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Simulation of parabolic flow on an eye-shaped domain with moving boundary

During the upstroke of a normal eye blink, the upper lid moves and paints a thin tear film over the exposed corneal and conjunctival surfaces. This thin tear film may be modeled by a nonlinear fourth-order PDE derived from lubrication theory. A …


Fast evaluation of the fundamental singularities of two-dimensional doubly periodic Stokes flow

Analytical representations of the flows associated with doubly periodic arrangements of point singularities of two-dimensional Stokes flow are derived. The analysis makes use of a conformal mapping from a concentric annulus to a rectangle. A …


Selective withdrawal from an intake channel connected to a reservoir

This paper investigates selective withdrawal from an intake channel connected to a two-layer stratified reservoir using a line sink located at the downstream end of the intake channel. Such a withdrawal scenario is commonly observed at intake …


On the transport of epididymal fluid induced by the metachronal wave of cilia

In this study, we investigate the propulsion mechanism of cilia involved in the flow of epididymal material through the ductus efferentes. Assuming that the rheological characteristics of the material behave as a micropolar fluid, we formulate a …

23.02.2018 Open Access

Streamwise-travelling viscous waves in channel flows

The unsteady viscous flow induced by streamwise-travelling waves of spanwise wall velocity in an incompressible laminar channel flow is investigated. Wall waves belonging to this category have found important practical applications, such as …

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The Journal of Engineering Mathematics promotes the application of mathematics to problems from engineering and the applied sciences. It emphasizes the intrinsic unity, through mathematics, of the fundamental problems of applied and engineering science. Coverage includes:
Mathematics: Ordinary and partial differential equations, Integral equations, Asymptotics, Variational and functional-analytical methods, Numerical analysis, Computational methods.
Applied Fields: Continuum mechanics, Stability theory, Wave propagation, Diffusion, Heat and mass transfer, Free-boundary problems; Fluid mechanics: Aero- and hydrodynamics, Boundary Layers, Shock waves, Fluid machinery, Fluid−structure interactions, Convection, Combustion, Acoustics, Multiphase flows, Transition and turbulence, Creeping flow, Rheology, Porous-media flows, Ocean engineering; Atmospheric engineering; Solid mechanics: Elasticity, Classical mechanics, Nonlinear mechanics, Vibrations, Plates and shells, Fracture mechanics, Biomedical engineering, Geophysical engineering, Reaction-diffusion problems; and related topics.

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Vom Material zur Produktinnovation: ausgewählte Fallstudien

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