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Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 10/2020

Ausgabe 10/2020

Special Issue: Recent Trends in Advanced Functional Semiconducting Materials (Selected papers from the IMRC2019, Cancun, Mexico, 18 - 23 August 2019, Symposium on Advances in Functional Semiconducting Materials)

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 80 Artikel )

21.04.2020 | Guest Editorial | Ausgabe 10/2020

Recent trends in Advanced Functional Semiconducting Materials (selected papers from the IMRC2019, Cancun, Mexico, 18–23 August 2019, Symposium on Advances in Functional Semiconducting Materials)

Subramaniam Velumani

10.04.2020 | Review | Ausgabe 10/2020

Perspectives of chalcopyrite-based CIGSe thin-film solar cell: a review

G. Regmi, A. Ashok, Parul Chawla, Pooja Semalti, S. Velumani, Shailesh N Sharma, H. Castaneda

01.11.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Molar optimization of MnO2 to form composite with Co3O4 by potentiodynamic electrodeposition for better electrochemical characterizations

S. V. Khavale, R. C. Ambare, B. J. Lokhande

15.11.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Gadolinium-based olivine phosphate for upgradation of cathode material in lithium ion battery

Irslan Ullah, Abdul Majid, Muhammad Isa Khan

13.11.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Comparative study on dielectric and structural properties of undoped, Mn-doped, and Ni-doped ZnO nanoparticles by impedance spectroscopy analysis

P. Norouzzadeh, Kh. Mabhouti, M. M. Golzan, R. Naderali

19.11.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Improved optical absorption, enhanced morphological and electrochemical properties of pulsed laser deposited binary zinc and vanadium oxide thin films

Cyril Robinson Azariah John Chelliah, Rajesh Swaminathan

11.12.2019 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Synthesis of MnSb2O6 powders through a simple low-temperature method and their test as a gas sensor

Antonio Casillas-Zamora, José Trinidad Guillén-Bonilla, Alex Guillén-Bonilla, M. Rodríguez-Betancourtt, Y. L. Casallas-Moreno, Lorenzo Gildo-Ortiz, M. de la Luz Olvera‑Amador, S. A. Tomás, Héctor Guillén-Bonilla

02.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Fabrication of Schottky barrier diodes based on ZnO for flexible electronics

J. C. Tinoco, S. A. Hernández, O. Rodríguez-Bernal, A. G. Vega-Poot, G. Rodríguez-Gattorno, M. de la L. Olvera, A. G. Martinez-Lopez

14.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Influence of the annealing temperature on the formation of Mo17O47 and MoO3 nanoparticles and their Photocatalytic performances for the degradation of MB dye

N. Rajiv Chandar, S. Agilan, R. Thangarasu, N. Muthukumarasamy, R. Ganesh

08.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Optical, structural and electrical properties of ZnO thin films doped with Mn

Alejandra López-Suárez, Dwight Acosta, Carlos Magaña, Francisco Hernández

18.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Physical investigations on annealed structure Cu/La2O3 for photocatalytic application under sunlight

C. Bilel, R. Jbeli, I. Ben Jemaa, A. Boukhachem, F. Saadallah, M. Amlouk, H. Ezzaouïa

17.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Electrical conductivity and Vickers microhardness of composites synthesized from multiwalled carbon nanotubes and carbon spheres with poly(methyl methacrylate): a comparative study

J. M. Ambriz-Torres, C. J. Gutiérrez-García, D. L. García-Ruiz, J. J. Contreras-Navarrete, F. G. Granados-Martínez, N. Flores-Ramírez, M. L. Mondragón-Sánchez, L. García-González, L. Zamora-Peredo, O. Hernández-Cristóbal, F. Méndez, L. Domratcheva-Lvova

11.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Synthesis and characterization of chemically sprayed ZnO:Fe:Ni thin films: effect of codoping concentration and response as gas sensor

V. K. Jayaraman, R. R. Biswal, A. G. Hernandez, A. Maldonado, H. Gomez-Pozos

29.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Statistical experimental design to optimize RF-sputtered NiTiO3 thin films

Jagadeesh Babu Bellam, Alain Jouanneaux, Velumani Subramaniam, Abdel Hadi Kassiba

