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20.05.2021 | Research

Exploring the dimensionality of entrepreneurial self-efficacy in entrepreneurs and managers: a cognitive process perspective

Entrepreneurial self-efficacy (ESE; one’s belief in one’s venturing capabilities) is a key construct in entrepreneurship research. ESE is a mechanism by which domain knowledge and cognitive processes are converted into new ventures. But its …

19.05.2021 | Research

The antecedents of success among small- and medium-sized enterprises: evidence from Ghana

Globally, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are regarded as highly crucial to economic growth given their strategic role in job creation and the payment of tax to respective governments. In Ghana for instance, SMEs account for about two …

18.05.2021 | Research

Alleviating poverty among the youth in Botswana: assessment of the potential and prospects of the Youth Development Fund

Botswana has achieved an impressive development record since independence in 1966, and it belongs to a category of medium developed countries. Despite this achievement, the country is grappling with developmental challenges such as poverty and …

17.05.2021 | Research

Youth migration and perception on business start-up in Uganda

The youth constitute a significant proportion (21%) of the total population in Uganda. They face challenges of unemployment, which forces them to migrate. This creates a high dependency burden since the majority are not employed and are seeking …

14.05.2021 | Review

Steering the sustainability of entrepreneurial start-ups

Entrepreneurship is a promising business avenue that individuals, groups and governments can explore and adopt for economic progress. However, there have been high rates of failure of entrepreneurial start-ups within their first 5 years across the …

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The Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research (JGER) publishes peer-reviewed original open access articles on Entrepreneurship in a global perspective. JGER aims to address theoretical and empirical research issues that impact the development of entrepreneurship as a scientific discipline and promote its efficacy on the economic, social and cultural contexts, both domestically and globally. The journal, which is published under the SpringerOpen brand, also attempts to contribute to achievement of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) goals and development of GEM paradigms.

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