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03.07.2020 | Original Paper

Metadynamic recrystallization behaviors of SA508Gr.4N reactor pressure vessel steel during hot compressive deformation

The metadynamic recrystallization (MDRX) model is established, and the coefficients determined by multiple linear regression analysis are used to describe the microstructure evolution of SA508Gr.4N steel. The effects of compression temperature of …

02.07.2020 | Original Paper

Determination of continuous constitutive relationship of weld zone of high-strength steel rectangular welded tube

For QSTE700 high-strength steel rectangular welded tube, the mechanical properties of the weld zone vary with the distance from the centerline of the weld. Therefore, the accurate description of constitutive relationship of the weld zone is of …

02.07.2020 | Original Paper

A new technology for treating waste incineration fly ash by shaft furnace

At present, lots of municipal solid wastes (MSWs) are treated by incineration technology, which produces a large amount of fly ash that needs to be treated innocuously. A new method of using metallurgical shaft furnace to treat the MSW fly ash was …

29.06.2020 | Original Paper

Prediction of maximum carbon element content in continuous casting billets of 82B cord steel based on statistics of extreme values method

The research of carbon content along the casting direction of 82B cord steel billets is of great significance for improving the quality of cord products from subsequent processing. However, the traditional segregation and billets quality …

28.06.2020 | Original Paper

Recovery of zinc from Zn–Al–Fe alloys by gas pressure filtration

The recovery of zinc from galvanizing dross and the removal of iron contained dross particles by gas pressure filtration were investigated using the model of Zn–Fe–Al alloys. The majority of molten zinc was separated after filtration, and the …

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Journal of Iron and Steel Research International publishes original papers and occasional invited reviews on aspects of research and technology in the process metallurgy and metallic materials. Coverage emphasizes the relationships among the processing, structure and properties of metals, including advanced steel materials, superalloy, intermetallics, metallic functional materials, powder metallurgy, structural titanium alloy, composite steel materials, high entropy alloy, amorphous alloys, metallic nanomaterials, etc..

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