaojian Ren, Xuping Zhang

23.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Lift-Off Mechanism of GaN Thin Films with Buried Nanocavities Investigated by SEM and TEM

Xiaokun Yang, Qingxue Gao, Dezhong Cao, Hongzhi Mao, Chongchong Zhao, Caina Luan, Jianqiang Liu, Jin Ma, Hongdi Xiao

23.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Design and Simulation of a Frequency Doubler Using Graphene Nanoribbon Field Effect Transistors for Communication Devices

Preetika Sharma, Shuchi Gupta, Inderpreet Kaur

24.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Tannic Acid-Assisted Fabrication of N/B-Codoped Hierarchical Carbon Nanofibers from Electrospun Zeolitic Imidazolate Frameworks as Free-Standing Electrodes for High-Performance Supercapacitors

Qin Li, Mengchen Wu, Jing Zhao, Qiufeng Lü, Lei Han, Rui Liu

23.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Specific Peculiarities of the Electronic Structure of SrPb3Br8 As Evidenced from First-Principles DFT Band-Structure Calculations

O. Y. Khyzhun, V. L. Bekenev, N. M. Denysyuk, L. I. Isaenko, A. P. Yelisseyev, A. A. Goloshumova, A. Y. Tarasova

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Photocatalytic Behavior of SILAR-Grown Nano-flaked CdS

R. Jayakrishnan, Varun G. Nair, Rani Abraham

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Parameterized Comparison of Nanotransistors Based on CNT and GNR Materials: Effect of Variation in Gate Oxide Thickness and Dielectric Constant

Anjana Kumari, Suman Rani, Balwinder Singh

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Preparation and Characterization of MWCNT/Zn0.25Co0.75Fe2O4 Nanocomposite and Investigation of Its Microwave Absorption Properties at X-Band Frequency Using Silicone Rubber Polymeric Matrix

Reza Peymanfar, Shahrzad Javanshir, Mohammad Reza Naimi-Jamal, Ahmad Cheldavi, Maryam Esmkhani

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Electrical Characterization of ZnInSe2/Cu0.5Ag0.5InSe2 Thin-Film Heterojunction

H. H. Gullu, M. Parlak

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Quantum Phase Transition in Phosphate Glasses Containing Multiple Transition Metal Oxides

Mark Henderson, Rudra P. Bhatta, Andreza M. Eufrasio, Ian L. Pegg, Biprodas Dutta

25.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Experimental Analysis of p-n Ge/SiGe-Based Thermoelectric Generators

Ameze Big-Alabo

26.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

High-Performance Supercapacitor Electrode of HNO3 Doped Polyaniline/Reduced Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites

Rini Jain, Durlubh K. Sharma, Satyendra Mishra

26.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Photocatalytic Activity of BiTaO4 Nanoparticles for the Degradation of Methyl Orange Under Visible Light

Quang Bac Nguyen, Dinh Phuong Vu, Thi Ha Chi Nguyen, Trung Dung Doan, Ngoc Chuc Pham, Thi Lim Duong, Dai Lam Tran, Giang Long Bach, Hong Con Tran, Ngoc Nhiem Dao

26.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Improved Structural and Electrical Properties of ZnO-Based Thin Film Transistors by Using Pulsed KrF Excimer Laser Irradiation

Min-Suk Oh, R. Nirmala, R. Navamathavan

27.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Characterization and Photoluminescent, Photocatalytic and Antimicrobial Properties of Boron-Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles Obtained by Microwave-Assisted Solvothermic Method

N. F. Andrade Neto, P. Zanatta, L. E. Nascimento, R. M. Nascimento, M. R. D. Bomio, F. V. Motta

27.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Direct Ink Writing of Flexible Electronics on Paper Substrate with Graphene/Polypyrrole/Carbon Black Ink

Yiming Chen, Lijie Zhou, Jing Wei, Changtong Mei, Shaohua Jiang, Mingzhu Pan, Changyan Xu

27.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Barrier Height Modification of n-InP Using a Silver Nanoparticles Loaded Graphene Oxide as an Interlayer in a Wide Temperature Range

A. Baltakesmez, A. Taşer, Z. Kudaş, B. Güzeldir, D. Ekinci, M. Sağlam

28.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

An Ultrasonication Based Facile Protocol to Synthesize Mesoporous Nanocrystalline TiO2 as Photo Anode for Application in Quantum Dot/Perovskite Sensitized Solar Cell

M. B. Rajendra Prasad, Johny T. Abraham, Ch. Rajesh, Habib M. Pathan

28.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Solvothermal Synthesis of Cu2SnSe3 Nanocrystals Using Elemental Precursors: Influence of Different Solvents on Growth and Morphology

M. Burhanuz Zaman, Tarun Chandel, Rajaram Poolla

01.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Analyzing of DSSCs Fabricated by Nb:TiO2 Characterized and Synthesized with Sol–Gel in the Magnetic Field

N. Kutlu, C. Zafer, N. Özek

01.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Effect of Substrate Temperature on Properties of Nickel Oxide (NiO) Thin Films by Spray Pyrolysis

Ranjit S. Kate, Suraj C. Bulakhe, Ramesh J. Deokate

01.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Effect of Cobalt Dopant on the Structural, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Prepared by Co-precipitation Method

