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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 19/2021

Ausgabe 19/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 30 Artikel )

05.04.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 19/2021

Research progress of starch-based biodegradable materials: a review

Xuepeng Yu, Long Chen, Zhengyu Jin, Aiquan Jiao

02.04.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 19/2021

Improved polarization retention in LiNbO3 single-crystal memory cells with enhanced etching angles

Yifan Chen, Xiao Zhuang, Xiaojie Chai, Xu Jiang, Jie Sun, Jun Jiang, Anquan Jiang

01.04.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 19/2021 Open Access

Bulk nanocomposite made of ZnO lamellae embedded in the ZnWO4 matrix: growth from the melt

Monika Tomczyk, Pawel Osewski, Marie-Helene Berger, Ryszard Diduszko, Iwona Jóźwik, Giorgio Adamo, Dorota A. Pawlak

29.03.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 19/2021

Cold sintering of magnetic BaFe12O19 and other ferrites at 300 °C

Sarah Lowum, Richard D. Floyd Jr, Yanglin Zhu, Zhiqiang Mao, Jon-Paul Maria

25.03.2021 | Ceramics | Ausgabe 19/2021 Open Access

Preparation of high-entropy carbides by different sintering techniques

Johannes Pötschke, Manisha Dahal, Mathias Herrmann, Anne Vornberger, Björn Matthey, Alexander Michaelis

24.03.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 19/2021

Synthesis of mesoporous carbon nitride by molten salt-assisted silica aerogel for Rhodamine B adsorption and photocatalytic degradation

Zheng Liu, Xiao He, Xingjin Yang, Hekun Ding, Dongbo Wang, Dachao Ma, Qingge Feng

29.03.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 19/2021

Superhydrophobic reduced graphene oxide@poly(lactic acid) foam with electrothermal effect for fast separation of viscous crude oil

Qingtao Zeng, Piming Ma, Dehui Lai, Xuejun Lai, Xingrong Zeng, Hongqiang Li

02.04.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 19/2021

Experimental and numerical investigation of key microstructural features influencing the localization of plastic deformation in Fe-TiB2 metal matrix composite

J. Genée, N. Gey, F. Bonnet, R. A. Lebensohn, S. Berbenni

29.03.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 19/2021

Microwave-assisted fracture toughness improvement in additively manufactured polylactic acid–copper composite

N. Haque, M. Y. Azarfam, H. Noori

23.03.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 19/2021

Chemical surface densification of hardwood through lateral monomer impregnation and in situ electron beam polymerization, Part I: density profile and surface hardness of three hardwood species

Juliette Triquet, Pierre Blanchet, Véronic Landry

30.03.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 19/2021

Water vapor sorption mechanism of furfurylated wood

Xiaoshuang Shen, Dengkang Guo, Pan Jiang, Sheng Yang, Gaiyun Li, Fuxiang Chu

29.03.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 19/2021

An efficient, stable and reusable polymer/TiO2 photocatalytic membrane for aqueous pollution treatment

Lin Ma, Yu Chen, Junping Zheng

23.03.2021 | Computation & theory | Ausgabe 19/2021

Interfacial interactions and enhanced optoelectronic properties of GaN/perovskite heterostructures: insight from first-principles calculations

Yao Guo, Yuanbin Xue, Lianqiang Xu

31.03.2021 | Computation & theory | Ausgabe 19/2021

Ab initio molecular dynamics studies on the ignition and combustion mechanisms, twice exothermic characteristics, and mass transport properties of Al/NiO nanothermite

Shenghua Feng, Guolin Xiong, Weihua Zhu

29.03.2021 | Computation & theory | Ausgabe 19/2021

Theoretical study of the strain influence on lead-free bismuth-based halide perovskites

Xiaoyu Wang, Gang Bi, Nasir Ali, Yansong Chen, Huizhen Wu

30.03.2021 | Computation & theory | Ausgabe 19/2021

Elucidating the electronic and magnetic properties of epitaxial graphene grown on SiC with a defective buffer layer

C. Pereyra Huelmo, Federico Iribarne, Pablo A. Denis

25.03.2021 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 19/2021

Regulation of vertical and biaxial strain on electronic and optical properties of G-GaN-G sandwich heterostructure

Chang Liu, Enling Li, Yanpeng Zheng, Kaifei Bai, Zhen Cui, Deming Ma

30.03.2021 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 19/2021

Effect of pulsed laser annealing on optical and structural properties of ZnO:Eu thin film

Š. Havlová, M. Novotný, P. Fitl, J. More-Chevalier, J. Remsa, V. Kiisk, M. Kodu, R. Jaaniso, P. Hruška, F. Lukáč, J. Bulíř, L. Fekete, L. Volfová, M. Vondráček, M. Vrňata, J. Lančok

05.04.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 19/2021

Fragmenting C60 toward enhanced electrochemical CO2 reduction

Dong Yan, Zhen Peng, Wei Wang, Peng Zeng, Yiyin Huang

29.03.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 19/2021

Effects of organic ligands on efficiency and stability of perovskite light-emitting diodes

Kai Zhang, Mingming Zhang, Ningning Zhu, Hongning Yin, Jun Xing, Lei Wang

24.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

Influence of mutual substitution between Cu and Ti on phase components, microstructures, and compressive properties of AlFeNiV–Cu/Ti alloys

Jiaojiao Yi, Lin Yang, Mingqin Xu, Lu Wang, Lisha Liu

29.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

Metastable phase diagram on heating in quenched Ti-Nb high-temperature shape memory alloys

Jian Zhang, Yanjie Li, Wei Li

16.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

Effect of aging temperature on the heterogeneous microstructure and mechanical properties of a 12Cr–10Ni–Mo–Ti maraging steel for cryogenic applications

Honglin Zhang, Mingyue Sun, Dongping Ma, Bin Xu, Taijiang Wang, Dianzhong Li, Yiyi Li

30.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

The effect of Ta on oxidation resistance of TiC/hastelloy composites

Qian Qi, Lujie Wang, Ziyan Zhao, Yan Liu, Zhengren Huang

18.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

Experimental and computational investigation of Ti-Nb-Fe-Zr alloys with limited Fe contents for biomedical applications

Camilo A. F. Salvador, Mariana R. Dal Bo, Dalton D. Lima, Caetano R. Miranda, Rubens Caram

25.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

The spectrum of atomic excess free volume in grain boundaries

Snehanshu Pal, K. Vijay Reddy, Tingting Yu, Jianwei Xiao, Chuang Deng

29.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

Four-dimensional structural description of phase transformations in titanium alloys

Soham Mukherjee, Rajiv Kumar Mandal

31.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

Thixoforging of 332 aluminum alloy in a mechanical eccentric press

Luis Vanderlei Torres, Marcos Antônio Naldi, Eugênio José Zoqui

29.03.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 19/2021

Study of the microstructure and thermomechanical properties of Mo/graphite joint brazed with Ti–Zr–Nb–Be powder filler metal

Ivan Fedotov, Alexey Suchkov, Andrey Sliva, Pavel Dzhumaev, Ilya Kozlov, Roman Svetogorov, Diana Bachurina, Oleg Sevryukov

01.04.2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 19/2021

Femtosecond-laser selective printing of graphene oxide and PPV on polymeric microstructures

Kelly T. Paula, Nathália B. Tomazio, Oriana. I. A. Salas, Adriano J. G. Otuka, Juliana M. P. Almeida, Marcelo B. Andrade, Nirton C. S. Vieira, Debora T. Balogh, Cleber R. Mendonça

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