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Thermocapillary convection due to imposed interfacial heating in the presence of magnetic field

Marangoni convection arises when the surface tension of the fluid varies spatially due to accompanying temperature gradients along the interface, which can occur in various ways. In the case of nonuniform surface heat fluxes imposed due to …


Wavemaker theories for acoustic–gravity waves over a finite depth

Acoustic–gravity waves (hereafter AGWs) in ocean have received much attention recently, mainly with respect to early detection of tsunamis as they travel at near the speed of sound in water which makes them ideal candidates for early detection of …


Equilibrium of elastic lattice shells

A model for shells consisting of a continuous distribution of embedded rods is developed in the framework of the direct theory of second-gradient elastic surfaces. The shell is constitutively sensitive to a convenient measure of the gradient of …


Interacting convection modes in a saturated porous medium of nearly square planform: a special case

A multitude of convection modes may occur within a confined rectangular box of saturated porous medium when the associated dimensionless Rayleigh number R is above some critical value. For particular sizes of box, however, it is possible for …


Stress analysis for long thermoelastic rods with mixed boundary conditions

A hybrid method involving boundary analysis and boundary collocation is used to obtain an approximate solution for a plane problem of uncoupled thermoelasticity with mixed thermal and mechanical boundary conditions in a square domain with one …

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The Journal of Engineering Mathematics promotes the application of mathematics to problems from engineering and the applied sciences. It emphasizes the intrinsic unity, through mathematics, of the fundamental problems of applied and engineering science. Coverage includes:
Mathematics: Ordinary and partial differential equations, Integral equations, Asymptotics, Variational and functional-analytical methods, Numerical analysis, Computational methods.
Applied Fields: Continuum mechanics, Stability theory, Wave propagation, Diffusion, Heat and mass transfer, Free-boundary problems; Fluid mechanics: Aero- and hydrodynamics, Boundary Layers, Shock waves, Fluid machinery, Fluid−structure interactions, Convection, Combustion, Acoustics, Multiphase flows, Transition and turbulence, Creeping flow, Rheology, Porous-media flows, Ocean engineering; Atmospheric engineering; Solid mechanics: Elasticity, Classical mechanics, Nonlinear mechanics, Vibrations, Plates and shells, Fracture mechanics, Biomedical engineering, Geophysical engineering, Reaction-diffusion problems; and related topics.

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