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18.01.2019 Open Access

Speed profile optimization of catenary-free electric trains with lithium-ion batteries

Catenary-free operated electric trains, as one of the recent technologies in railway transportation, has opened a new field of research: speed profile optimization and energy optimal operation of catenary-free operated electric trains. A …

22.12.2018 Open Access

Traffic prediction using a self-adjusted evolutionary neural network

Short-term prediction of traffic flow is one of the most essential elements of all proactive traffic control systems. The aim of this paper is to provide a model based on neural networks (NNs) for multi-step-ahead traffic prediction. NNs’ …

21.12.2018 Open Access

Complementary parametric probit regression and nonparametric classification tree modeling approaches to analyze factors affecting severity of work zone weather-related crashes

Identifying risk factors for road traffic injuries can be considered one of the main priorities of transportation agencies. More than 12,000 fatal work zone crashes were reported between 2000 and 2013. Despite recent efforts to improve work zone …

14.12.2018 Open Access

Analysis of a joint entry- and distance-based cordon pricing scheme: a dynamic modeling approach

Transportation demand management (TDM) covers strategies for reducing traffic congestion within the affected urban areas. Congestion pricing includes a branch of TDM strategies; among them, the entry-based cordon pricing, i.e., applying charge on …

05.12.2018 Open Access

Speed–density functional relationship for heterogeneous traffic data: a statistical and theoretical investigation

This study is an attempt to establish a suitable speed–density functional relationship for heterogeneous traffic on urban arterials. The model must reproduce the traffic behaviour on traffic stream and satisfy all static and dynamic properties of …

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The Journal of Modern Transportation (JMT) is a fully sponsored, peer-reviewed open access journal published under the brand SpringerOpen. It provides a platform for scholars to publish their works in the general area of transportation, concerned with analysis, planning, design, operations, technologies, and economics of modern transportation and traffic systems with focus on high-speed railway technological and theoretical achievements across the world, especially in China. Specific topics cover

• rail transit systems
• rolling stock design theory and structural reliability
• vehicle-track coupling system dynamics, simulation and control
• wheel-rail contact mechanics and wear
• new detecting and experimental technologies of high-speed railway system
• traction power supply, transmission and control
• rail transit electrification and automation technologies
• high-speed railway route selection
• superconductivity and levitation technology
• magnetic suspension and evacuated tube transport
• transportation infrastructure systems
• roads, bridges, tunnels, and underground engineering
• subgrade and pavement maintenance and performance
• light rail transit and metro technologies
• urban transit systems
• traffic information engineering & control
• intelligent transportation system (ITS) and information technology
• environmental impacts of transportation
• pedestrian studies
• traffic flow theory
• traffic planning, control and management
• traffic and transport safety
• traffic polices and economics
• air transportation
• interdisciplinary transportation research
• other topics of interest

JMT mainly publishes original articles, invited reviews, case reports, short communications, and scientific letters within the journal’s scope. Case studies are published only if they contain some original theoretical content. Papers submitted for publication in JMT should not have been published in their present or any essentially similar form.

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