28.01.2020 | Review | Ausgabe 10/2020

Memristors based on thermal copper oxide

L. Ortega-Reyes, A. Ávila-García

31.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Longitudinal optical Raman mode A1 to calculate the indium molar fraction of epitaxial InGaN layers grown by LP-MOCVD on polar and non-polar planes

C. A. Marín-García, J. S. Arias Cerón, V. M. Sánchez-R

30.01.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Composite synthesis from carbon nanotubes and styrene oligomers, the functionalization and magnetic field effect in their properties

Francisco Gabriel Granados-Martínez, Diana Litzajaya Garcia-Ruiz, José de Jesús Contreras-Navarrete, Jael Madaí Ambriz-Torres, Carmen Judith Gutiérrez-García, Nelly Flores-Ramirez, Arlette Richaud, Francisco Méndez, Bertha Aguilar, Orlando Hernández-Cristóbal, Lada Domratcheva-Lvova

04.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Sprayed ZnO thin films for gas sensing: effect of substrate temperature, molarity and precursor solution

T. V. K. Karthik, A. G. Hernández, Yu. Kudriavtsev, H. Gómez-Pozos, M. G. Ramírez-Cruz, L. Martínez-Ayala, A. Escobosa-Echvarria

03.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of Au and Ag contacts on the CO sensitivity of SnO2 thick films

T. V. K. Karthik, A. G. Hernandez, M. L. de la Olvera, A. Maldonado, H. Gómez Pozos

03.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Urea-based synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles and its composite with graphene oxide: structural and magnetic characterization

M. A. Pérez-Guzmán, R. Ortega-Amaya, J. Santoyo-Salazar, M. Ortega-López

14.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Comparative studies of CdS thin films by chemical bath deposition techniques as a buffer layer for solar cell applications

A. Ashok, G. Regmi, A. Romero-Núñez, M. Solis-López, S. Velumani, H. Castaneda

13.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Synthesis and study of structure and phase composition in Cu2–xS, SnxSy, ZnS, CuxSnSy and CuZnSnS pellets

R. E. Gómez-Solano, J. S. Arias-Cerón, J. J. Ríos-Ramírez, Mauricio Ortega-López

21.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Comparative study of optimised molybdenum back-contact deposition with different barriers (Ti, ZnO) on stainless steel substrate for flexible solar cell application

A. Morán, O. Nwakanma, S. Velumani, H. Castaneda

28.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of plasmon–phonon interaction on the infrared reflection spectra of MgxZn1-xO/Al2O3 structures

O. Melnichuk, L. Melnichuk, Ye. Venger, T. Torchynska, N. Korsunska, L. Khomenkova

28.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

The use of activated carbon from coffee endocarp for the manufacture of supercapacitors

Ebelia Del Ángel-Meraz, Harvey de Jesús Orantes-Flores, Erik R. Morales, P. Y. Sevilla-Camacho, R. Castillo-Palomera

28.02.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

The role of excess MgO in the intensity increase of red emission of Mn4+-activated Mg2TiO4 phosphors

L. Borkovska, L. Khomenkova, I. Vorona, V. Nosenko, T. Stara, O. Gudymenko, V. Kladko, C. Labbé, J. Cardin, A. Kryvko, T. Kryshtab

02.04.2020 | Review | Ausgabe 10/2020

Structure and photo-induced effects in elemental chalcogens: a review on Raman scattering

Spyros N. Yannopoulos

08.04.2020 | Review | Ausgabe 10/2020

Cobalt and nitrogen doped porous carbon nanofibers as an efficient electrocatalyst for high performance oxygen reduction reaction

Peng Liu, Yuechao Yao, Shengjiao Zhang, Lijia Liu, Shaozhong Zeng, Zhangjian Li, Shu Jiang, Qi Zhang, Xierong Zeng, Jizhao Zou

08.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Preparation and microwave absorption properties of petal CoO/CNFs composites

Haopeng Cai, Qinqin Wei, Hongbo Xiao, Hongwei Liu, Jun Wang

15.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Reducing light reflection by processing the surface of silicon solar cells

