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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 11/2018

Ausgabe 11/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 65 Artikel )

12.03.2018 | Obituary | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Ronald Leslie Bell: 12th September 1929–25th December 2017

William Bonfield, Terence G. Langdon, Arthur F. W. Willoughby

24.01.2018 | Review | Ausgabe 11/2018

A review of non-destructive techniques used for mechanical damage assessment in polymer composites

Pierre Duchene, Salim Chaki, Abderrahmane Ayadi, Patricia Krawczak

07.03.2018 | Biomaterials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Self-sensing and mechanical performance of CNT/GNP/UHMWPE biocompatible nanocomposites

Tejendra K. Gupta, M. Choosri, K. M. Varadarajan, S. Kumar

23.02.2018 | Biomaterials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Electroplating of porous gold films for SERS analysis of heme derivatives

N. A. Martynova, A. E. Goldt, K. I. Maslakov, S. V. Savilov, A. V. Grigorieva

07.03.2018 | Biomaterials | Ausgabe 11/2018

pH-sensitive nanocarriers for Ganoderma applanatum polysaccharide release via host–guest interactions

Jun Ou, YanBing Hu, LanZhen Huang, Rui Zhang, Tao Xu, Jing Zhao

26.02.2018 | Biomaterials | Ausgabe 11/2018

A comprehensive evaluation of heavy metals removal from battery industry wastewaters by applying bio-residue, mineral and commercial adsorbent materials

Caroline Ribeiro, Fabiano Bisinella Scheufele, Fernando Rodolfo Espinoza-Quiñones, Aparecido Nivaldo Módenes, Melissa Gurgel Adeodato Vieira, Alexander Dimitrov Kroumov, Carlos Eduardo Borba

01.03.2018 | Biomaterials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Fabrication of biosensor based on core–shell and large void structured magnetic mesoporous microspheres immobilized with laccase for dopamine detection

Zhikai Li, Yujie Zheng, Tingting Gao, Zuohua Liu, Jing Zhang, Guowei Zhou

28.02.2018 | Biomaterials | Ausgabe 11/2018

In vitro mineralization kinetics of poly(l-lactic acid)/hydroxyapatite nanocomposite material by attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared mapping coupled with principal component analysis

Tongtong Dou, Nan Jing, Bingyao Zhou, Pudun Zhang

05.03.2018 | Biomaterials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Catalytic conversion of Kraft lignin to bio-multilayer graphene materials under different atmospheres

Qiangu Yan, Xuefeng Zhang, Jinghao Li, El Barbary Hassan, Chuji Wang, Jilei Zhang, Zhiyong Cai

15.02.2018 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 11/2018

The effect of Fe contents on the local structure and crystallization behavior of SiO2–CaO–P2O5–Fe2O3 glasses

Bin Li, Wenqin Luo, Yongya Wang, Yanhui Zhang, Haiyan Wu

16.02.2018 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 11/2018

Isotropic Mg3Sb2 compound prepared by solid-state reaction and ball milling combined with spark plasma sintering

Feng Lv, Qiang Zhang, Wenhao Fan, Xiaomeng Yang, Jianfeng Fan, Hua Zhang, Shaoping Chen, Wenxian Wang, Xinfeng Tang

26.02.2018 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 11/2018

Dissociation reaction of the 1/3 edge dislocation in α-Al2O3

Eita Tochigi, Teruyasu Mizoguchi, Eiji Okunishi, Atsutomo Nakamura, Naoya Shibata, Yuichi Ikuhara

08.03.2018 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 11/2018

Enhanced electromechanical strain response in (Fe0.5Nb0.5)4+-modified Bi0.5(Na0.8K0.2)0.5TiO3 lead-free piezoelectric ceramics

Yu-Kai Lv, Shao-Feng Duan, Zhi-Hao Zhao, Xin-Yu Kang, Rui-Fang Ge, Hongqiang Wang, Yejing Dai

27.02.2018 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 11/2018

Effect of Co partial substitution on the valence state of Ru in the Gd2−xCo x Ru2O7 pyrochlore

A. A. Castro, F. Morales, M. Romero, A. Conde- Gallardo, R. Escamilla

28.02.2018 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 11/2018

Synthesis and sintering of (Mg, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn)O entropy-stabilized oxides obtained by wet chemical methods

