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An application to Stereolithography of a feature recognition algorithm for manufacturability evaluation

Additive manufacturing processes are experiencing extraordinary growth in present years. Concerning the production of goods by using this technology, expertise and know-how are today relevant while process simulation needs to be extensively …


Smart recovery decision-making of used industrial equipment for sustainable manufacturing: belt lifter case study

End-of-Life (EOL) product recovery is proved to be an attractive way to achieve sustainable manufacturing while extending the producer’s responsibility to closed-loop product service. However, it is still a challenge to provide flexible and smart …

25.07.2018 Open Access

A big data analytics based machining optimisation approach

Currently, machine tool selection, cutting tool selection and machining conditions determination are not usually performed at the same time but progressively, which may lead to suboptimal or trade-off solutions. Targeting this issue, this paper …


Literature review of Industry 4.0 and related technologies

Manufacturing industry profoundly impact economic and societal progress. As being a commonly accepted term for research centers and universities, the Industry 4.0 initiative has received a splendid attention of the business and research community.


A flexible machine vision system for small part inspection based on a hybrid SVM/ANN approach

Machine vision inspection systems are often used for part classification applications to confirm that correct parts are available in manufacturing or assembly operations. Support vector machines (SVMs) and artificial neural networks (ANNs) are …

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Published bimonthly, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing provides a unique international forum for developers of intelligent manufacturing systems. By publishing quality refereed papers on the application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, the Journal provides a vital link between the research community and practitioners in industry.

In addition to research papers, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing features articles on new methodologies and developments, case studies, surveys, and tutorials on topics related to product design, manufacturing, and service systems. Papers in emerging areas such as biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, and energy are welcome. Periodically special issues on topics of interest to the readership are published.

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Technisches Interface Design - Beispiele aus der Praxis

Eine gute Theorie besticht nur darin, dass am Ende einer Entwicklung sinnvolle und nutzergerechte Produkte herauskommen. Das Forschungs- und Lehrgebiet Technisches Design legt einen starken Wert auf die direkte Anwendung der am Institut generierten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse. Die grundlegenden und trendunabhängigen Erkenntnisse sind Grundlage und werden in der Produktentwicklung angewendet. Nutzen Sie die Erkenntnisse aus den hier ausführlich dargestellten Praxisbespielen jetzt auch für Ihr Unternehmen.
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