Shao-Hwa Hu, Yen-Sheng Lin, Ting-Kuo Tseng, Shui-Hsiang Su, Li-Chun Wu

18.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of A-site cationic radius on ceramic La0.67−xDyxSr0.33MnO3 prepared by sol–gel technique

Fuxin Ling, Di Li, Ling Li, Hui Zhang, Ping Yu, Qingming Chen

18.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of Co/Cu partial replacement on fundamental features of Y-123 ceramics

Ozgur Ozturk, Abdul R. A. Nefrow, Fatih Bulut, Hakan Ada, Mustafa B. Turkoz, Gurcan Yildirim

01.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Structural and magnetic properties of Ni-substituted Ba0.5Sr1.5-based Y-type hexaferrite

Min Zhang, Hongmei Liu, Liliang Pan, Guangping Zhu, Qiang Li, Chaopeng Cui

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Corrosion effects on sintered nano-silver joints and the secondary biological hazards

He Gong, Yao Yao, Fanfan Zhao

31.03.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Modulation of individual-layer properties results in excellent discharged energy density of sandwich-structured composite films

Yang Liu, Yafei Hou, Qian Ji, Shixin Wei, Peng Du, Laihui Luo, Weiping Li

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

High-performance asymmetric supercapacitors fabricated by amorphous MnO2 on 3D-Ni foam as positive electrodes in a mixed electrolyte

Tzu-Ya Fang, Yu-Zhen Zeng, Yu-Chang Liu, Wein-Duo Yang

02.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

All printed wide range humidity sensor array combining MoSe2 and PVOH in series

Muhammad Umair Khan, Muhammad Awais, Tahseen Elahi Chattha, Arshad Hassan, Jinho Bae

02.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

The efficacy of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)/CuO nanocomposite as an appropriate room temperature humidity sensing material: fabrication of highly sensitive capacitive resistive type humidity sensor

Hizb Ullah Khan, Muhammad Tariq, Mutabar Shah, Muhammad Tariq Jan, Mahmood Iqbal, Jehangeer Khan, Abdul Razaq Ahsan, Abdur Rahim

08.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Influence of defects on anisotropy of electrical resistivity in

G. Ya. Khadzhai, R. V. Vovk, I. L. Goulatis, V. N. Serdyuk, A. V. Matsepulin, S. N. Kamchatnaya, A. Chroneos, O. V. Dobrovolskiy

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Investigations on structural and optical properties of Al-modified ZnO nanoparticles

Shiv Kumar, Manish Kumar, Arvind Kumar, Subhash Sharma, Prashant Shahi, Sandip Chatterjee, Anup Kumar Ghosh

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Thermoelectric properties of La- and Sc-doped Mg3Sb2 synthesized via pulsed electric current sintering

Jun-ichi Tani, Hiromichi Ishikawa

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of Lu doping on the structure, electrical properties and energy storage performance of AgNbO3 antiferroelectric ceramics

Shuaifei Mao, Nengneng Luo, Kai Han, Qin Feng, Xiyong Chen, Biaolin Peng, Laijun Liu, Changzheng Hu, Huanfu Zhou, Fujita Toyohisa, Yuezhou Wei

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Study on discharge voltage and discharge capacity of LiFe1−xMnxPO4 with high Mn content

Shang-min Gong, Xue Bai, Rui Liu, Hong-quan Liu, Yi-jie Gu

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Comparison of optical constants of sputtered MoS2 and MoS2/Al2O3 composite thin films

Taswar Iqbal, Murtaza Saleem, Saira Riaz, Shahzad Naseem, S. Kumail Abbas, Shahid M. Ramay, Shahid Atiq

31.03.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Phase evolution and dielectric properties of Ba(Ti1/6Sn1/6Zr1/6Hf1/6Nb1/6Ga1/6)O3 high-entropy perovskite ceramics

Qiang Du, Jinhua Yan, Xiaoyan Zhang, Jinsheng Li, Xinyue Liu, Jinrong Zhang, Xiwei Qi

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Synthesis of porous carbon materials derived from waste buttonwoods, pineapple peels, and lettuce leaves and comparison of the electrochemical performances for lithium-ion battery

