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Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies

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Genre based hybrid filtering for movie recommendation engine

With the dramatic rise of internet users in the last decade, there has been a massive rise in the number of daily web searches. This leads to a plethora of data available online, which is growing by the days. A recommendation engine leverages this …


SDDM: an interpretable statistical concept drift detection method for data streams

Machine learning models assume that data is drawn from a stationary distribution. However, in practice, challenges are imposed on models that need to make sense of fast-evolving data streams, where the content of data is changing and evolving over …


Topic modeling for sequential documents based on hybrid inter-document topic dependency

We propose two new topic modeling methods for sequential documents based on hybrid inter-document topic dependency. Topic modeling for sequential documents is the basis of many attractive applications such as emerging topic clustering and novel …


On exploring feature representation learning of items to forecast their rise and fall in social media

User-item interactions in social media provide a rich dataset for wide applications such as viral marketing and recommender systems. Post retweeting behaviors and venue check-in events by users are the most representative. While existing studies …


Compact representations for efficient storage of semantic sensor data

Nowadays, there is a rapid increase in the number of sensor data generated by a wide variety of sensors and devices. Data semantics facilitate information exchange, adaptability, and interoperability among several sensors and devices. Sensor data …

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The Journal of Intelligent Information Systems: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies (JIIS) focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence and database technologies to create next generation information systems - Intelligent Information Systems.

JIIS provides a forum wherein academics, researchers and practitioners may publish high-quality, original and state-of-the-art papers describing theoretical aspects, systems architectures, analysis and design tools and techniques, and implementation experiences in intelligent information systems. Articles published in JIIS include: research papers, invited papers, meeting, workshop and conference announcements and reports, survey and tutorial articles, and book reviews.

Topics include foundations and principles of data, information, and knowledge models; methodologies for IIS analysis, design, implementation, validation, maintenance and evolution, and more.

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