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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 18/2019

Ausgabe 18/2019

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 35 Artikel )

07.06.2019 | Editorial | Ausgabe 18/2019

The other H-index: the hyperbole index

David Cann

10.06.2019 | Invited Viewpoint | Ausgabe 18/2019

Balancing hyperbole and impact in research communications related to lead-free piezoelectric materials

Andrew J. Bell, Dragan Damjanovic

07.06.2019 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 18/2019 Open Access

Swift heavy ion-irradiated multi-phase calcium borosilicates: implications to molybdenum incorporation, microstructure, and network topology

Karishma B. Patel, Sylvain Peuget, Sophie Schuller, Clara Grygiel, Isabelle Monnet, Ian Farnan

10.06.2019 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 18/2019

Thermal behaviour of actinolite asbestos

Andrea Bloise

10.06.2019 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Synthesis of cyclic carbonate by CO2 fixation to epoxides using interpenetrated MOF-5/n-Bu4NBr

Hyunuk Kim, Hyun-Sik Moon, Muhammad Sohail, Yang-No Yoon, Syed Fawad Ali Shah, Kanghoon Yim, Jong-Ho Moon, Young Cheol Park

04.06.2019 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

PPTA-oligomer functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes synthesized by “one-pot” method for reinforcement of polyvinyl chloride

Rao Fu, Congcong Dong, Yu Zhang, Changmei Sun, Rongjun Qu, Chunnuan Ji, Ying Zhang

11.06.2019 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Solution-processed mixed halide CH3NH3PbI3−xClx thin films prepared by repeated dip coating

A. M. M. Tanveer Karim, M. S. Hossain, M. K. R. Khan, M. Kamruzzaman, M. Azizar Rahman, M. Mozibur Rahman

18.06.2019 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Synthesis and characterization of carbonyl iron@epoxy core–shell microspheres for enhanced microwave absorption performance

Yuxin Zuo, Zhengjun Yao, Haiyan Lin, Jintang Zhou, Xinlu Guo, Haishuo Cai

11.06.2019 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 18/2019

Tensile properties of CNTs-grown carbon fiber fabrics prepared using Fe–Co bimetallic catalysts at low temperature

Zhiqiang Yao, Chengguo Wang, Yanxiang Wang, Ruijiao Lu, Shunsheng Su, Jianjie Qin, Huazhen Wei, Qifen Wang

17.06.2019 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 18/2019

Stable polymer/inorganic composite multilayers using covalent cross-linking assisted by a magnetic field

Linan Xu, Lili Feng, Xin Li, Qi An

13.06.2019 | Computation & theory | Ausgabe 18/2019

Size effects in lattice-structured cellular materials: material distribution

Marcus Yoder, Lonny Thompson, Joshua Summers

13.06.2019 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Two-dimensional silicon phosphide: low effective mass and direct band gap for future devices applications

Shivam Kansara, Prabal Dev Bhuyan, Yogesh Sonvane, Sanjeev K. Gupta

18.06.2019 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Structural design of MoS2-based coatings toward high humidity and wide temperature

Siming Ren, Kedong Shang, Mingjun Cui, Liping Wang, Jibin Pu, Peiyun Yi

10.06.2019 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in defect-induced NbSe2 single crystals

Rukshana Pervin, Manikandan Krishnan, Arumugam Sonachalam, Parasharam M. Shirage

11.06.2019 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Structure design and modulation of dual-wavelength sensitive upconversion luminescence in RE2MoO6:Er3+/Yb3+ materials

Zhiying Li, Peng Li, Linna Guo, Zongxue Zhang, Minghuan Gao, Yuansen Zhang, Tiesheng Li

13.06.2019 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Highly sensitive and selective Love mode surface acoustic wave ammonia sensor based on graphene oxides operated at room temperature

Q. B. Tang, Y. J. Guo, Y. L. Tang, G. D. Long, J. L. Wang, D. J. Li, X. T. Zu, J. Y. Ma, L. Wang, H. Torun, Y. Q. Fu

11.06.2019 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

One-step synthesis of nickel cobalt sulfide nanostructure for high-performance supercapacitor

Jibo Jiang, Yaoxin Sun, Yukai Chen, Xiaomin Hu, Liying Zhu, Haotian Chen, Sheng Han

10.06.2019 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Boosting the performance of delafossite photocathode through constructing a CuFeO2/CuO heterojunction for photoelectrochemical water reduction

Tengfei Jiang, Yu Zhao, Huaiguo Xue

17.06.2019 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Modification of porous carbon with nitrogen elements to enhance the capacitance of supercapacitors

