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Journal of Iron and Steel Research International

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23.05.2019 | Original Paper

Microstructural evolution and constitutive models of 9CrMoCoB heat-resistant steel during high-temperature deformation

In order to research the hot deformation behavior of 9CrMoCoB heat-resistant steel, hot compression tests were performed over a wide range of temperatures from 850 to 1150 °C and strain rates from 0.01 to 10.00 s−1. The flow stress appears to …

21.05.2019 | Original Paper

Correlation between microstructure and impact toughness of weld heat-affected zone in 5 wt.% manganese steels

The microstructure in welding heat-affected zones of 5 wt.% manganese steels was studied, and its effect on impact toughness was analyzed. The simulated coarse-grained heat-affected zone (CGHAZ) had the lowest impact toughness of ~ 39 J at − 40 °C …

18.05.2019 | Original Paper

Hot working process optimization of Fe–20Mn–19Cr–0.5C–0.6N steel by activation energy, power dissipation and microstructural evolution

Hot deformation behavior of an Fe–20Mn–19Cr–0.5C–0.6N high-nitrogen austenitic steel has been studied by isothermal compression tests in deformation temperature range of 800–1200 °C and strain rate range of 0.01–10 s−1. Results indicate that the …

17.05.2019 | Original Paper

Interface reaction of high-strength low-alloy steel with Al–43.4Zn–1.6Si (wt.%) metallic coating

The microstructure, elemental distribution, phase composition, and thickness of intermetallic layers between high-strength low-alloy steel (H420)/mild carbon steel (DC51) and Al–43.4Zn–1.6Si (wt.%) (galvalume, GL) alloy were comparatively …

16.05.2019 | Original Paper Open Access

Effect of cooling rate and composition on microstructure and mechanical properties of ultrahigh-strength steels

The influence of cooling rate on the microstructure and mechanical properties of two new ultrahigh-strength steels (UHSSs) with different levels of C, Cr and Ni has been evaluated for the as-cooled and untempered condition. One UHSS had higher …

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Journal of Iron and Steel Research International publishes original papers and occasional invited reviews on aspects of research and technology in the process metallurgy and metallic materials. Coverage emphasizes the relationships among the processing, structure and properties of metals, including advanced steel materials, superalloy, intermetallics, metallic functional materials, powder metallurgy, structural titanium alloy, composite steel materials, high entropy alloy, amorphous alloys, metallic nanomaterials, etc..

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