Mattia Biesuz, Luca Spiridigliozzi, Gianfranco Dell’Agli, Mauro Bortolotti, Vincenzo M. Sglavo

08.03.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Preparation of core–shell structured Au@SiO2 nanocomposite catalyst with Au core size below 2 nm without high-temperature calcination procedure

Dan Liu, Jing Wang, Yingbo Zhang, Jun Liu, Hongmei Li, Li Zhou, Shan Wu, Xiang Gao

27.02.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Controllable synthesis of MoS2 nanostructures from monolayer flakes, few-layer pyramids to multilayer blocks by catalyst-assisted thermal evaporation

Yifei Guo, Xiuli Fu, Zhijian Peng

05.03.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Preparation of carbon nanotube/copper/carbon fiber hierarchical composites by electrophoretic deposition for enhanced thermal conductivity and interfacial properties

Fei Yan, Liu Liu, Ming Li, Mengjie Zhang, Linghan Xiao, Yuhui Ao

12.02.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Novel SiQDs–MoS2 heterostructures with increasing solar absorption for the photocatalytic degradation of malachite green

Jinzhu Wu, Yaxiu Feng, Yanbin Shao, Jia Zhou, Xiaohong Wu

21.02.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Electropolymerization in proton-functionalized anilinium salts/glycol deep eutectic solvents

Feixue Zou, Xirong Huang

27.02.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Ultrathin nanosheets-assembled CuO flowers for highly efficient electrocatalytic water oxidation

Qianqian Zhou, Ting-Ting Li, Wei Xu, Hong-Lin Zhu, Yue-Qing Zheng

08.03.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Investigation of optical and electrical properties of MWCNT/rGO/poly(3-hexylthiophene) ternary composites

Prakash Chandra Mahakul, Kadambinee Sa, B. V. R. S. Subramanyam, Khirod Chandra Patra, Pitamber Mahanandia

01.03.2018 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Flower-like silver nanocrystals: facile synthesis via a gas–solution interface technique

Larisa B. Gulina, Valeri P. Tolstoy, Igor A. Kasatkin, Sergey A. Fateev

26.02.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Synthesis of porous zinc-based/zinc oxide composites via sol–gel and ambient pressure drying routes

Xiao Han, Jonathan Harris, Lidija Šiller

20.02.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018

Effect of flake powder metallurgy on thermal conductivity of graphite flakes reinforced aluminum matrix composites

Nabil Chamroune, Diaa Mereib, Florence Delange, Nathalie Caillault, Yongfeng Lu, Jean-Luc Grosseau-Poussard, Jean-François Silvain

23.02.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018

Novel metal–ceramic composite microstructures produced through the partial reduction of CoTiO3

Kevin P. Anderson, Richard P. Vinci, Helen M. Chan

20.02.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018

Strength of ceramic–metal joints measured in planar impact experiments

S. Hayun, E. Ionash, S. Kalabukhov, N. Frage, E. Zaretsky

27.02.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018

Effective reinforcement of amino-functionalized molybdenum disulfide on epoxy-based composites via strengthened interfacial interaction

Pengpeng Chen, Xiao Liang, Yifeng Zhou, Wangyan Nie

27.02.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018

A new polyacrylonitrile fiber for direct carbonization without oxidation

Fei Huang, Yonggen Lu, Li Chen, Liguo Liu, Junqi Jiang

08.03.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018

Investigating the water vapor sorption behavior of bamboo with two sorption models

Xuexia Zhang, Jing Li, Yan Yu, Hankun Wang

05.03.2018 | Composites | Ausgabe 11/2018

Fabrication of novel nanocomposites from styrene-butadiene rubber/zinc sulphide nanoparticles

V. C. Jasna, M. T. Ramesan

01.03.2018 | Computation | Ausgabe 11/2018

Evolution of electronic and vibrational properties of M@Xn (M = Ag, Au, X = Ge, Si, n = 10, 12, 14) clusters: a density functional modeling

Ravi Trivedi, Debashis Bandyopadhyay

08.03.2018 | Computation | Ausgabe 11/2018

Theoretical design of sandwich two-dimensional structures for photocatalysts and nano-optoelectronic devices

