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03.10.2017 Open Access

The role of microstructure and its stability in performance of wheels in heavy haul service

Thermal or thermo-mechanical loading is one of the major causes of wheel surface damage in Australian heavy haul operations. In addition, multi-wear wheels appear to be particularly sensitive to thermo-mechanical damage during their first service …

18.09.2017 Open Access

Stress concentration coefficients of optimized cope-hole welded detail

The fatigue performance of optimized welded detail has been investigated by fatigue experiments of three welded specimens under different loadings. In addition, local finite element models of this welded detail were established using finite …

15.09.2017 Open Access

Longitudinal train dynamics of electric multiple units under rescue

Once operating trains are disabled on the railway lines, an efficient manner is to utilize the train for train rescue. Owning to the different train and coupler types, it is difficult to formulate uniform regulations for train to train rescue. In …

04.09.2017 Open Access

A select link analysis method based on logit–weibit hybrid model

Select link analysis provides information of where traffic comes from and goes to at selected links. This disaggregate information has wide applications in practice. The state-of-the-art planning software packages often adopt the user equilibrium …

29.07.2017 Open Access

Risk assessment: method and case study for traffic projects

A comprehensive project evaluation and decision-making method considering multiple objectives, stakeholders, and attributes of proposed traffic treatments is inherently complicated. Although individual techniques in evaluating operations, safety …

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The Journal of Modern Transportation (JMT) is a fully sponsored, peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. It provides a platform for scholars to publish their works in the general area of transportation, concerned with analysis, planning, design, operations, technologies, and economics of modern transportation and traffic systems with focus on high-speed railway technological and theoretical achievements across the world, especially in China. Specific topics cover

• rail transit systems
• rolling stock design theory and structural reliability
• vehicle-track coupling system dynamics, simulation and control
• wheel-rail contact mechanics and wear
• new detecting and experimental technologies of high-speed railway system
• traction power supply, transmission and control
• rail transit electrification and automation technologies
• high-speed railway route selection
• superconductivity and levitation technology
• magnetic suspension and evacuated tube transport
• transportation infrastructure systems
• roads, bridges, tunnels, and underground engineering
• subgrade and pavement maintenance and performance
• light rail transit and metro technologies
• urban transit systems
• traffic information engineering & control
• intelligent transportation system (ITS) and information technology
• environmental impacts of transportation
• pedestrian studies
• traffic flow theory
• traffic planning, control and management
• traffic and transport safety
• traffic polices and economics
• air transportation
• interdisciplinary transportation research
• other topics of interest

JMT mainly publishes original articles, invited reviews, case reports, short communications, and scientific letters within the journal’s scope. Case studies are published only if they contain some original theoretical content. Papers submitted for publication in JMT should not have been published in their present or any essentially similar form.

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