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Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology

Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 9/2012

Ausgabe 9/2012

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 42 Artikel )

01.09.2012 | Corrigendum | Ausgabe 9/2012

Corrigendum to “Design of precision angular indexing system for calibration of rotary tables” [JMST 26 (3) (2012) 847–855]

Oh Yeon Taek

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Numerical study on moving train parameter identification system through a simply supported bridge

Yi Wang, Weilian Qu

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Intelligent fault diagnosis of rolling bearing based on kernel neighborhood rough sets and statistical features

Xiaoran Zhu, Youyun Zhang, Yongsheng Zhu

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

An efficient method to predict steady-state vibration of three-dimensional piping system conveying a pulsating fluid

Seong-Hyeon Lee, Weui-Bong Jeong

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Rotor dynamics analysis and experiment study of the flywheel spin test system

Chang-Liang Tang, Xing-Jian Dai, Xiao-Zhang Zhang, Lei Jiang

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Study of optimization of the barrel cam in a paper-cup-forming machine

Wook Hyeon Kim, Tae Won Park

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Free vibration analysis of orthotropic plates with variable thickness resting on non-uniform elastic foundation by element free Galerkin method

Ehsan Bahmyari, Ahmad Rahbar-Ranji

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Solving inertial wrench of parallel manipulators using CAD variation geometry

Yi Lu, Yang Lu, Nijia Ye, Peng Wang, Bo Ho

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

A new method for polygon effect analysis of saw chain

Shaoqing Shi, Xiongqi Peng, Ning Zhao, Chunwen Zhang

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Impact of surface hardening treatment generated by shot peening on the fatigue life of brass alloy

Mouna Baklouti, Ridha Mnif, Riadh Elleuch

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Finite element analysis of a subsurface penny-shaped crack with crack-face contact and friction under a moving compressive load

Jin-Shi Wen, Woo-Eon Ju, Tae-Kyung Han, Seung Tae Choi, Kyung-Sick Lee

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Enhancement of master curve method for inhomogeneous material

Shin-Beom Choi, Sung Choi, Jae-Boong Choi, Yoon-Suk Chang, Min-Chul Kim, Bong-Sang Lee

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Accuracy improvement of indenting test results by using wireless cable indenting robot

Kyung-Nam Jang, Jong-Soeg Kim, Sun-Chul Jeong, Kyung-Heum Park, Sung-Yull Hong

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Slip flow over micron-sized spherical particles at intermediate Reynolds numbers

Hamid Niazmand, Morteza Anbarsooz

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

A study on the exit flow characteristics determined by the orifice configuration of multi-perforated tubes

Sangkyoo Lee, Namsoo Moon, Jeekeun Lee

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Experimental study of optimum filter system design of high purity polymer thread machine

Kyung Jin Ryu, Dong Joo Song, Dong Jin Kang

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Stereoscopic-PIV measurement of turbulent jets issuing from a sharp-edged circular nozzle with multiple triangular tabs

Sang-Joon Lee, Young-Gil Jang, Yong-Seok Choi

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

An experimental and numerical study on hydrodynamic characteristics of horizontal annular type water-air ejector

Yoon Kee Kim, Dong Yeop Lee, Hyun Dong Kim, Joo Ha Ahn, Kyung Chun Kim

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

The analytical solution of the buckling of composite truncated conical shells under combined external pressure and axial compression?

M. A. Boorboor Ajdari, S. Jalili, M. Jafari, J. Zamani, M. Shariyat

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Inlet geometry effect of wave energy conversion system

Jin-Seok Oh, Sung-Hun Han

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Analysis of the hydrodynamic torque effects on large size butterfly valves and comparing results with AWWA C504 standard recommendations

Farid Vakili-Tahami, Mohammad Zehsaz, Mahdi Mohammadpour, Ali Vakili-Tahami

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Review of the finite element models for a structural integrity evaluation of the sodium-cooled fast reactor high temperature piping

Chang-Gyu Park, Young-Sang Joo, Jong-Bum Kim

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Propagation of Rayleigh waves in a rotating orthotropic material elastic half-space under initial stress and gravity

A. M. Abd-Alla, S. M. Abo-Dahab, T. A. Al-Thamali

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Systematic design space exploration and rearrangement of the MDO problem by using probabilistic methodology

Yong-Hee Jeon, Sangook Jun, Seungon Kang, Dong-Ho Lee

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Study of the influence of geometrical and mechanical parameters on ballasted railway tracks design

Julia I. Real, Laura Gómez, Laura Montalbán, Teresa Real

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Complete dynamic modeling and approximate state space equations of the flexible link manipulator

Habib Esfandiar, Saeed Daneshmand

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Fabrication and mechanical properties of PLLA and CPC composite scaffolds

Shanglong Xu, Wei Guo, Junjun Lu, Wei Li

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Prediction of anisotropic material behavior based on multiresolution continuum mechanics in consideration of a characteristic length scale

Dockjin Lee, Yoon-Suk Chang, Jae-Boong Choi, Moon-Ki Kim

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Boundary element analysis of stress singularity in dissimilar metals by friction welding

N. -Y. Chung, C. -H. Park

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Application of the differential transformation method and variational iteration method to large deformation of cantilever beams under point load

Pouya Salehi, Hessameddin Yaghoobi, Mohsen Torabi

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Effect of the cut-off frequency on rough-point and flat-surface contacts?

Fanming Meng

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Analysis of wire-drawing process with friction and thermal conditions obtained by inverse engineering

Changsun Moon, Naksoo Kim

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

A 2-dof gravity compensator with bevel gears

Changhyun Cho, Woosub Lee, Jinyi Lee, Sungchul Kang

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Control of a 2-DOF omnidirectional mobile inverted pendulum

Tuan Dinh Viet, Phuc Thinh Doan, Hoang Giang, Hak Kyeong Kim, Sang Bong Kim

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Correlation analysis of factors influencing the electronic unit pump cycle fuel injection quantity under overall operating conditions for diesel engines

Yao Chong, Fan Li-yun, Dong Quan, Song En-zhe, Tian Bing-qi

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

The effect of injection pressure and fuel viscosity on the spray characteristics of biodiesel blends injected into an atmospheric chamber

Ainul Ghurri, Jae-Duk Kim, Hyung Gon Kim, Jae-Youn Jung, Kyu-Keun Song

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

CFD analysis of fin tube heat exchanger with a pair of delta winglet vortex generators

Seong Won Hwang, Dong Hwan Kim, June Kee Min, Ji Hwan Jeong

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

A computational study of a three-dimensional proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) with conventional and deflected membrane electrode assembly

Nader Pourmahmoud, Sajad Rezazadeh, Iraj Mirzaee, Sonita Motaleb Faed

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Design and experimental evaluation of a mixed-mode continuous solar dryer for plaster molds

K. M. Aguilar-Castro, J. J. Flores-Prieto, M. E. Baltazar-Lopez, E. V. Macias-Melo

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Entropy generation in hydrodynamic slip flow over a vertical plate with convective boundary

Adnan Saeed Butt, Sufian Munawar, Asif Ali, Ahmer Mehmood

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Effect of channel and plenum aspect ratios on the performance of microchannel heat sink under different flow arrangements

S. S. Sehgal, Krishnan Murugesan, S. K. Mohapatra

01.09.2012 | Ausgabe 9/2012

Pressure drop and flow distribution characteristics of single and parallel serpentine flow fields for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

Seung Man Baek, Dong Hyup Jeon, Jin Hyun Nam, Charn-Jung Kim

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