A. A. Azab, E. M. El-Menyawy

01.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Microstructure, Enhanced Relaxor-Like Behavior and Electric Properties of (Ba0.85Ca0.15)(Zr0.1−xHfxTi0.9)O3 Ceramics

Fengyu Guo, Wei Cai, Rongli Gao, Chunlin Fu, Gang Chen, Xiaoling Deng, Zhenhua Wang, Qianwei Zhang

04.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

A Systematic Study of Structural, Magneto-Electronic and Thermodynamic Properties of Mg1−xCrxSe DMS Alloys in the Rock–Salt Phase for Spintronic Applications

Zeyneb Bordjiba, Athmane Meddour, Chahrazed Bourouis

04.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Chitosan/Yttrium Oxide Nanorods and Their Electrochemical Sensing Performance Towards Cd (II) Ions

G. Padmalaya, B. S. Sreeja, S. Radha, E. Manikandan, G. Rajakumar

04.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Performance Analysis and Investigation of Subthreshold Short-Channel Behavior of a Dual-Material Elliptical Gate-All-Around MOSFET

Pritha Banerjee, Subir Kumar Sarkar

04.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

First-Principle Predictions of Electronic Properties and Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism in Vanadium-Doped Rock-Salt CaS

Ouafa Hamidane, Athmane Meddour, Chahrazed Bourouis

04.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Fe3O4@SiO2@AgO Nanocomposite: Synthesis, Characterization, and Investigation of its Photocatalytic Application

Parisa Rezai, Sahar Baniyaghoob, Moayad Hossaini Sadr

05.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Exchange Bias Enhancement and Magnetic Proximity Effect in FeVO4-Fe3O4 Nanoparticles

Ehab Abdelhamid, Suvra S. Laha, Ambesh Dixit, Gholam Abbas Nazri, Onattu D. Jayakumar, Boris Nadgorny

05.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Extremely Low-Loss Broadband Thermal Infrared Absorber Based on Tungsten Metamaterial

Fathi Bendelala, Ali Cheknane, Hikmat S. Hilal, Souraya Goumri-Said

05.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Regrown Vertical GaN p–n Diodes with Low Reverse Leakage Current

G. W. Pickrell, A. M. Armstrong, A. A. Allerman, M. H. Crawford, K. C. Cross, C. E. Glaser, V. M. Abate

14.02.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Influence of Working Pressure on the Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of Cr-Doped ZnO Thin Films

L. F. Han, C. F. Fu, C. Liu, X. B. Liu, R. H. Xie

06.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Asphalt-Decomposed Carbon-Coated SnO2 as an Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries

Guodong Liang, Xiaogang Sun, Jiamei Lai, Chengcheng Wei, Yapan Huang, Hao Hu, Jingyi Zou, Yuhao Xu

06.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Thermoelectric Properties of Impurity-Doped Mg2Sn

Jun-ichi Tani, Tsutomu Shinagawa, Masaya Chigane

06.03.2019 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Preparation of Ag Nanoparticles Coated with Silver Stearate for Low-Temperature Sinter-Bonding

Yangwu Mao, Yu Duan, Ke Wang, Lixia Xi, Quanrong Deng, Geming Wang, Shenggao Wang

31.01.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Photogalvanic Etching of n-GaN for Three-Dimensional Electronics

Daniel M. Dryden, Rebecca J. Nikolic, M. Saif Islam

08.02.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Thin Films of CuFeS2 Prepared by Flash Evaporation Technique and Their Structural Properties

Barys Korzun, Anatoly Galyas

21.02.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials CONFERENCE 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

GaN Heteroepitaxy on Strain-Engineered (111) Si/Si1−xGex

Anushka Bansal, Nathan C. Martin, Ke Wang, Joan M. Redwing

26.02.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials CONFERENCE 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Studies on Lattice Strain Variation due to Nitrogen Doping by Synchrotron X-ray Contour Mapping Technique in PVT-Grown 4H-SiC Crystals

Tuerxun Ailihumaer, Yu Yang, Jianqiu Guo, Balaji Raghothamachar, Michael Dudley

03.01.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Formation of ErAs Nanoparticles by Pulsed Laser Ablation of Pressed Powder Targets

Matthew R. Lewis, Bo E. Tew, Joshua M. O. Zide

31.01.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019 Open Access

Impact of Rotation Rate on Bismuth Saturation in GaAsBi Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Margaret A. Stevens, Kevin A. Grossklaus, John H. McElearney, Thomas E. Vandervelde

28.01.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Solution-Processed Insulators for Flexible Metal-Insulator-Metal Structures

Akshita Mishra, Soumen Saha, Chandan Kumar Jha, Vasudha Agrawal, Bhaskar Mitra, Abhisek Dixit, Madhusudan Singh

14.03.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Deposition of β-Polyfluorene by Resonant Infrared Matrix-Assisted Pulsed Laser Evaporation

Spencer Ferguson, Cassandra V. Williams, Bataung Mohapi, Adrienne D. Stiff-Roberts

11.03.2019 | Topical Collection: 60th Electronic Materials Conference 2018 | Ausgabe 5/2019

Fermi Level and Electrostatic Screening Factor in Degenerate Semiconductors and Metal Alloys

John S. Cetnar, D. L. Rode

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