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30.05.2020 | Policy Perspectives

The New Monetary Policy Framework: What it Means

The monetary policy framework adopted by India and many other countries is correctly described as ‘flexible inflation targeting’. Most of these countries set not only an inflation target but also provide a range within which it can fluctuate. This …

14.05.2020 | Original Article

Comparison of Some Static Hedging Models of Agricultural Commodities Price Uncertainty

In static framework, many hedging strategies can be settled following the various hedge ratios that have been developed in the literature. However, it is difficult to choose among them the best the appropriate strategy according the to preference …

13.05.2020 | Original Article

Using Non-parametric Count Model for Credit Scoring

The purpose of this paper is to apply count data models to predict the number of times a borrower pays late the amount of the credit. Poisson models and negative binomial distribution models, taking into account the observed heterogeneity, are …

11.05.2020 | Original Article

Can Robust Optimization Offer Improved Portfolio Performance? An Empirical Study of Indian market

The emergence of robust optimization has been driven primarily by the necessity to address the demerits of the Markowitz model. There has been a noteworthy debate regarding consideration of robust approaches as superior or at par with the …

09.05.2020 | Original Article

Time-Series Based Empirical Assessment of Random Urban Growth: New Evidence from France

Modern urban growth literature frequently uses unit-root tests in order to check the empirical relevance of Gibrat’s law of random growth. The contradictory nature of the test results provided by this literature is most likely linked to the low …

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The Journal of Quantitative Economics was established in 1983 as the official journal of The Indian Econometric Society (TIES) to promote research in the broad areas of Econometrics and Mathematical Economics. From the inception, the journal has had several illustrious scholars such as Kaushik Basu, K.L. Krishna, A.L. Nagar, C.R. Rao, Amartya Sen, T.N. Srinivasan on its editorial board. The journal continues to provide a forum for economists, mathematicians and statisticians to publish quantitative papers in all subfields of Economics, with a special focus on less developed countries.

JQEC covers economic theory and theoretical and applied econometrics, with special focus on quantitative applications to less developed countries. It publishes quantitative papers with basic or applied research orientation in all sub-fields of economics that employ rigorous theoretical, empirical and experimental methods. The journal also encourages short papers and review articles and in particular innovative and fundamental papers that focus on various facets of economics of the emerging market and developing economies. With the help of an international editorial board and carefully selected referees, it aims to minimize the time taken to complete the review process while preserving the quality of the articles published.

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