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Journal of Engineering Mathematics

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Boundary-integral representations for ship motions in regular waves

Alternative boundary-integral representations of linear potential flow around a ship that travels at a constant speed in regular (time-harmonic) waves in deep water are considered. In particular, the Neumann–Michell (NM) boundary-integral …


Semi-explicit solutions to the water-wave dispersion relation and their role in the non-linear Hamiltonian coupled-mode theory

The Hamiltonian coupled-mode theory (HCMT), recently derived by Athanassoulis and Papoutsellis [Proceeding of 34th International Conference on Ocean Offshore Arctic Engineering, ASME, St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, 2015], provides an efficient …


Effect of axial diffusion on impurity adsorption in a circular tube

Circular tubes can be used to irreversibly adsorb impurities from a dilute solution of the impurity and a non-adsorbing fluid. An analysis of the unsteady adsorption process over the region $$z = - \infty $$ z = - ∞ to $$z = \infty $$ z = ∞ can be …


Electromagnetic heating control via high-frequencyresonance of a triple-layer laminate

Beamed energy transport requires the use of heat exchangers to collect the thermal energy produced from the absorption of electromagnetic radiation. To explore the high-frequency effects of wave–geometry interactions on this heat transfer, we …


First-order approximation to the Boltzmann–Curtiss equation for flows with local spin

The first-order approximation to the solution of the Boltzmann–Curtiss transport equation is derived. The resulting distribution function treats the rotation or gyration of spherical particles as an independent classical variable, deviating from …

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The Journal of Engineering Mathematics promotes the application of mathematics to problems from engineering and the applied sciences. It emphasizes the intrinsic unity, through mathematics, of the fundamental problems of applied and engineering science. Coverage includes:
Mathematics: Ordinary and partial differential equations, Integral equations, Asymptotics, Variational and functional-analytical methods, Numerical analysis, Computational methods.
Applied Fields: Continuum mechanics, Stability theory, Wave propagation, Diffusion, Heat and mass transfer, Free-boundary problems; Fluid mechanics: Aero- and hydrodynamics, Boundary Layers, Shock waves, Fluid machinery, Fluid−structure interactions, Convection, Combustion, Acoustics, Multiphase flows, Transition and turbulence, Creeping flow, Rheology, Porous-media flows, Ocean engineering; Atmospheric engineering; Solid mechanics: Elasticity, Classical mechanics, Nonlinear mechanics, Vibrations, Plates and shells, Fracture mechanics, Biomedical engineering, Geophysical engineering, Reaction-diffusion problems; and related topics.

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