Qiming Yu, Wenzhe Shan, Hongming Wang

26.02.2018 | Computation | Ausgabe 11/2018 Open Access

Structure and chemistry of liquid Al–Cu alloys: molecular dynamics study versus thermodynamics-based modelling

Marcela E. Trybula, Przemysław W. Szafrański, Pavel A. Korzhavyi

06.03.2018 | Computation | Ausgabe 11/2018

Structure, bonding, stability, electronic, thermodynamic and thermoelectric properties of six different phases of indium nitride

Vipin Kumar, Debesh R. Roy

23.02.2018 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Single layer of carbon phosphide as an efficient material for optoelectronic devices

Deobrat Singh, Shivam Kansara, Sanjeev K. Gupta, Yogesh Sonvane

20.02.2018 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide based on silver nanoparticles via amplified electron transfer process

Govindhan Maduraiveeran, Manab Kundu, Manickam Sasidharan

21.02.2018 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Impact of thermal treatments on epitaxial GayIn1−yAs1−xBi x layers luminescent properties

S. Stanionytė, V. Pačebutas, B. Čechavičius, A. Bičiūnas, A. Geižutis, V. Bukauskas, R. Butkutė, A. Krotkus

22.02.2018 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Charge transfer mechanisms in strontium ferromolybdate with tunneling barriers

Nikolay Kalanda, Marta Yarmolich, Steffen Teichert, Arne Bohmann, Alexander Petrov, Daniel Moog, Sanjay Mathur

22.02.2018 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Strength and buckling behavior of defective phosphorene nanotubes under axial compression

Ping Liu, Qing-Xiang Pei, Wei Huang, Yong-Wei Zhang

26.02.2018 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Surface half-metallicity in the Heusler alloy Cr2CoGa with low magnetic moment

Anmin Zheng, Hai Huang, Guoying Gao, Kailun Yao

05.03.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Wool fiber-derived nitrogen-doped porous carbon prepared from molten salt carbonization method for supercapacitor application

Dong Zeng, Yanpeng Dou, Ming Li, Min Zhou, Haomiao Li, Kai Jiang, Feng Yang, Junjun Peng

28.02.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

A new sodium ferrous orthophosphate Na x Fe4(PO4)3 as anode materials for sodium-ion batteries

Hui Zhang, Yanming Zhao, Mingming Wen, Youzhong Dong, Qinghua Fan, Quan Kuang, Huatao Liu, Xin Lian

05.03.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Ternary thick active layer for efficient organic solar cells

Xiang Fu, Haitao Xu, Dan Zhou, Xiaofang Cheng, Liqiang Huang, Lie Chen, Yiwang Chen

20.02.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Flexible supercapacitor with high energy density prepared by GO-induced porous coral-like polypyrrole (PPy)/PET non-woven fabrics

Yuedan Wang, Yang Zhang, Weibing Zhong, Xing Qing, Quan Zhou, Qiongzhen Liu, Wenwen Wang, Xue Liu, Mufang Li, Dong Wang

20.02.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

A novel room temperature POSS ionic liquid-based solid polymer electrolyte

Jifang Fu, Qi Lu, Dapeng Shang, Liya Chen, Yong Jiang, Yufeng Xu, Jintao Yin, Xing Dong, Wei Deng, Shuai Yuan

01.03.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Layer-controlled synthesis of wafer-scale MoSe2 nanosheets for photodetector arrays

Tian-Jun Dai, Xu-Dong Fan, Yi-Xuan Ren, Shuang Hou, Yi-Yu Zhang, Ling-Xuan Qian, Yan-Rong Li, Xing-Zhao Liu

23.02.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Peapod-like one-dimensional (1D) CoP hollow nanorods embedded into graphene networks as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries

Zheng Han, Beibei Wang, Xiaojie Liu, Gang Wang, Hui Wang, Jintao Bai

05.03.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Significant enhancement of power conversion efficiency of dye-sensitized solar cells by the incorporation of TiO2–Au nanocomposite in TiO2 photoanode

