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Quality of strong equilibria for selfish bin packing with uniform cost sharing

The bin packing problem deals with packing items of sizes no larger than 1 into unit capacity bins. Here, we analyze a class of bin packing games where the cost of an item is 1 over the total number of items packed into its bin, which is a bin …


Unbounded parallel-batch scheduling with drop-line tasks

In this paper, we study unbounded parallel-batch scheduling with drop-line tasks to minimize a regular objective function, where by “drop-line tasks” we mean that the completion time of each task (job) is equal to the sum of the starting time of …


Single-machine common due date total earliness/tardiness scheduling with machine unavailability

Research on non-regular performance measures is at best scarce in the deterministic machine scheduling literature with machine unavailability constraints. Moreover, almost all existing works in this area assume either that processing on jobs …


Online pulse interleaving task scheduling for multifunction radar

The efficient scheduling algorithm is the key to handling various tasks simultaneously for the multifunction radar. A radar task is composed of transmitting duration, waiting duration and receiving duration. The waiting duration can be utilized to …


Parameterized complexity of a coupled-task scheduling problem

In this article, we investigate the parameterized complexity of coupled-task scheduling in the presence of compatibility constraints given by a compatibility graph. In this model, each task contains two sub-tasks delayed by an idle time. Moreover …

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The Journal of Scheduling provides a global forum for the publication of all forms of scheduling research. It is the only peer reviewed journal with broad coverage of the techniques and applications of scheduling that spans several distinct disciplines.

Readers facing complex scheduling problems can turn to the journal to find the latest advances in the field. Each issue features new and novel techniques, applications, theoretical issues, and innovative approaches to problems. The journal is designed to assist readers in computer science, discrete mathematics, operational research, engineering, management, artificial intelligence, construction, distribution, manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, and retail and service industries.

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