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A data-driven workflow for evaporation performance degradation analysis: a full-scale case study in the herbal medicine manufacturing industry

The evaporation process is a common step in herbal medicine manufacturing and often lasts for a long time. The degradation of evaporation performance is inevitable, leading to more consumption of steam and electricity, and it may also have an …


In-situ monitoring laser based directed energy deposition process with deep convolutional neural network

Laser based directed energy deposition (L-DED) is a promising type of additive manufacturing technology. The non-destructive testing technology for the quality monitoring of L-DED processed parts is becoming more and more demanding in terms of …

01.08.2021 Open Access

Laser pyrolysis in papers and patents

This paper presents a critical review of laser pyrolysis. Although this technology is almost 60 years old, in literature many researchers, both from academia and industry, are still developing and improving it. On the contrary industrial …


A data-driven method for performance analysis and improvement in production systems with quality inspection

The advance of new generation of IT and sensor technologies results in data enriched production environment. However, there is a lack of an effective utilization of the data to improve productivity while reducing quality management cost.

29.07.2021 Open Access

Towards scalable and reusable predictive models for cyber twins in manufacturing systems

Smart factories are intelligent, fully-connected and flexible systems that can continuously monitor and analyse data streams from interconnected systems to make decisions and dynamically adapt to new circumstances. The implementation of smart …

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Published bimonthly, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing provides a unique international forum for developers of intelligent manufacturing systems. By publishing quality refereed papers on the application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, the Journal provides a vital link between the research community and practitioners in industry.

In addition to research papers, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing features articles on new methodologies and developments, case studies, surveys, and tutorials on topics related to product design, manufacturing, and service systems. Papers in emerging areas such as biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, and energy are welcome. Periodically special issues on topics of interest to the readership are published.

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