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Journal of Materials Science

Journal of Materials Science 22/2021

Ausgabe 22/2021

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 30 Artikel )

12.04.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 22/2021

On the austenite stability of cryogenic Ni steels: microstructural effects: a review

W. X. Zhang, Y. Z. Chen, Y. B. Cong, Y. H. Liu, F. Liu

10.05.2021 | Review | Ausgabe 22/2021

Advances of microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition in fabrication of carbon nanotubes: a review

Yanjing Liu, Jiawei He, Nan Zhang, Wencong Zhang, Yanping Zhou, Kama Huang

23.04.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Activating dinitrogen for chemical looping ammonia synthesis: nitridation of manganese

Wrya Mohammadi Aframehr, Peter H. Pfromm

19.04.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

All-aerosol-jet-printed highly sensitive and selective polyaniline-based ammonia sensors: a route toward low-cost, low-power gas detection

Christine Fisher, Bruce J. Warmack, Yongchao Yu, Lydia N. Skolrood, Kai Li, Pooran C. Joshi, Tomonori Saito, Tolga Aytug

04.05.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Highly transparent and conducting In doped CdO synthesized by sol-gel solution processing

Cheuk Kai Gary Kwok, Kin Man Yu

23.04.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 22/2021 Open Access

Electrodeposition of palladium-dotted nickel nanowire networks as a robust self-supported methanol electrooxidation catalyst

Tim Boettcher, Sasho Stojkovikj, Prashant Khadke, Ulrike Kunz, Matthew T. Mayer, Christina Roth, Wolfang Ensinger, Falk Muench

16.04.2021 | Chemical routes to materials | Ausgabe 22/2021 Open Access

Effect of carbon backbone on luminescence properties of Eu-organic hybrid thin films prepared by ALD/MLD

Muhammad Safdar, Amr Ghazy, Minnea Tuomisto, Mika Lastusaari, Maarit Karppinen

03.05.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 22/2021

Mechanical, dynamic mechanical and thermal properties of TiO2 nanoparticles treatment bamboo fiber-reinforced polypropylene composites

Juan Guo, Mengdan Cao, Wenting Ren, Hankun Wang, Yan Yu

23.04.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 22/2021

Electro-optical properties and frequency response of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal gratings doped with multi-walled carbon nanotubes

Yourong Liu, Jinrong Shen, Tong Shen, Jihong Zheng, Songlin Zhuang

26.04.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 22/2021

Facile fabrication of three-dimensional thermal conductive composites with synergistic effect of multidimensional fillers

Shulong Wang, Weizhen Li, Xulong Jin, Jiating Wu, Kaimin Chen, Wenjun Gan

27.04.2021 | Composites & nanocomposites | Ausgabe 22/2021

Wrinkled p-phenylenediamine grafted graphene oxide as reinforcement for polyvinyl butyral anti-corrosive coating

Li-Chao Jing, Tao Wang, Danielle S. Rhen, Xiao-Tong Yuan, Ying Tian, Qinxing Xie, Hong-Zhang Geng

10.05.2021 | Computation & theory | Ausgabe 22/2021

Atomic-scale study of compositional and structural evolution of early-stage grain boundary precipitation in Al–Cu alloys through phase-field crystal simulation

X. Shuai, Z. J. Wang, H. Mao, S. Tang, Y. Kong, Y. Du

22.04.2021 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Temperature-dependent light upconversion and thermometric properties of Er3+/Yb3+-codoped SrMoO4 sintered ceramics

Ankur Shandilya, Ram Sagar Yadav, Ajai K. Gupta, K. Sreenivas

15.04.2021 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Optimization of electrical and thermal transport properties of layered Bi2O2Se via Nb doping

Yuping Li, Haojie Huo, Hai Huang, Kai Guo, Xinxin Yang, Juanjuan Xing, Jun Luo, Guang-Hui Rao, Jing-Tai Zhao

27.04.2021 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Investigation of phase evolution within ZnO–Bi2O3 varistors utilizing thin film prototypes

Kevin Ferri, Elizabeth A. Paisley, Chris DiAntonio, Sang-Woo Han, Rongming Chu, Jon-Paul Maria

28.04.2021 | Electronic materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Enhancing the mechanical–electrical property simultaneously in pure copper composites by using carbonized polymer dots

