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Journal of Network and Systems Management

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Optimized Sampling Strategies to Model the Performance of Virtualized Network Functions

Modern network services make increasing use of virtualized compute and network resources. This is enabled by the growing availability of softwarized network functions, which take on major roles in the total traffic flow (such as caching, routing …


Network Virtualization and Survivability of 5G Networks

5G networks are slated to provide a wide range of services. A critical need in service delivery in 5G networks is its resilience. In this work, we present a 5G network architecture with network virtualization in a multiple provider setting for …


Immersive Interconnected Virtual and Augmented Reality: A 5G and IoT Perspective

Despite remarkable advances, current augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) applications are a largely individual and local experience. Interconnected AR/VR, where participants can virtually interact across vast distances, remains a distant dream.


Preemptive Resource Provisioning for Container-Based Audio/Video Encrypted Collaboration Applications

The massive industrial adoption of cloud technology has led to research into cloud-enabling traditional applications. The EMD research project proposes an elastic, reliable, and secure cloud-enabled Audio and Video (A/V) collaboration platform in …


Distributed Network Coding-Aware Routing Protocol Incorporating Fuzzy-Logic-Based Forwarders in Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Network coding, as one of the foremost techniques boosting the performance of the wireless networks, has recently acquired notable popularity. As a result, a new category of routing approaches named as the coding-aware routing scheme, has been …

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The Journal of Network and Systems Management offers peer-reviewed original research along with surveys and case studies in the fields of network and system management. The journal regularly disseminates significant new information on the telecommunications and computing aspects of these fields, as well as their evolution and emerging integration. This outstanding quarterly covers architecture, analysis, design, software, standards, and migration issues related to the operation, management, and control of distributed systems and communication networks for voice, data, video, and networked computing.

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