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Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies

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Exploiting recommendation confidence in decision-aware recommender systems

The main goal of a Recommender System is to suggest relevant items to users, although other utility dimensions – such as diversity, novelty, confidence, possibility of providing explanations – are often considered. In this work, we investigate …


A knowledge-based multi-criteria collaborative filtering approach for discovering services in mobile cloud computing platforms

The case of MobiCloUP!

In the context of Cloud-based development of mobile applications, third-party services to be integrated by applications often have to be manually selected among many categories and providers at design time. Over the years, recommender systems have …


Privacy-preserving shared collaborative web services QoS prediction

Collaborative Web services QoS prediction (CQoSP) has been proved to be an effective tool to predict unknown QoS values of services. Recently a number of efforts have been made in this area, focusing on improving the accuracy of prediction. In …


Online social network analysis: detection of communities of interest

The second generation of World Wide Web, supplied with the platforms of Social Networks, proves to be a revealing source of knowledge. It has led to the emergence of online communities of interest. In fact, the interactions of users through web …


Predicting future personal life events on twitter via recurrent neural networks

Social network users publicly share a wide variety of information with their followers and the general public ranging from their opinions, sentiments and personal life activities. There has already been significant advance in analyzing the shared …

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The Journal of Intelligent Information Systems: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies (JIIS) focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence and database technologies to create next generation information systems - Intelligent Information Systems.

JIIS provides a forum wherein academics, researchers and practitioners may publish high-quality, original and state-of-the-art papers describing theoretical aspects, systems architectures, analysis and design tools and techniques, and implementation experiences in intelligent information systems. Articles published in JIIS include: research papers, invited papers, meeting, workshop and conference announcements and reports, survey and tutorial articles, and book reviews.

Topics include foundations and principles of data, information, and knowledge models; methodologies for IIS analysis, design, implementation, validation, maintenance and evolution, and more.

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Best Practices für die Mitarbeiter-Partizipation in der Produktentwicklung

Unternehmen haben das Innovationspotenzial der eigenen Mitarbeiter auch außerhalb der F&E-Abteilung erkannt. Viele Initiativen zur Partizipation scheitern in der Praxis jedoch häufig. Lesen Sie hier  - basierend auf einer qualitativ-explorativen Expertenstudie - mehr über die wesentlichen Problemfelder der mitarbeiterzentrierten Produktentwicklung und profitieren Sie von konkreten Handlungsempfehlungen aus der Praxis.
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