Swati Bhardwaj, Arnab Pal, Kuntal Chatterjee, Tushar H. Rana, Gourav Bhattacharya, Susanta Sinha Roy, Papia Chowdhury, Ganesh D. Sharma, Subhayan Biswas

26.02.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Fabrication of porous Co3O4 with different nanostructures by solid-state thermolysis of metal–organic framework for supercapacitors

Hongzhou Zhang, Lianqi Zhang, Jianhua Deng, Yan Han, Xifei Li

01.03.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Hierarchical three-dimensional NiMoO4-anchored rGO/Ni foam as advanced electrode material with improved supercapacitor performance

Yuekui Xu, Haicheng Xuan, Jinhong Gao, Ting Liang, Xiaokun Han, Jing Yang, Yongqing Zhang, Hui Li, Peide Han, Youwei Du

09.03.2018 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 11/2018

Hierarchical bicomponent TiO2 hollow spheres as a new high-capacity anode material for lithium-ion batteries

Ruiping Liu, Chao Shen, Chao Zhang, James Iocozzia, Qi Wang, Shiqiang Zhao, Kunjie Yuan, Zhiqun Lin

05.03.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Characterization of mean grain size of interstitial-free steel based on laser ultrasonic

Yanjie Zhang, Xiaochen Wang, Quan Yang, Feng Dong, Xiaozhong Du, Anmin Yin

16.02.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Use of Asparagus racemosus extract as green corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in 0.5 M H2SO4

Akhil Saxena, Dwarika Prasad, Rajesh Haldhar

14.02.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Mechanical properties and failure behavior of AZ61 magnesium alloy at high temperatures

Wenjun Liu, Bin Jiang, Suqin Luo, Siqiang Chen, Fusheng Pan

21.02.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Elasticity and internal friction of magnesium alloys at room and elevated temperatures

Michaela Janovská, Peter Minárik, Petr Sedlák, Hanuš Seiner, Michal Knapek, František Chmelík, Miloš Janeček, Michal Landa

26.02.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

A semitopological mean-field model of discontinuous dynamic recrystallization

Toward a correct and rapid prediction of grain-size distribution
David Piot, Guillaume Smagghe, John Joseph Jonas, Christophe Desrayaud, Frank Montheillet, Gilles Perrin, Aurore Montouchet, Guillaume Kermouche

21.02.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Local strain redistribution in a coarse-grained nickel-based superalloy subjected to shot-peening, fatigue or thermal exposure investigated using synchrotron X-ray Laue microdiffraction

G. Altinkurt, M. Fèvre, G. Geandier, M. Dehmas, O. Robach, J.-S. Micha

05.03.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Change in elastic properties of eutectic alloys under conditions of superplastic deformation

V. F. Korshak, Yu. O. Shapovalov, P. V. Mateychenko

05.03.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Effect of grain boundary angle on {332}<113> twinning transfer behavior in β-type Ti–15Mo–5Zr alloy

Xueyin Zhou, Xiaohua Min

07.03.2018 | Metals | Ausgabe 11/2018

Rationalization of solidification mechanism of Nd–Fe–B magnets during laser directed-energy deposition

Niyanth Sridharan, Ercan Cakmak, Fred A. List, Huseyin Ucar, Steve Constantinides, S. S. Babu, S. K. McCall, M. Parans Paranthaman

08.03.2018 | Polymers | Ausgabe 11/2018

Modification of polyacrylonitrile stabilized fibers via post-thermal treatment in nitrogen prior to carbonization and its effect on the structure of carbon fibers

Shuai Wu, Aijun Gao, Yu Wang, Lianghua Xu

07.03.2018 | Polymers | Ausgabe 11/2018

Effects of macromolecular diol containing different carbamate content on the micro-phase separation of waterborne polyurethane

Can Tao, Zhen Luo, Junjie Bao, Qin Cheng, Yiping Huang, Gewen Xu

27.02.2018 | Polymers | Ausgabe 11/2018

Soy protein-treated nanofillers creating adaptive interfaces in nanocomposites with effectively improved conductivity

Yichao Li, Jianying Ji, Yu Wang, Renfu Li, Wei-Hong Zhong

07.03.2018 | Polymers | Ausgabe 11/2018

Deformation of microfibrillated chitin film and composites

Michael Ikpi Ofem

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