Juan Miao, Chengli Zhang, Qiufen Wang, Huifang Tian, Yanlei Zhang, Zhilin Zhang, Yibo Guo, Mingjie Ma

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Rietveld analysis, magnetic, transport, and optical properties of (1 − x)BiFeO3–(x)Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 ceramics prepared by sol–gel route

Subhash Sharma

02.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Role of WO3 nanoparticles in electrical and dielectric properties of BaTiO3–SrTiO3 ceramics

Y. Slimani, B. Unal, M. A. Almessiere, E. Hannachi, Ghulam Yasin, A. Baykal, I. Ercan

08.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Structural, optical, magnetic, dielectric, and photocatalytic properties of Sm- and Ni-substituted BiFeO3 nanoparticles

Mohit Sahni, Sabyasachi Mukaherjee, Adil Hamid, Dharmesh Kumar, Sunil Chauhan, Naresh Kumar

06.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Structural, thermal, dielectric and multiferroic investigations on LaFeO3 composite systems

Samiya Manzoor, Shahid Husain, Anand Somvanshi, Mehroosh Fatema

18.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Role of A- and B-site excess doping on the improvement of the piezoelectric properties of BaTiO3 lead-free piezoceramics

Dan Xu, Wenjie Zhao, Wenping Cao, Weili Li, Weidong Fei

18.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Electrical characteristics of atomic layer deposited Au/Ti/HfO2/n-GaAs MIS diodes in the wide temperature range

A. Turut, D. E. Yıldız, A. Karabulut, İ. Orak

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Exploring the ferroelectric effect of nanocrystalline strontium zinc titanate/Cu: Raman and antimicrobial activity

Ali B. Abou Hammad, Ahmed M. Bakr, Mohamed S. Abdel-Aziz, Amany M. El Nahrawy

06.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Study of n-WO3/p-porous silicon structures for gas-sensing applications

H. Mhamdi, R. Benabderrahmane Zaghouani, T. Fiorido, J.-L. Lazzari, M. Bendahan, W. Dimassi

08.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Room temperature ferromagnetism in Gd-doped In2O3 nanoparticles obtained by auto-combustion method

G. Hosamani, B. N. Jagadale, J. Manjanna, S. M. Shivaprasad, D. K. Shukla, J. S. Bhat

07.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Investigation of electrical, magnetic, and optical properties of silver-substituted magnesium–manganese ferrite nanoparticles

Somnath, Khalid Mujasam Batoo, Emad H. Raslan, Syed Farooq Adil, Indu Sharma, Gagan Kumar

10.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Improving the electrical and mechanical performances of embedded capacitance materials by introducing tungsten disulfide nanoflakes into the dielectric layer

Fengwei Wang, Ruohan Xia, Xinxin Li, Jinfang Qin, Hui Shao, Gang Jian, Rui Liu, Fengjiang Wang, Huarong Liu

06.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Comparative study of optoelectronic, thermodynamic, linear and nonlinear optical properties of methyl phenalenyl doped to zinc and copper and their applications

Clovis Kabé, Fridolin Tchangnwa Nya, Geh Wilson Ejuh, Jean Marie Ndjaka

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Use of redox additive to enhance the electrochemical performance of Co3O4/polyaniline/graphene composite-based supercapacitors

Prasenjit Haldar

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Renewable cellulose separator with good thermal stability prepared via phase inversion for high-performance supercapacitors

Genhui Teng, Shengxiong Lin, Daman Xu, Yingqi Heng, Dongying Hu

05.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of (Bi0.5Na0.5)0.94Ba0.06Ti1−xAlxO3−δ lead-free ferroelectric ceramics

Han-li Lian, Rui-xue Cheng, Yan-zi Qiu, Jin-yan Shi, Xiao-ming Chen

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Facile synthesis and ppb-level H2S sensing performance of hierarchical CuO microflowers assembled with nano-spindles

Kaidi Wu, Chao Zhang

08.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Magnetoresistive effect in the cobalt-doped bismuth ferrite films

O. B. Romanova, S. S. Aplesnin, M. N. Sitnikov, L. V. Udod, O. B. Begisheva, O. F. Demidenko

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Ca3Al2O6: novel low-permittivity microwave dielectric ceramics with abnormally large negative τf

