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Journal of Network and Systems Management

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OrchFlow: An Architecture for Orchestration of Multiple Controllers in OpenFlow Networks

Since the emergence of software defined networking (SDN) and from the development of the OpenFlow protocol, it is possible to observe that this new paradigm of networks is revolutionizing the networks based on the IP protocol, allowing the …


Trust Establishment and Estimation in Cloud Services: A Systematic Literature Review

Cloud computing has increasingly attracted a large number of entrepreneurs to deploy innovative web services to expand the horizon of their businesses. The selection of trustworthy services, by considering the adequate QoS parameters, is …


A Novel Load Balancing Scheduling Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks

Clustering is a well-known approach to cope with large nodes density and efficiently conserving energy in wireless sensor networks (WSN). Load balancing is an effective approach for optimizing resources like channel bandwidth, the main objective …


Smart Traffic Offloading with Mobile Edge Computing for Disaster-Resilient Communication Networks

When a large-scale natural disaster happens, the evolved node B (eNB) of the disaster area (DA) may be destroyed, and the core network (CN) may be congested with massive data traffic. A disaster-resilient communication system can help relief …

21.08.2018 | Report

Managing a World of Things: A Report on APNOMS2017

This article presents a report on APNOMS2017, which was held on Sept. 27–29, 2017 in Seoul, Korea. The theme of APNOMS2017 was “Managing a World of Things.” …

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The Journal of Network and Systems Management offers peer-reviewed original research along with surveys and case studies in the fields of network and system management. The journal regularly disseminates significant new information on the telecommunications and computing aspects of these fields, as well as their evolution and emerging integration. This outstanding quarterly covers architecture, analysis, design, software, standards, and migration issues related to the operation, management, and control of distributed systems and communication networks for voice, data, video, and networked computing.

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Best Practices für die Mitarbeiter-Partizipation in der Produktentwicklung

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