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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 14/2021

Ausgabe 14/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 40 Artikel )

01.02.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 14/2021

Review of zirconia-based biomimetic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering

Wenxian Weng, Weiwei Wu, Mengdie Hou, Taotao Liu, Tianlin Wang, Huazhe Yang

10.02.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 14/2021

Low-bandgap conjugated polymers with photocurrent response over 1000 nm

Xuelong Huang, Ning Lan, Weiming Chen, Yunnan Yan, Wei Zeng, Shengjian Liu

01.02.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 14/2021

Polymer-based electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium–sulfur batteries: from fundamental research to performance improvement

Shoukang Hong, Yang Wang, Nam Kim, Sang Bok Lee

10.02.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 14/2021

Insights of enhanced oxygen evolution reaction of nanostructured cobalt ferrite surface

Supriya Rana, Krishna K. Yadav, Sujit Kumar Guchhait, S. T. Nishanthi, S. K. Mehta, Menaka Jha

05.02.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 14/2021

Chipping: a pervasive presence in nature, science and technology

Brian R. Lawn

08.02.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 14/2021 Open Access

BiInO3 phases under asymmetric in-plane strain

Andreas Herklotz, Kristin Tippey, Amanda Huon, Martin M. Koch, Kathrin Dörr, Frank Herklotz

08.02.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 14/2021

Fabrication of bismuth silicate Bi2SiO5 ceramics as a potential high-temperature dielectric material

Kengo Sakamoto, Manabu Hagiwara, Hiroki Taniguchi, Shinobu Fujihara

04.02.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

Influence of adding Pluronic F127 in the electrolyte on the morphology, structure and biofilm adhesion of calcium phosphate coatings

Pablo Eduardo Costa dos Santos, Cristina Ferraz Silva, Cristiane Xavier Resende, Zaine Teixeira Camargo

11.02.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 14/2021 Open Access

Computational and experimental designing of imprinted sorbent for the determination of nitroxidative stress products: an analysis of 4-hydroxyphenylacetic acid conversion

Marta Janczura, Monika Sobiech, Joanna Giebułtowicz, Piotr Luliński

09.02.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

Quaternary ammonium cellulose promoted synthesis of hollow nano-sized ZSM-5 zeolite as stable catalyst for benzene alkylation with ethanol

Pengfei Nie, Xuguang Liu, Pingping Zhang, Xun Yuan, Xia Li, Sen Lin, Zhengmao Yin, Zhiyi Wang

02.02.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 14/2021

Optimization and absorption performance of wood sponge

Zining Wang, Shangui Lin, Xinpu Li, Haojie Zou, Bing Zhuo, Pu Ti, Quanping Yuan

08.02.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 14/2021

Improvement of poly(propylidene carbonate) mechanical properties by using stereocomplex crystals of polylactide to anchor graphene oxide at the interface of poly(propylidene carbonate)/poly(L-lactide) blends

Weizhi Liu, Yang Tian, Xiujuan Tian, Jian Wang, Lifen Zhao

09.02.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 14/2021

Insights into the complementary behaviour of Gd doping in GO/Gd/ZnO composites as an efficient candidate towards photocatalytic degradation of indigo carmine dye

Samuel Osei-Bonsu Oppong, Francis Opoku, William Wilson Anku, Penny P. Govender

09.02.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 14/2021

Enhancing thermal and mechanical properties of gelatin-based nanocomposite with aqueous dispersible multiple epoxy polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes

Junchao Wang, Zetian Zhang, Taoling Xie, Liying Sun, Kaifeng Yang, Yang Liu, Zhengjun Li

04.02.2021 | Computation & theory | Ausgabe 14/2021

Constant twist rate response of symmetric and asymmetric Σ5 aluminium tilt grain boundaries: molecular dynamics study of deformation processes

B. S. K. Gargeya, Pokula Narendra Babu, Snehanshu Pal

04.02.2021 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

Van der waals BP/InSe heterojunction for tunneling field-effect transistors

Hong Li, Qida Wang, Peipei Xu, Jing Lu

08.01.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

NiO–CoFe2O4 electrocatalyst prepared on Ni foam by one-step hydrothermal method for efficient overall water splitting

Xiaofeng Wang, Zhihua Liu, Zhengang Guo, Lei Ge, Zhifeng Liu

03.02.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

The effects of vacuum pyrolysis conditions on wood biochar monoliths for electrochemical capacitor electrodes

Yu Ma, Yongsheng Li, Yu-Ping Zeng

01.02.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 14/2021 Open Access

An ultra-dispersive, nonprecious metal MOF–FeZn catalyst with good oxygen reduction activity and favorable stability in acid

Qing Zhao, Cheng Wang, Haifeng Wang, Jianlong Wang

29.01.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

NiO nanoflakes decorated needle-like MnCo2O4 hierarchical structure on nickle foam as an additive-free and high performance supercapacitor electrode

Mi He, Linli Cao, Weilong Li, Xinwei Chang, Xinliang Zheng, Zhaoyu Ren

08.02.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

Photoelectrochemical performance of MWCNT–Ag–ZnO ternary hybrid: a study of Ag loading and MWCNT garnishing

