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Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 3-4/2018

Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 31 Artikel )

24.04.2018 | Editorial | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

From the Editor-in-Chief

Kimon P. Valavanis

09.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

A Study on Kinematics and Workspace Determination of a General 6-P US Robot

S. Nader Nabavi, Alireza Akbarzadeh, Javad Enferadi

11.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

A TE-E Optimal Planning Technique Based on Screw Theory for Robot Trajectory in Workspace

Zhifeng Liu, Jingjing Xu, Congbin Yang, Yongsheng Zhao, Tao Zhang

02.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Non-decoupled Locomotion and Manipulation Planning for Low-Dimensional Systems

Karim Bouyarmane, Abderrahmane Kheddar

13.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Collision Detection and Safe Reaction Algorithm for Non-backdrivable Manipulator with Single Force/Torque Sensor

Okkee Sim, Jaesung Oh, Kang Kyu Lee, Jun-Ho Oh

28.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Dynamic Modeling of a Class of Continuum Manipulators in Fixed Orientation

Ammar Amouri, Abdelouahab Zaatri, Chawki Mahfoudi

11.12.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018 Open Access

L* Algorithm—A Linear Computational Complexity Graph Searching Algorithm for Path Planning

Adam Niewola, Leszek Podsedkowski

11.12.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

A Real-Time Path-Planning Algorithm based on Receding Horizon Techniques

M. Murillo, G. Sánchez, L. Genzelis, L. Giovanini

22.09.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

κ-PMP: Enhancing Physics-based Motion Planners with Knowledge-Based Reasoning

Muhayyuddin, Aliakbar Akbari, Jan Rosell

22.09.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Effect of Dual-rate Sampling on the Stability of a Haptic Interface

Majid Koul, M. Manivannan, S. K. Saha

30.09.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Hybrid Control Scheme of a Hydraulically Actuated Lower Extremity Exoskeleton for Load-Carrying

Yi Long, Zhi-jiang Du, Chao-feng Chen, Wei-dong Wang, Long He, Xi-wang Mao, Guo-qiang Xu, Guang-yu Zhao, Wei Dong

19.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

An Efficient Scan-to-Map Matching Approach Based on Multi-channel Lidar

Hao Fu, Rui Yu, Lei Ye, Tao Wu, Xin Xu

03.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Stability Analysis of a Wheel-Track-Leg Hybrid Mobile Robot

Yuhang Zhu, Yanqiong Fei, Hongwei Xu

14.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Hand Gesture Recognition Based Omnidirectional Wheelchair Control Using IMU and EMG Sensors

Ananda Sankar Kundu, Oishee Mazumder, Prasanna Kumar Lenka, Subhasis Bhaumik

15.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Topological Based Scan Matching – Odometry Posterior Sampling in RBPF Under Kinematic Model Failures

Aristeidis G. Thallas, Emmanouil G. Tsardoulias, Loukas Petrou

13.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Adaptive Hybrid System Framework for Unified Impedance and Admittance Control

Francesco Cavenago, Lorenzo Voli, Mauro Massari

14.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Semi-Autonomous Bilateral Teleoperation of Hexapod Robot Based on Haptic Force Feedback

Bo You, Jiayu Li, Liang Ding, Jiazhong Xu, Weihua Li, Kaixin Li, Haibo Gao

26.12.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

A Decision Maker-Centered End-of-Life Product Recovery System for Robot Task Sequencing

Mohammad Alshibli, Ahmed El Sayed, Ozden Tozanli, Elif Kongar, Tarek M. Sobh, Surendra M. Gupta

19.12.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Exploring Unstructured Environment with Frontier Trees

R. Korb, A. Schöttl

23.01.2018 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

System Identification and Controller Implementation of a Centrifugal Compressor for Circulation Control Applications

Cameron Rosén, Konstantinos Kanistras, Pranith Chander Saka, Kimon P. Valavanis, Matthew J. Rutherford

05.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Diagnosis of Icing and Actuator Faults in UAVs Using LPV Unknown Input Observers

Damiano Rotondo, Andrea Cristofaro, Tor Arne Johansen, Fatiha Nejjari, Vicenç Puig

22.12.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Multi-Objective Weight Optimization for Trajectory Planning of an Airplane with Structural Damage

D. Asadi, E. M. Atkins

04.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

A Global Path Planning Algorithm for Fixed-wing UAVs

Yaohong Qu, Yintao Zhang, Youmin Zhang

22.09.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Aircraft Dynamics Model Augmentation for RPAS Navigation and Guidance

Francesco Cappello, Suraj Bijjahalli, Subramanian Ramasamy, Roberto Sabatini

20.09.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Analytical Model and Control Solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Maneuvers in a Vertical Plane

Dilmurat Azimov, John Allen

15.11.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

A Unified Analytical Framework for Aircraft Separation Assurance and UAS Sense-and-Avoid

Subramanian Ramasamy, Roberto Sabatini, Alessandro Gardi

13.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Cognitive Human-Machine Interfaces and Interactions for Unmanned Aircraft

Yixiang Lim, Subramanian Ramasamy, Alessandro Gardi, Trevor Kistan, Roberto Sabatini

26.10.2017 | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Tracking of Ocean Surface Objects from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with a Pan/Tilt Unit using a Thermal Camera

Håkon Hagen Helgesen, Frederik Stendahl Leira, Thor I. Fossen, Tor Arne Johansen

05.01.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Correction to: Results on the Robust Observer-Based Position Controller for Parallel Kinematic Machines

Margareta Stefanovic, Huijuan Zhang

04.12.2017 | Author Correction | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Author Correction to: PSO Aided Adaptive Complementary Filter for Attitude Estimation

Shashi Poddar, Parag Narkhede, Vipan Kumar, Amod Kumar

07.02.2018 | Correction | Ausgabe 3-4/2018

Correction to: Walking Stabilization Control for Humanoid Robots on Unknown Slope Based on Walking Sequences Adjustment

Jiatao Ding, Yang Wang, Minghui Yang, Xiaohui Xiao

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