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Correlation analysis among audible sound emissions and machining parameters in hardened steel turning

Nowadays, monitoring systems are essential tools for manufacturing processes. As the main objective in machining processes is to produce high-quality products with reduced time, many efforts are being made to find new indirect methods that does …


The impact of information sharing on bullwhip effect reduction in a supply chain

In this study, the impact of information sharing on bullwhip effect (BWE) is investigated using a four-echelon supply chain simulation model where each echelon shares some of the customer demand forecast information with a retailer, the lowest …


A hybrid fault diagnosis method for mechanical components based on ontology and signal analysis

Fault diagnosis of mechanical components has been attracting increasing attention. Researches have been carried out to reduce unnecessary breakdowns of machinery. Signal processing approaches are the most commonly used techniques for fault …


Metacognitive learning approach for online tool condition monitoring

As manufacturing processes become increasingly automated, so should tool condition monitoring (TCM) as it is impractical to have human workers monitor the state of the tools continuously. Tool condition is crucial to ensure the good quality of …


An evolutionary computation based method for creative design inspiration generation

Product design is an important part of the manufacturing system from a macro point of view. In the design process, creative design is one of the important factors to survive the fierce competition. During creative design process, designers are the …

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Published bimonthly, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing provides a unique international forum for developers of intelligent manufacturing systems. By publishing quality refereed papers on the application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, the Journal provides a vital link between the research community and practitioners in industry.

In addition to research papers, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing features articles on new methodologies and developments, case studies, surveys, and tutorials on topics related to product design, manufacturing, and service systems. Papers in emerging areas such as biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, and energy are welcome. Periodically special issues on topics of interest to the readership are published.

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IT-Risikomanagement im Produktionsumfeld

Mit der stetigen Zunahme der IT in Produktionsumgebungen steigt mit der Effizienz auch die Gefährdung gegenüber Schadsoftware oder Hackerangriffen. Best-Practices aus dem Bereich der Office-IT eignen sich leider oftmals nicht für Produktionsumgebungen. Dieser Beitrag erläutert die Gründe hierfür und liefert eine Übersicht vorhandener Best-Practice-Dokumente für das Produktionsumfeld. Jetzt gratis downloaden!


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