Mangesh A. Desai, Vidhika Sharma, Mohit Prasad, Girish Gund, Sandesh Jadkar, Shrikrishna D. Sartale

10.02.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

Cd(II)-based metal–organic framework-derived CdS photocatalysts for enhancement of photocatalytic activity

Ligang Ma, Xiaoqian Ai, Xingming Yang, Xiaoxiao Cao, Dianrong Han, Xiang Song, Huilin Jiang, Wei Yang, Senlin Yan, Xiaoshan Wu

08.02.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 14/2021

Ti-grafted MIL-101 as hydrophilic catalyst for efficient oxidative desulfurization of dibenzothiophene with hydrogen peroxide

Kunyue Leng, Zheng Han, Dingding Li, Xiaolin Li, Yi Wang, Hang Zhao

10.02.2021 | Materials for life sciences | Ausgabe 14/2021

Utilization of polyvinyl butyral-zirconium alkoxide hybrid hollow tube as an enzyme immobilization carrier

Anamul Hoque Bhuiyan, Takuma Nagakawa, Mohammad Zakaria, Koji Nakane

02.02.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

Continuous high-pressure torsion of pure Al and Al-2 wt% Fe alloy using multi-wires

Takahiro Masuda, Shoichi Hirosawa, Zenji Horita

03.01.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

Intergranular passivation of the TiC coating for enhancing corrosion resistance and surface conductivity in stainless-steel bipolar plates

Jingling Li, Zeling Xu, Yujian Li, Xinzhou Ma, Jiamei Mo, Lingyan Weng, Cuiyin Liu

11.01.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021 Open Access

On the long-term aging of S-phase in aluminum alloy 2618A

Christian Rockenhäuser, Christian Rowolt, Benjamin Milkereit, Reza Darvishi Kamachali, Olaf Kessler, Birgit Skrotzki

01.02.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021 Open Access

The decomposition process in high-purity Al-1.7 at.% Cu alloys with trace elements: preservation of quenched-in vacancies by In, Sn and Pb influencing the formation

Torsten E. M. Staab, Frank Lotter, Uwe Mühle, Mohamed Elsayed, Danny Petschke, Thomas Schubert, Alaa M. Ibrahim, Reinhard Krause-Rehberg, Bernd Kieback

27.01.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021 Open Access

In situ nanoindentation during electrochemical hydrogen charging: a comparison between front-side and a novel back-side charging approach

M. J. Duarte, X. Fang, J. Rao, W. Krieger, S. Brinckmann, G. Dehm

05.01.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

The high-temperature oxidation resistance properties of magnesium alloys alloyed with Gd and Ca

Jiajia Wu, Yuan Yuan, Xiaowen Yu, Tao Chen, Dajian Li, Liang Wu, Bin Jiang, Andrej Atrens, Fusheng Pan

27.01.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

Dynamic recrystallization behavior during hot deformation of as-cast 4Cr5MoSiV1 steel

Yahui Han, Changsheng Li, Jinyi Ren, Chunlin Qiu, Shuaishuai Chen, En Li

21.01.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

Interfacial structures between aluminum nitride and Cu–P–Sn–Ni brazing alloy with Ti film

Nobuyuki Terasaki, Naochika Kon, Hajime Chiba, Touyou Ohashi, Yoshiyuki Nagatomo, Yoshirou Kuromitsu, Kevin M. Knowles

01.02.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

A comparative study of plastic deformation behaviors of OFHC copper based on crystal plasticity models in conjunction with phenomenological and dislocation density-based hardening laws

Cheng Wang, Xiaogui Wang, Chuanli Wang, Guang Wu, Yongbin Lai

08.02.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

Dynamic strain aging behavior of accident tolerance fuel cladding FeCrAl-based alloy for advanced nuclear energy

Yiyong Zhang, Hui Wang, Xuguang An, Guang Chen, Hongying Sun, Yuan Wang

11.02.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

Effects of aging time on the microstructure and mechanical properties of laser-cladded 18Ni300 maraging steel

H. M. Zhu, J. W. Zhang, J. P. Hu, M. N. Ouyang, C. J. Qiu

09.02.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 14/2021

Tensile performance and impact toughness of Ti-55531 alloy with multilevel lamellar microstructure

Chaowen Huang, Fengmei Wang, Xin Wen, Mingpan Wan, Min Lei, Junqin Ye, Weidong Zeng

05.02.2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 14/2021

Robust and ultrasensitive hydrogel sensors enhanced by MXene/cellulose nanocrystals

Menghan Pi, Lichao Jiang, Zhisen Wang, Wei Cui, Lingying Shi, Rong Ran

08.02.2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 14/2021

Hand-extended noodle inspired physical conjoined-network organohydrogels with anti-freezing, high stiffness and toughness properties

Jiwei Chen, Dongjian Shi, Zhaokun Yang, Kaijie Dong, Daisaku Kaneko, Mingqing Chen

09.02.2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 14/2021

Self-healing polymers synthesized by ring opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP) of bio-derived furanic molecules

Mohamed Naguib, Atteya Rashed, Daniel J. Keddie

10.02.2021 | Correction | Ausgabe 14/2021

Correction to: The bulk modulus of carbon fibers

J. Summerscales

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