Yi Wu, Bing Liu, Kai Xin Song

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Exploration of terahertz from time-resolved ultrafast spectroscopy in single-crystal Bi2Se3 topological insulator

Prince Sharma, Mahesh Kumar, V. P. S. Awana

16.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effect of UV exposure of ITO/PEDOT:PSS substrates on the performance of inverted-type perovskite solar cells

Hamed Moeini Alishah, Mehmet Kazici, Fatih Ongül, Sinem Bozar, Macide Cantürk Rodop, Cihangir Kahveci, Melih Besir Arvas, Yücel Sahin, Metin Gencten, Murat Kaleli, Salih Akyürekli, Hüseyin Utku Yilmaz, Ahmet Bugrahan Bayram, Serap Günes

07.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

New cyanoacetanilides based dyes as effective co-sensitizers for DSSCs sensitized with ruthenium (II) complex (HD-2)

Mohamed R. Elmorsy, Rui Su, Ehab Abdel-Latif, Safa A. Badawy, Ahmed El-Shafei, Ahmed A. Fadda

06.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Upconversion luminescence and optical thermometry of Pr3+-doped KLu2F7 phosphor

Bian Yalan, Zhuang Yunfei

06.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Tweaking the red emission, magneto, and dielectrical properties of perovskite type-LaFeO3 in the presence of Co substitution

Ramesh Kumar Raji, Vishista Kurapati, Tholkappiyan Ramachandran, M. Muralidharan, R. Suriakarthick, M. Dhilip, Fathalla Hamed

10.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of Ca4La6(PO4)2(SiO4)4O2: Dy3+ phosphor with high thermal stability for white light-emitting diodes

Fen Zuo, Ju Cheng, Chun-Lin Ma, Zhang-Yin Zhai, Xin-Tian Bian

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

BaSrLaFe12O19 nanorods: optical and magnetic properties

N. Raghuram, T. Subba Rao, N. Suresh Kumar, K. Chandra Babu Naidu, H. Manjunatha, B. Ramakrishna Rao, Anish Khan, Abdullah M. Asiri

06.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Investigation of the effect of different Bi2O3–x:PVA (x = Sm, Sn, Mo) thin insulator interface-layer materials on diode parameters

Yusuf Badali, Yashar Azizian-Kalandaragh, İbrahim Uslu, Şemsettin Altindal

08.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Investigation of the electrical properties of diodes by crosschecking dependence on the presence of (nanocarbon-PVP) interface layer

Çiğdem Bilkan

03.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Improved thermal stability and contact of antimony film by the interlayer HfO2

Junbo Xu, Yifeng Hu, Tianshu Lai, Yongkang Xu, Song Sun

22.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Prior-to-bond annealing effects on the diamond-to-copper heterogeneous integration using silver–indium multilayer structure

Roozbeh Sheikhi, Yongjun Huo, Chin-Hao Tsai, C. R. Kao, Frank G. Shi, Chin C. Lee

10.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Facile synthesis, structure analysis and optical performance of manganese oxide-doped PVA nanocomposite for optoelectronic and optical cut-off laser devices

Yasmin Khairy, I. S. Yahia, H. Elhosiny Ali

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Synthesis of PVZ glass and its improvement on mechanical and electrical properties of low temperature sintered silver paste

Qin Sun, Yan Qi, Mingyu Li, Hongbo Xu, Yufeng Li

07.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

B-site ordering effect on structural and magnetic properties of ‘Y’-modified double perovskite La2NiMnO6 nanoparticles

Manish Kumar, Brijmohan Prajapati, Abhishek Singh

04.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Hybrid PEDOT:PSS to obtain high-performance Ag NW-based flexible transparent electrodes for transparent heaters

Xiaopeng Li, Shihui Yu, Le Zhao, Muying Wu, Helei Dong

13.04.2020 | Ausgabe 10/2020

Effects of La3+ addition on the phase transition, microstructure, and electrical properties of Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3 ceramics

S. Saparjya, S. Behera, T. Badapanda, R. Padhee, Piyush R. Das

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