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Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 1/2021

Ausgabe 1/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 9 Artikel )

25.05.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Sentiment word co-occurrence and knowledge pair feature extraction based LDA short text clustering algorithm

Di Wu, Ruixin Yang, Chao Shen

04.05.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Multimodal depression detection on instagram considering time interval of posts

Chun Yueh Chiu, Hsien Yuan Lane, Jia Ling Koh, Arbee L. P. Chen

10.06.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Distributed matrix factorization based on fast optimization for implicit feedback recommendation

Lian Chen, Wangdong Yang, Kenli Li, Keqin Li

24.06.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Trajectory clustering method based on spatial-temporal properties for mobile social networks

Ji Tang, Linfeng Liu, Jiagao Wu, Jian Zhou, Yang Xiang

26.06.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

On data lake architectures and metadata management

Pegdwendé Sawadogo, Jérôme Darmont

07.07.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Efficient segmentation-based methods for anomaly detection in static and streaming time series under dynamic time warping

Huynh Thi Thu Thuy, Duong Tuan Anh, Vo Thi Ngoc Chau

24.06.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

CGSPN : cascading gated self-attention and phrase-attention network for sentence modeling

Yanping Fu, Yun Liu

15.08.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021 Open Access

TSCMF: Temporal and social collective matrix factorization model for recommender systems

Hamidreza Tahmasbi, Mehrdad Jalali, Hassan Shakeri

06.11.2020 | Ausgabe 1/2021

Using reinforcement learning with external rewards for open-domain natural language generation

Vidhushini Srinivasan, Sashank Santhanam, Samira Shaikh

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