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Consumer Willingness to Share Payments Data: Trust for Sale?

Using Dutch survey data, we show how consumer willingness to allow access to payments data depends on the type of data user (the consumer’s own bank, another bank, or a Big Tech), financial incentives and trust in the data user. Consumers are most …


Consumer Demand for Credit Card Services

We apply a demand-based approach to study consumer behavior in the credit card market. Using a national database of U.S. card accounts, we find consumers internalize both rates and fees when making purchasing, borrowing, and late payment decisions …

Open Access 13.04.2022

US National Banks and Local Economic Fragility

We examine the relationship between US national banks’ local market shares and the economic fragility of the counties in which they operate. We find that counties with national banks that have large local market shares experience a greater …


Investor Diversity and Liquidity in The Secondary Loan Market

We find strong evidence that investor diversity is beneficial to loan liquidity: More diverse syndicates, as measured by the number of investor-types or the concentration of loan shares by investor-type, hold loans that have lower quoted bid-ask …

Open Access 24.03.2022

Effects of Macroprudential Policies on Bank Lending and Credit Risks

I analyse the effects of two macroprudential policy measures implemented in Switzerland: the activation of the countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) and a cap on the loan-to-value (LTV) ratios. I use a difference-in-differences method to estimate …

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The Journal of Financial Services Research publishes high quality empirical and theoretical research on the demand, supply, regulation, and pricing of financial services. Financial services are broadly defined to include banking, risk management, capital markets, mutual funds, insurance, venture capital, consumer and corporate finance, and the technologies used to produce, distribute, and regulate these services. Macro-financial policy issues, including comparative financial systems, the globalization of financial services, and the impact of these phenomena on economic growth and financial stability, are also within the JFSR’s scope of interest. The Journal seeks to promote research that enriches the profession’s understanding of financial services industries, to elevate industry and product efficiencies, as well as to inform the debate and promote the formulation of sound public policies.

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