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12.04.2021 | Commentary

A note on calculating the average span of control

Open Access 16.02.2021 | Point of View

Human–AI collaborative decision-making as an organization design problem

The promise of collaboration between humans and algorithms in producing good decisions is stimulating much experimentation. Drawing on research in organization design can help us to approach this experimentation systematically. I propose …

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The mission of JOD is to publish theoretical and empirical research on organization design. Organization design is an applied discipline based on the literature of the organization sciences. The relevant knowledge base is diverse, including concepts, theories, and research findings from fields such as economics, psychology, sociology, management, and information technology. Effective organization design requires both science and art, and the best theorists and practitioners have a deep understanding of how organizations work as well as how they can be redesigned and changed.JOD is eclectic in its interests, both in terms of topics and research methods. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, design thinking, sustainable designs, redesign and change, organizational agility and adaptation, multi-organizational collaboration, anticipating the future, strategic leadership, crisis management, and organizational performance. JOD is receptive to papers based on traditional research methods such as surveys and experiments but also encourages papers that are based on future-oriented approaches such as simulations, thought experiments, scenario development, and Delphi studies.JOD seeks to be relevant as well as rigorous. According to JOD's philosophy, rigor and relevance do not represent a tradeoff. JOD wants to publish valid research that will be used by the designers and managers of organizations. The members of the editorial board share this philosophy and will favor papers that focus on significant organization design problems whose solutions can be understood and used by managers.

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