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Reinforcement learning-based collision-free path planner for redundant robot in narrow duct

Compared with obstacle avoidance in open environment, collision-free path planning for duct-enter task is often challenged by narrow and complex space inside ducts. For obstacle avoidance, redundant robot is usually applied for this task. The …


Investigating the effect of value stream mapping on procurement effectiveness: a case study

In order to find a new lean methodology to improve the process of procurement management, this paper takes the warehouse in the manufacturing enterprise as a case to study. During lean consulting service provision, the firsthand material which the …


Sequential graph-based routing algorithm for electrical harnesses, tubes, and hoses in a commercial vehicle

The routing design of the various electrical wires, tubes, and hoses of a commercial vehicle requires a significant number of man-hours because of the variety of the commercial vehicles, frequent design changes of other vehicular components and …


A deep convolution generative adversarial networks based fuzzing framework for industry control protocols

A growing awareness is brought that the safety and security of industrial control systems cannot be dealt with in isolation, and the safety and security of industrial control protocols (ICPs) should be considered jointly. Fuzz testing (fuzzing) …


Bound smoothing based time series anomaly detection using multiple similarity measures

Time series data is pervasive in many applications and the anomaly detection about it is important, which will provide the early warning of some unexpected patterns. In this paper, we propose a multiple similarity based anomalous subsequences …

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Published bimonthly, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing provides a unique international forum for developers of intelligent manufacturing systems. By publishing quality refereed papers on the application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, the Journal provides a vital link between the research community and practitioners in industry.

In addition to research papers, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing features articles on new methodologies and developments, case studies, surveys, and tutorials on topics related to product design, manufacturing, and service systems. Papers in emerging areas such as biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, and energy are welcome. Periodically special issues on topics of interest to the readership are published.

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