Jing Chen, Bin Chang, Fengru Liu, Huanming Wei, Wei Wei, Hualin Lin, Sheng Han

19.06.2019 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Preparation of PAN-based carbon fiber@MnO2 composite as an anode material for structural lithium-ion batteries

Qigang Han, Wenqiang Zhang, Zhiwu Han, Fangxue Wang, Di Geng, Xiang Li, Yao Li, Xu Zhang

10.06.2019 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Bifunctional interlayer for capturing polysulfide in Li–S battery

Pengyu Li, Jianna Deng, Jing Li, Jianqiang Guo, Min Zeng, Lige Wang, Rui Wang, Manqin Tang

11.06.2019 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Preparation of (Vx, Ti1−x)2C MXenes and their performance as anode materials for LIBs

Ying Wang, Wei Zheng, Peigen Zhang, Wubian Tian, Jian Chen, ZhengMing Sun

18.06.2019 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 18/2019

Air-processed, large grain perovskite films with low trap density from perovskite crystal engineering for high-performance perovskite solar cells with improved ambient stability

Manman Ding, Leijie Sun, Xiayan Chen, Tianyuan Luo, Tian Ye, Chunyan Zhao, Wenfeng Zhang, Haixin Chang

06.06.2019 | Materials for life sciences | Ausgabe 18/2019

A sulfonated PEEK/PCL composite nanofibrous membrane for periosteum tissue engineering application

Fan Zhao, Sihan Hu, Fujun Wang, Lu Wang

10.06.2019 | Materials for life sciences | Ausgabe 18/2019

Tuning the physiochemical properties of bacterial cellulose: effect of drying conditions

Mani Pujitha Illa, Chandra S. Sharma, Mudrika Khandelwal

18.06.2019 | Materials for life sciences | Ausgabe 18/2019

Polydopamine-coated gold nanostars for near-infrared cancer photothermal therapy by multiple pathways

Yang Li, Xiali Wang, Dawei Yang, Ping Hu, Lei Gao, Dongliang Chen, Yingli Qiao, Yaping Wu, Xiaohong Jiang, Guangyao Li

10.06.2019 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 18/2019

Low-cost and high-strength powder metallurgy Ti–Al–Mo–Fe alloy and its application

Rongjun Xu, Bin Liu, Zhiqiao Yan, Feng Chen, Wenmin Guo, Yong Liu

12.06.2019 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 18/2019 Open Access

Inter-particle bonding in cold spray deposition of a gas-atomised and a solution heat-treated Al 6061 powder

Alexandre Sabard, Tanvir Hussain

17.06.2019 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 18/2019 Open Access

Synthesis and properties of polyelectrolyte multilayered microcapsules reinforced smart coatings

Adnan Khan, Fareeha Ubaid, Eman M. Fayyad, Zubair Ahmad, R. A. Shakoor, M. F. Montemor, Ramazan Kahraman, Said Mansour, Mohammad K. Hassan, Anwarul Hasan, Aboubakr M. Abdullah

19.06.2019 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 18/2019

Fracture toughness behavior of low-C medium-Mn high-strength steel with submicron-scale laminated microstructure of tempered martensite and reversed austenite

Xiangyu Qi, Linxiu Du, Ying Dong, R. D. K. Misra, Yu Du, Hongyan Wu, Xiuhua Gao

11.06.2019 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 18/2019

Mechanical properties of nanoporous gold subjected to tensile stresses in real-time, sub-microscopic scale

Joshua Stuckner, Mitsuhiro Murayama

11.06.2019 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 18/2019

Significance of epitaxial ferrite formation on phase transformation kinetics in quenching and partitioning steels: modeling and experiment

Fei Peng, Yunbo Xu, Dingting Han, Xingli Gu

03.06.2019 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 18/2019

Tough and stretchy double-network hydrogels based on in situ interpenetration of polyacrylamide and physically cross-linked polyurethane

Feng Wu, Lei Chen, Yidi Wang, Bin Fei

11.06.2019 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 18/2019

Enhancing the recrystallization ability of bio-based polylactide stereocomplex by in situ construction of multi-block branched conformation

Yue Chang, Zhize Chen, Gangwei Pan, Yiqi Yang

11.06.2019 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 18/2019

Antimicrobial activity of biocomposite films containing cellulose nanofibrils and ethyl lauroyl arginate

Filomena Silva, Nicolás Gracia, Birgitte H. McDonagh, Fernanda C. Domingues, Cristina Nerín, Gary Chinga-Carrasco

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