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Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments

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07.02.2020 | Original Article

Real-time human behaviour monitoring using hybrid ambient assisted living framework

The primary objective of the ambient assisted living (AAL) is to enhance the living standards of the aged person by presenting various assistive solutions. The services presented to the occupants in AAL are localization, context awareness …

16.01.2020 | Original Article

A secure mutual authentication protocol for IoT environment

Rapid development in the field of Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to connect many embedded devices to the internet for the sharing of data. Since, the embedded device has limited storage, power, and computational ability, an …

11.12.2019 | Original Article

Human movement effects on the performance of the RSSI-based trilateration method: adaptive filters for distance compensation

In this paper, an experimental study of human movement effects in indoor wireless networks on the performance of the received signal strength indicator (RSSI)-based trilateration method is presented. The contribution of this work is that how the …

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This journal focuses on theoretical developments and lessons learned in the deployment of Intelligent Environments. The coverage is broad, open and flexible, embracing all types of techniques which can increase confidence in Intelligent Environments systems. Topics examined include selection, installation and calibration of equipment; deployment and maintenance problems; requirements; modeling; simulation; testing; validation; people-centered computing; tools; software development process; issues of security and privacy; usability; safety; performance; scalability and large-scale integration; and more.

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