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Journal of Network and Systems Management

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A Modified IEEE 802.11 MAC for Optimizing Broadcasting in Wireless Audio Networks

The use of network infrastructures to replace conventional professional audio systems is a rapidly increasing field which is expected to play an important role within the professional audio industry. Currently, the market is dominated by numerous …


Security Aware Virtual Network Embedding Algorithm Using Information Entropy TOPSIS

Network virtualization is an effective manner to address the ossification issue of Internet architecture. Virtual network embedding is one of the most critical techniques in network virtualization environments. Several security problems about …


Latency Control of ICN Enabled 5G Networks

5G definition falls broadly into order of achievable data rate and reduction in end-to-end latency. Thanks to emerging technologies many features are available in the 5G design to detect, control and avoid congestion in the backhaul networks. In …


Identify Critical Nodes in Network Cascading Failure Based on Data Analysis

In communication networks, the cascading failure, which is initiated by influential nodes, may cause local paralysis of communication networks and make network management systems face big challenges in both fault location and the rational use of …


Mechanism Design for Exchanging Resources in Federated Networks

This paper introduces a mechanism for pricing and exchanging resources in federated networks of task-processing elements. An operational model is developed to allocate processing, storage and communication resources to computational demands. This …

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The Journal of Network and Systems Management offers peer-reviewed original research along with surveys and case studies in the fields of network and system management. The journal regularly disseminates significant new information on the telecommunications and computing aspects of these fields, as well as their evolution and emerging integration. This outstanding quarterly covers architecture, analysis, design, software, standards, and migration issues related to the operation, management, and control of distributed systems and communication networks for voice, data, video, and networked computing.

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