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Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems 3-4/2020

Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 18 Artikel )

27.12.2019 | EDITORIAL | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

From the Editor-in-Chief

Kimon P. Valavanis

16.10.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Convergence of Machine Learning and Robotics Communication in Collaborative Assembly: Mobility, Connectivity and Future Perspectives

S. H. Alsamhi, Ou Ma, Mohd. Samar Ansari

21.10.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation of ROS-Enabled Local and Global Planners in 2D Static Environments

Alexandros Filotheou, Emmanouil Tsardoulias, Antonis Dimitriou, Andreas Symeonidis, Loukas Petrou

27.03.2020 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Visual Positioning of Distant Wall-Climbing Robots Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Qiang Zhou, Xin Li

31.07.2019 | Full/Regular paper | Ausgabe 3-4/2020 Open Access

Training the Stochastic Kinetic Model of Neuron for Calculation of an Object’s Position in Space

Aleksandra Świetlicka, Krzysztof Kolanowski, Rafał Kapela

16.08.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

A Robust Linear Control Strategy to Enhance Damping of a Series Elastic Actuator on a Collaborative Robot

S. Ghidini, M. Beschi, N. Pedrocchi

11.10.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Guidance Based Lane-Changing Control in High-Speed Vehicle for the Overtaking Maneuver

Kawther Osman, Jawhar Ghommam, Maarouf Saad

05.11.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Towards Skill Transfer via Learning-Based Guidance in Human-Robot Interaction: An Application to Orthopaedic Surgical Drilling Skill

Ehsan Zahedi, Fariba Khosravian, Weiqi Wang, Mehran Armand, Javad Dargahi, Mehrdad Zadeh

10.12.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

A novel Robust Adaptive Control Using RFWNNs and Backstepping for Industrial Robot Manipulators with Dead-Zone

Nguyen Xuan Quynh, Wang Yao Nan, Vu Thi Yen

11.10.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Automatic Lift Dropping System for Heavy Trucks

Osman Uğur Acar, Levent Güvenç, Erdinç Altuğ

15.04.2020 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Interval Analysis Technique for Versatile and Parallel Multi-Agent Collision Detection and Avoidance

Pranjal Vyas, Leena Vachhani, K. Sridharan

31.07.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Adaptive Extended State Observer-Based Nonsingular Terminal Sliding Mode Control for the Aircraft Skin Inspection Robot

Xuewei Wu, Congqing Wang, Shaoyang Hua

11.07.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

A Comparative Analysis of Pattern Matching Techniques Towards OGM Evaluation

E. G. Tsardoulias, M. Protopapas, A. L. Symeonidis, L. Petrou

16.08.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Humanoid Robot as a Teacher’s Assistant: Helping Children with Autism to Learn Social and Academic Skills

Uvais Qidwai, Saad Bin Abul Kashem, Olcay Conor

02.01.2020 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

2D Underwater Obstacle Avoidance Control Algorithm Based on IB-LBM and APF Method for a Multi-Joint Snake-Like Robot

Dongfang Li, Zhenhua Pan, Hongbin Deng, Teng Peng

05.09.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Distributed Cooperative Obstacle Avoidance for Mobile Robots Using Independent Virtual Center Points

Liwei Zhang, Jie Wang, Zhibin Lin, Lixiong Lin, Yanjie Chen, Bingwei He

05.04.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020

Altitude Information Acquisition of UAV Based on Monocular Vision and MEMS

Fuxun Gao, Chaoli Wang, Lin Li, Dongkai Zhang

07.08.2019 | Ausgabe 3-4/2020 Open Access

A Decorrelated Distributed EKF-SLAM System for the Autonomous Navigation of Mobile Robots

Fujun Pei, Mingjun Zhu, Xiaoping Wu

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