Wen-min Zhao, Rui Bao, Jian-hong Yi

29.04.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Biomass wood-derived efficient Fe–N–C catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction

Dingding Li, Zheng Han, Kunyue Leng, Shenghua Ma, Yi Wang, Jinbo Bai

03.05.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Ni/NiO hybrid nanostructure supported on biomass carbon for visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution

Kaihong Xie, Peijing Guo, Zhangyi Xiong, Sufang Sun, Haijun Wang, Yongjun Gao

10.05.2021 | Energy materials | Ausgabe 22/2021

Effect of Gd content on the discharge and electrochemical behaviors of the magnesium alloy AZ31 as an anode for Mg-air battery

Quan Li, Wei Xiong, Sirong Yu, Ying Liu, Jing Li, Lin Liu, Xiaojian Bi, Guang Zhu, Enyang Liu, Yan Zhao, Bingying Wang

29.04.2021 | Materials for life sciences | Ausgabe 22/2021

Sensitive MWCNT/P-Cys@MIP sensor for selective electrochemical detection of ceftizoxime

M. R. Ali, M. S. Bacchu, M. R. Al-Mamun, M. M. Rahman, M. S. Ahommed, M. Aly Saad Aly, M. Z. H. Khan

03.05.2021 | Materials for life sciences | Ausgabe 22/2021

Novel fibrin functionalized multilayered electrospun nanofiber membrane for burn wound treatment

Md Eman Talukder, K. M. Faridul Hasan, Jianming Wang, Jingbo Yao, Caolong Li, Hongchen Song

23.04.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 22/2021 Open Access

Energy loss separation in NiFeMo compacts with smoothed powders according to Landgraf’s and Bertotti’s theories

Denisa Olekšáková, Peter Kollár, Miloš Jakubčin, Ján Füzer, Martin Tkáč, Peter Slovenský, Radovan Bureš, Mária Fáberová

26.04.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 22/2021

Effect of heat treatment on corrosion of laser-textured aluminum alloy surfaces

S. Y. Misyura, D. V. Feoktistov, V. S. Morozov, E. G. Orlova, G. V. Kuznetsov, A. G. Islamova

26.04.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 22/2021

Microstructural evolution in Cu–Nb processed via friction consolidation

Mageshwari Komarasamy, Xiao Li, Scott A. Whalen, Xiaolong Ma, Nathan Canfield, Matthew J. Olszta, Tamas Varga, Alan L. Schemer-Kohrn, Anqi Yu, Nicole R. Overman, Suveen N. Mathaudhu, Glenn J. Grant

19.04.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 22/2021 Open Access

Nucleation behaviour and microstructure of single Al-Si12 powder particles rapidly solidified in a fast scanning calorimeter

Bin Yang, Qin Peng, Benjamin Milkereit, Armin Springer, Dongmei Liu, Markus Rettenmayr, Christoph Schick, Olaf Keßler

26.04.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 22/2021

Microstructure evolution and formation of gradient structure in Zr upon surface corrugation rolling treatment

J. H. Zhang, X. M. Liu, G. S. Zhang, W. K. Deng, J. Y. Hao, M. Li, D. F. Guo

22.04.2021 | Metals & corrosion | Ausgabe 22/2021

Large-scale electrochemical fabrication of nitrogen-doped carbon quantum dots and their application as corrosion inhibitor for copper

Quanzhu Zhou, Guohui Yuan, Minjing Lin, Pengpeng Wang, Shaojun Li, Jie Tang, Jinsheng Lin, Youyuan Huang, Yan Zhang

22.04.2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 22/2021

Poisson’s ratio of eTPU molded bead foams in compression via in situ synchrotron X-ray microtomography

Arun Sundar S. Singaravelu, Jason J. Williams, Pavel Shevchenko, Jasmin Ruppert, Francesco De Carlo, Mark Henderson, Chris Holmes, Nikhilesh Chawla

28.04.2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 22/2021

Application of a novel cavity nucleating agent based on cyclodextrin in polymer foaming materials and in situ visual injection moulding study

Yuhui Zhou, Li He, Wei Gong

04.05.2021 | Polymers & biopolymers | Ausgabe 22/2021 Open Access

Investigation of the functional network modifier loading on the stoichiometric ratio of epoxy resins and their dielectric properties

Istebreq A. Saeedi, Sunny Chaudhary, Thomas Andritsch, Alun S. Vaughan

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